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(NOT) SHOWING UP FOR WORK April 27, 2012: (NOT) SHOWING UP FOR WORK I didn't go to any poetry readings this month. I didn't go on any poetry trips this month. When I (barely) showed up for work this month, I tried to run my hand over the race. I felt horrible this month. I read a few poems this month. I wrote down a couple of things. by

SOME WITH POETRY? April 9, 2012: Sometimes Pierre remembered stories he had heard about how soldiers at war, taking cover under enemy fire, when there is nothing to do, try to find some occupation for themselves so as to endure the danger more easily. And to Pierre all people seemed to be such soldiers, saving themselves from life: some with ambition, some with cards, some with [...] by

THAT WHICH I SHOULD HAVE DONE I DID NOT DO November 30, 2008: "already i missed not working and felt the death loneliness that comes at the end of everyday that is wasted in your life..." that's hemingway. something i transcribed onto a scrap of paper years ago--a scrap that always turns up--and almost always turns up true. what we have/had here in anchorage, alaska was/is a very very very snowy weekend [...] by

POETRY (IN MY LIFE) THIS WEEK November 24, 2008: my god, there was actually a lot of poetry in my (new) house this week! (no, i'm not talking about my shelves again, and, no, nothing got written, but why is everything always about stupid that?!) i mean, poems (not mine!) were read aloud! poems read aloud: "fern hill" ( i bet with my visiting lover (yes, it is a kind of appointment) (no [...] by

ALASKARNALITY November 12, 2008: now that we are all done with the important business of sending sarah back home and moving into my new house (!) (um, revise that clause accordingly), i am officially ready to honor my contract with the poetry foundation by bringing things back down (or is it up?) to hank moody style solipsism and, if the opportunity presents itself, POETRY. [...] by

FRANKENSTEIN’S GRANDMOTHER October 26, 2008: um, that IS right side up. It's from a pretty amazing installation by someone named Matthew Buckingham that I was fortunate enough to stumble upon (and into) at the Henry in Seattle a few months ago. To enter Mr. Buckingham's piece (um, called The Spirit and the Letter, but we can’t really blame him for that,) (can we?) is to enter a large [...] by

THIS MAN ALSO KNEW HOW TO SIT AT A KITCHEN TABLE October 21, 2008: However, this: "The simplest way I have found to make clear my own sense of writing...is to use the analogy of driving. The road, as it were, is creating itself MOMENTLY in one's attention to it, there, visibly, in front of the car. There is no reason this should go on forever, and if one does so assume it, it very often disappears all too [...] by

AS MOTHER SAID OVER MY NINE YEAR OLD HEAD October 19, 2008: "many, if not most, children exhibit an early talent for art or science, even intellection; but we can never predict the one whose youthful giftedness will blossom not into a pastime, but a driving need, the kind that determines the course of one's life...in creative work, the driving need occurs when the talent is exercised, the possessor of it [...] by

LEAN DOWN YOUR HEART TO HEAR or AL QUE QUIERE (upside down exclamation mark) October 12, 2008: (i'm back and, momentarily, no longer mad nor sad at anyone. thanks, some of you, for the non-posted/able comments. as i already wrote one non-public-commenter, my posterior actually isn't that great, but, my negative capability really IS stunning.) so, having posted ass, i now reassess the correct/necessary use of this forum. in some ways, [...] by

O LITERATI, GET UP! September 29, 2008: quick, quote them someone whose name they recognize: um, let me think, okay: "if you're gonna buy a pair of pants..." or better yet: "but how can you really care if anybody gets it, or gets what it means, or if it improves them. improves them for what? for death?" consider yourselfs (sic) UNimproved. love, olena by