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Introducing Cedar Sigo October 25, 2010: This week, we're excited to start a new feature on Harriet called “Craft Work.” "Craft Work" will give over a portion of the blogging space to a rotating cast of poets, translators, editors, and publishers, each talking in weekly posts about the creative work done in their respective fields. Harriet will host each featured writer on a [...] by

Frank Bidart brings the hours of the night to Poetry Day October 13, 2010: October 14th marks the 56th annual Poetry Day. This year, Poetry Day—which has in the past featured the likes of  T.S. Eliot, Marianne Moore, Elizabeth Bishop, W.H. Auden, Seamus Heaney, and Adrienne Rich—adds another name to its list of greats: Frank Bidart, the author of eight acclaimed poetry collections and a finalist for the Pulitzer [...] by

Lives of the Dead October 8, 2010: “How shall a man spend his death?” Hanoch Levin posed this provocative question in his epic poem, “Lives of the Dead,” translated from the Hebrew by Atar Hadari and first published in English by Poetry magazine in May 2009. Today, Poetry managing editor Valerie Jean Johnson grapples with Levin’s question, using the stage as her [...] by

The Learning Lab’s new brew October 6, 2010: A plethora of new goodies has just been added to our Learning Lab. Explore the section for 10 new core learning lab poems, which include annotations, poem guides, teaching tips, writing ideas, and even a handful of audio recordings and video animations. In addition, you'll also find new poetic essays and articles for teachers. There's plenty to [...] by

Poetry for Labor Day September 6, 2010: Poet’s work by Lorine Niedecker Lorine Niedecker Grandfather advised me: Learn a trade I learned to sit at desk and condense No layoff from this condensery *** Read more Labor Day poetry (if you aren't out playing croquet on a jet ski) here. by

Michael Earl Craig @harriet_poetry September 2, 2010: Attention! Poet Michael Earl Craig has taken over the Harriet Twitter feed this month.  Interested parties can follow him @harriet_poetry.  Here's his first post: "Hello people, I'm cracking my twitter knuckles, feeling like astronaut... like hockey goalie with mouth guard loose, must fix mouth guard..." And here's a video of him at [...] by

The 2010 Ruth Lilly Fellowship Award winners August 19, 2010: The Poetry Foundation has just announced the five winners of this year’s Ruth Lilly Fellowships. Brooklyn Copeland, Miriam Bird Greenberg, Nate Klug, Dora Malech, and Christopher Shannon were selected from over 1,000 applicants to be honored with the $15,000 scholarship prize. Each year, five Lilly Fellowships are awarded to aspiring poets [...] by

An essential poetry app as addictive as raspberries August 19, 2010: This morning, the New York Times rounded up poetry smartphone apps and we were quite flattered to find our app listed as "essential." The article made special mention of the app’s “spin” feature, which allows users to pair moods and categories like “joy” and “family” to see what the poetry slot-machine magic comes up [...] by

Ramadan poetry August 13, 2010: In honor of Ramadan, we’ve recently posted a series of poems, podcasts, and features celebrating Muslim faith and Islamic culture in our features section. The very origins of Ramadan, which falls during the ninth month of the lunar calendar, are rooted in verse: Muslims believe it is the month in which the first verses of the Koran were [...] by

Gerard Malanga, Screen Test Superstar August 6, 2010: It's Andy Warhol's birthday today (woulda been 82), which is the perfect occasion to remark on this week's cover story, "Screen Test Superstar." Art historian Chelsea Weathers tracks the development of Gerard Malanga went from screen-print gofer to the defining poet of the early Andy Warhol era. Weathers focuses on Malanga's first book, [...] by