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Journal, Day Five June 2, 2006: It’s been great to be here at this virtual gathering post. When I began writing last weekend some of the first sentences to come to my mind were: If we were at a party I’d introduce you to some of my favorite people. (Some of them are dead, or almost, and some of the living I’ve never met myself.) Soon I deleted them since the first person [...] by

Journal, Day Four June 1, 2006: Poetry is potlatch, is what Argentine Arturo Carrera puts forward in his most recent poetry collection titled Potlatch. Born in 1948 Carrera has authored more than 20 books and has gone through his share of 20th-century atrocities, the Argentine military junta for one. He outlived two of Argentina’s greatest poets of that generation, Oswaldo [...] by

Journal, Day Three May 31, 2006: One way to understand why often culture thrives in times of adversity is that artists are forced to acknowledge that complacency might bring about their demise and hence have no alternative but to take matters into their own hands. When there is a system in place to secure artistic opportunities, it’s easier to succumb to the temptations of [...] by

Journal, Day Two May 30, 2006: I spend a lot of time thinking about economies: my own, the world’s. I’m fascinated by the workings of things that seem to defy the logic of late capitalism; they’re a bit like benign growths appearing unexpectedly, or like heterotopias (in the medical sense of the term)—normal tissues that are displaced, misplaced, or in abnormal [...] by

Journal, Day One May 29, 2006: I am not a blogger: I neither have my own blog nor do I usually read blogs, with very few exceptions, so I hope you bear with me. I live in New York. (A lame excuse?) I tend to become engaged in a lot of community service and I have the sense that I belong in a number of communities at once (although perhaps they’re one and the same.) Attending [...] by