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Some Final Thoughts, With Gratitude May 1, 2013: I haven’t been the most prolific blogger this month, but I have been eagerly reading my fellow bloggers’ posts, as well as some of the responses that have come through the transom. One thing I’d love to direct readers’ attention to is this response to my last post on defending the workshop by the writer Luisa A. Igloria.  This is just [...] by

The Defense of the Poesy Workshoppe April 15, 2013: This week I’ve been thinking about Alan Davies’s wonderful and provocative recent post in which he discusses Sarah Schulman’s new book The Gentrification of the Mind. I’ve been thinking in particular about how her argument about gentrification and writing workshops (from what I understand of it via Davies) resonates with me, and also [...] by

All Over the Map April 9, 2013: So after my last post about National Poetry Month which was, as my dog pointed out, a tiny bit crotchety, I decided to take a little break. Snark from me comes as no surprise to my dog or my family, since after three years in academic administration, “crotchety” is practically my middle name. (Which, if your last name is Rekdal, should [...] by

It’s National Poetry Month! I’m so sorry April 1, 2013: So here I am blogging for National Poetry Month, a fact which will amuse friends of mine who know how ambivalent I am about this time. National Poetry Month is one of those collective self-shaming rituals we engage in annually to make up for the fact that, for the other 11 months of the year, we would all rather be watching the Real Housewives [...] by