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Always Almost Obsolete, Always Almost New April 28, 2010: Conceptual Writing is automatic. It operates most efficiently when machines perpetuate it subconsciously. Conceptual Writing is infinitely flexible. It is obvious yet discreet, insidious yet desirable, powerful yet pathetic. It is despised, yet sought after. It is ubiquitous yet specific. It is both centralized and dispersed. The medium for [...] by

If I were to raise my children the way I write my books, I would have been thrown in jail long ago April 27, 2010: [responding to Alan Gilbert, Mark Nowak, Linh Dinh, and Martin Earl] A common accusation hurled at Conceptual Writing is that it is elitist and out of touch, toiling away in its ivory tower, appealing to the few who are in-the-know. And I'd agree that a lot of "difficult" work has been made under the mantle of populism only to be rejected by [...] by

Your Poems Will Never Go Out of Print! April 23, 2010: Dearest poets, the immortality of your poems that you have long desired has now been fulfilled. Your heartfelt couplets, your unique observations, your sensitive pronouncements on the fragility and fate of the human race, your high-minded aspirations to help those in need, your earnest efforts to give voice to those who have none, your trials and [...] by

The Challenges of Twenty-First Century Writing April 16, 2010: Recently after I finished giving a lecture at an Ivy League university, an elderly, well-known poet stood up in the back of the auditorium and, wagging his finger at me, accused me of nihilism and of robbing poetry of its joy. He upbraided me for knocking out the foundation from under the most hallowed of grounds, then tore into me with a line of [...] by

A Textual Ecosystem April 10, 2010: Faced with an unprecedented amount of digital text, writing needs to redefine itself in order to adapt to the new environment of textual abundance. What do I mean by textual abundance? A recent study showed that in 2008, the average American consumed 100,000 words of information in a single day.1 (By comparison, Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace was [...] by

The Zero Degree of Blunt Expediency April 7, 2010: Writing, like the new American business cycle, is unfolding today according to the logic of short-term efficiencies: agility, turnover, scale. Ever more scientific in means and pragmatic in its ends, the new writing seeks no other gradient but the one of least resistance: either the continuous predatory-stopgap activity of "efficient market [...] by

Provisional Language April 5, 2010: Language has become a provisional space, temporary and debased, mere material to be shoveled, reshaped, hoarded and molded into whatever form is convenient, only to be discarded just as quickly. Because words today are cheap and infinitely produced, they are detritus, signifying little, meaning less. Disorientation by replication, mirroring, and [...] by

Marjorie Perloff Picks UbuWeb’s Top Ten for March 2010 March 7, 2010: Photo: Emma Bee Bernstein 1. Ernst Jandl, Bist eulen? 2. William Kentridge - Stereoscope 3. Samuel Beckett - Quadrat 1+2 4. Cheryl Donegan - Refuses 5. VerbiVocoVisual Concrete Poetry and Music (1956-1970) 6. Merce Cunningham - Points in Space (1986) 7. Robert Smithson and Nancy Holt - Mono Lake 8. Caroline Bergvall, Via and [...] by

UbuWeb Top Ten for Feb by Christian Wiman February 4, 2010: 1. Christopher Logue - "This is the final statement..." (1934-35) [MP3 link](From Aspen 7) 2. John Tavener - For Rene Magritte [MP3 link] (From Aspen 7) 3. Ed Dorn - from Gunslinger, Book 4 [MP3 link] (From Giorno Poetry Systems - Totally Corrupt ) 4. UbuWeb Podcast - Women of the Avant Garde Part 2 [MP3 link] (Ubu Podcast Page) 5. [...] by

Women of the Avant-Garde December 10, 2009: [Karen Finley by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders] Women of the Avant Garde, Part 1 (MP3) Women of the Avant Garde, Part 2 (MP3) UbuWeb is pleased to present two special podcasts devoted to the fabulous works done by women on UbuWeb. Featured artists include: Alison Knowles, Louise Lawler, Shelley Hirsch, Lauren Lesko, Forough Farrokhzad, [...] by