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Journal, Day Five July 14, 2006: And now, this week’s recap boys and girls! How did I get here?—Talking Heads. How did we get here? Ruth Lilly Haiku one hundred million lotta moolah to manage poetry bullion My blogging appointment is nearly over and next up, Joy Harjo! I was looking at her Web site, which I’d visited before—its lovely [...] by

Journal, Day Four July 13, 2006: Gray day, mists and drizzle, the sky and lake both slate—and now a downpour lashing the lilies— Ballad weather report:— The wind doth blow today, my love, And a few small drops of rain; I never had but one true-love, In cold grave she was lain. —The Unquiet [...] by

Journal, Day Three July 12, 2006: On the dispersion of poetry throughout Virginia Woolf—seeds suddenly blossoming in her prose’s surface: most recently reminded of this in Between the Acts—the scenes of the village play interspersed throughout the novel, typically rendered in brilliant period style, but also poems and bits lodged or mislodged in various characters’ [...] by

Journal, Day Two July 11, 2006: Raspberries ripening some perfected each day and blueberries one beat behind— Strawberries now past; daylilies saluting in orange— Bluebird eggs found in the houses nearby— Katie Peterson writes in from the desert, Deep Springs (see the Comments): “We must begin to touch more all the time all things and refuse not to be [...] by

Journal, Day One July 10, 2006: The fortuitous conjunctions and rhymes of reading: the incinerated goldfinches of Australian poet Robert Adamson’s The Goldfinches of Baghdad (2006), and the terrible pathos of the dead goldfinch-in-a-cage near the end of Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge. From Adamson’s title poem (and here a shout-out to his publisher, Flood Editions, [...] by