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ARE POETS BAD MOTHERFUCKERS????????? September 26, 2008: wow and well--and hey forrest and travis--i see that while i have been in fucking TRIAL and trying to buy a fucking HOUSE and practicing spelling lists (SYNAGOGUE) and reading (and suffering from) INDIGNATION with (not from/toward) my CHILDREN --and, yes, Mr. Knott, despite my current lack of poetry um, PRODUCT, i actually do FEEL that i [...] by

OVERCOHERENT September 18, 2008: Let V be a mixed characteristic complete discrete valuation ring, k its residual field, P a proper smooth formal scheme over V, P its special fiber, T a divisor of P, U:=Psetminus T, Y a smooth closed subscheme of U. We prove that the category of overconvergent F-isocrystals on Y is equivalent to the category of overcoherent F-isocrystals on Y. [...] by

Encounters at the End of the World September 9, 2008: On Saturday, I took five children, ranging in ages from three (Campbel (Camper) Pillifant) to just turned nine (Amelia (Mia) Belle Pillafant) to see Werner Herzog's "Encounters: At the End of the World". We[1] walked from my house (I use the term "my" loosely), just off the Taony Knowles Coastal Trail (I'm doing this Alaska thing, because—well, [...] by

Journal, Day Five February 3, 2006: he day everybody (everybody? anybody?) ‘s been waiting for: and on the fifth day they had SEX! you wanna know what i’m wearing? well, first there was the inky cloak, then i changed into my antic disposition: my doublet all unbraced, my stockings fouled, ungart’red and down-gyved to my ankles, and then, of course, my traveler’s sea [...] by

Journal, Day Four February 2, 2006: all this thinking is not giving me a chance to think! things to consider doing (in) here: make corrections: add k.w. to mix list, nirvana unplugged. clarify, i.e. say something, um, coherent about the living a different life thing. more lowell letter stuff: jarell in a taxi, historians learning by writing. x being “almost as bad as being [...] by

Journal, Day Three February 1, 2006: well, here we go again. no, i. here i go again. you, reader, are really not helping at all! this is the second time i’m writing this same/unsame insane entry. such large discourse—gone! if you didn’t read my comment and i’m assuming by your silence, reader, that you didn’t, i wrote this installment already once today and then for [...] by

Journal, Day Two January 31, 2006: so, since this is a poetry blog, i mean “journal”, (and since yesterday's entry kinda made me freak) here’s catullus’ # 8: (don’t worry, tomorrow we will talk music) (thursday netflix queue/my children) (and hmmm, what does that leave for friday: ah, yes, sex!) (just kidding!) (hey, it’s catullus, we are headed there already...) [...] by

Journal, Day One January 30, 2006: dear reader— dear void— dear reader devoid of anything better to do… i.e. “who’s there?” “stand and unfold yourself” and how did you come/get here? of all the books and all the links and all the walks you could take? well, or, okay, so nobody’s here. so what. i’m used to it. i’m a working poet! i guess because [...] by