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My Poetry Picks for 2013 December 16, 2013: Robert Lax Poems (1962-1997) The decision to go with a page wide enough to isolate Lax’s skinny poems was brilliant. The poems pop off the ample pages to invoke the massive void his poems called out of/back into. I haven’t heard songs like these in a long time. Farid Matuk My Daughter La Chola Matuk is a chameleon. He clocks through [...] by

I Love Poets: An Interview with Chris Kraus (Part II) July 31, 2013: This is the second part of an email exchange I recently  conducted with Chris Kraus. Read part one here. [caption id="attachment_71464" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Photo by Daniel Marlos[/caption] NT: Earlier in our interview, you wrote, "It's the kind of writing that could no longer happen, because solitude, post-connectivity, is no [...] by

I Love Poets: An Interview with Chris Kraus July 23, 2013: After an introduction, what follows is the beginning of an email exchange I am currently conducting with Chris Kraus. More will follow in the coming days. I Love Dick (Semiotext(e), 1997), Chris Kraus’s epistolary first novel, begins with this entry, dated December 3, 1994: Chris Kraus, a 39 year old experimental filmmaker and Sylvere [...] by

Cool Cool, Little Dinosaur (Goldsmith Infinite Redux: Magna Carta…Holy Grail) July 15, 2013: So, Kenneth Goldsmith got the stamp of approval from Dwight Garner and the New York Times. This rave in such a valuable piece of literary real estate will piss off a lot of people, which is precisely what Goldsmith likes to do (though, given his White House reading, paid appearance at the Iowa Writers' Workshop, laureateship at MOMA, job at [...] by

All Tomorrow’s Parties July 8, 2013: Barbara Kruger is a rich artist. Richard Prince is a very rich artist. Kruger is famous for her use of words in her visual works. Prince is famous for his use of other people’s pictures in his own. Appropriators both, Kruger and Prince are sometimes sued by people who don’t want them to appropriate their things (You should buy this book: Canal [...] by

Virtual Literalism April 27, 2010: Here is Strange Company's 1999 take on Shelley's "Ozymandias." Please be aware that I wrote "1999." That date is mostly why I didn't bother with an explanation of Machinima. It's that old. by

Halomadworldlangstonhughes April 27, 2010: After reviewing the audio I recorded wandering the book fair and bars of AWP, I concluded that nothing turned up worth mixing and posting. The best piece I heard was a desperate conversation between two fiction writers smoking outside a bar, discussing how “badass” Yaddo is/was. One had been there several times; the other was fishing for [...] by

Barbaric AWP April 18, 2010: I am late to the post-AWP wrap-up party, I suppose, but nonetheless, I have a few thoughts about my four-and-a-half days in Denver. One thing, I talked to several people, some friends, some just people, who call themselves Denver residents. They all noted that Denver was a dull place to live. I would remark that I live in Iowa City, Iowa, and [...] by

Lumière, Redux April 3, 2010: I’ve been working on films lately, short ones, and, in conjunction with teaching a film and video production class, have been watching a lot of short films. In the course I teach, there’s an assignment where students are asked to create a one-minute video, with no edits, and to record a separate, asynchronous soundtrack, also one-minute [...] by

Match Point September 14, 2008: David Foster Wallace by Nick Maniatis Fiction doesn’t come up much here on Harriet, but I’m guessing most Harriet readers look at it now and then. That’s a bad segue to the sad news that David Foster Wallace killed himself on Friday. His wife discovered his hanged body. Ugh. Wallace didn’t write poems, as far as I know, but he wrote some [...] by