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Poetry in a small town…and a sample worker poet June 15, 2008: The other night, I rolled two miles downtown to a poetry reading—it was a lovely near-solstice night. Now that I’ve traded academia for a disability “retirement” in a small town, the peripheral ephemera of poetry (well, except blogging) is not so accessible to me. We have a college here, but its small poetry community is aligned with [...] by

What does this goldfinch have to do with anything June 8, 2008: …other than the fact that I’ve discovered that I like these entries to have pictures, and I wanted to figure out how to post a picture. But there’s also the real-world analogue to this cyber entry, namely the space outside my window, where for years I have pointlessly hung a black thistle feeder, though no finches ever came to eat [...] by

Introduction Inquisition Trepidation June 3, 2008: Hello, this is Lucia, I just saw my name listed and figured I better post something as the new half-time blogger. Blogger! Will this prove to be a big mistake? I have more questions than statements, and I hope people drifting through can add their thoughts. Not having had much exposure to the blog world, naturally I am interested in the relation [...] by