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From Peter O’Leary: Poetry of the 1970s, Days 4 & 5 June 25, 2008: Saturday June 14 of the 1970s conference began with a field trip. Conference participants were rounded up onto two huge tour busses to drive an hour from Orono to Waterville, home of Colby College, and its very fine Museum of Art. We were drawn there to see two exhibits: a number of Alex Katz portraits – many of poets – selected for the NPF [...] by

From Peter O’Leary: Poetry of the 1970s, Day 3 June 24, 2008: Friday the 13th of the Poetry of the 1970s began much the same as the previous day: up early – the birds of Maine with their dawn chorus – searching for breakfast and then striding through the lovely piney woods. Even without the sleep I needed, I was feeling oddly refreshed. And the morning started strong. I opted for the panel with the [...] by

From Peter O’Leary: Poetry of the 1970s, Day 2 June 20, 2008: Thursday, June 12 began with me waking up at 6am as the light slanted through the blinds in my gulag-like but nevertheless comfortable dorm room on campus. Despite staying up late, and despite being away from my kids, who wake me up every morning at the same time, I couldn’t sleep any later. Instead, I sought out some breakfast with Ross Hair, [...] by

From Peter O’Leary: Poetry of the 1970s, Day 1 June 19, 2008: Your guest blogger with Tom Raworth and Clark Coolidge, Orono, June 2008” The day before I left to attend the “Poetry of the 1970s” conference held every four years by the National Poetry Foundation at the University of Maine, I was asked whether I wanted to cover it for Harriet. Mos def, I thought (in the words of D’Angelo Barksdale), [...] by

What are some creative ways to promote poetry? August 22, 2007: In the Spring issue of American Poet (put out by the Academy of American Poets) Lyn Hejinian gave an interesting answer to what is by now (especially around these offices) a rote question. She was asked, "What are some creative ways to promote poetry?" to which she responded: Poetry doesn't need promotion. People need time. A revolutionary way to [...] by