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Journal, Day 39 October 13, 2006: Houston, TX / Gillian Conoley Reading in Austin was at Big Red Sun, landscaping company with a beautiful outdoor space, white gravel spread, succulent plants, large stage. Readings including many Austin poets, great magazine Skanky Possum editors Hoa Nguyen and Dale Smith, with bus poets Matthew Zapruder, Joshua Beckman, Dara Wier, Joshua [...] by

Journal, Day 38 October 12, 2006: Houston, TX / Gillian Conoley Everyone Has Lost Track of Number of Days on the Bus Houston is steamy, rainy, lush. Big fat long-haired gray cat just galloped across lawn between the Cy Twombly Museum and the Menil Collection and Rothko Chapel, putting just the right punctuation mark to our Surrealist performance at Menil . . . But more on [...] by

Journal, Day 37 October 11, 2006: Tuscaloosa, AL & New Orleans, LA / Gillian Conoley Poetry Bus rolled into New Orleans at 6 pm. On the bus: Travis Nichols, Joshua Beckman, Matthew Zapruder, Michael Zapruder, Tonya Foster, Carrie Comer, Liz Hughey, Sierra Nelson, Valzhyna Mort, Brent Hendricks, Linas Phillips, Bill Wesley, Gillian Conoley stretched out in all forms of sleeping [...] by

Journal, Day 36 October 10, 2006: Tuscaloosa, AL / Gillian Conoley Ok, I know I’m back-tracking, but why must things on the bus be linear? It’s good work being on the Poetry Bus, but it’s exhausting work, too. Sleeping on the bus really means not sleeping. So forgive me, blog readers wherever you are, but here’s a report from yesterday, right before I got on the [...] by

Journal, Day 35 October 9, 2006: Durham, NC; Asheville, NC; Athens, GA / Carrie St. George Comer On the plane to Durham. I’m reading poetry so I’m paranoid, but the family around me is paying less attention to me than I am to them. Turbulence. The dad and the kids whoop with glee. Dad says, “Did you feel that?” Mom says, “You’d have to be dead not to feel that.” [...] by

Journal, Day 32 October 6, 2006: Miami, FL en route to Durham, NC / Carrie St. George Comer This’ll be brief. I’m running out the door to catch my plane to Durham, and I’ve got a mantra in my head: “You are not a get-it-done person. You are not one who gets things done . . .” I had to go to the bank to get my ATM card back after the machine swallowed it last week. [...] by

Journal, Day 31 October 6, 2006: Miami, FL / Carrie St. George Comer Tomorrow I get on a plane headed to Durham, NC, where I’ll meet up with up with the Poetry Bus. I’ve never been to Durham. I’ve never ridden a poetry bus. I am afraid. No. Maybe I am. The poetry bus, I suspect, will be populated by people with thoughts. (Remember thoughts?) And I haven’t been around [...] by

Journal, Day 30 October 4, 2006: Chevy Chase, MD and Washington D.C. / Catie Rosemurgy The Bus pulled into Chevy Chase right outside D.C. yesterday afternoon, and ever since everyone has been enjoying a long, slow afternoon-after-Thanksgiving type feeling. We’re staying at the Zapruder family home, which is a remarkably warm and comfortable place. Matthew’s family has been [...] by

Journal, Day 29 October 3, 2006: En route, at, and leaving the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD / Catie Rosemurgy Firing up the bus at 10:54 am and getting ready to address the cadets of the Naval Academy. It’s fun to listen to people consider how to play to this particular crowd. Last night ended beautifully at the Zapruder family river house. Perhaps the greatest moment [...] by

Journal, Day 28 October 2, 2006: Philadelphia, PA / Catie Rosemurgy It’s almost midnight on Monday night, and the Poetry Bus is rolling out of Philly. There goes Betsy Ross’s house. There goes the Ben Franklin Bridge. There goes the strange magenta tower that dominates the Camden skyline. I just moved to Philly about two months ago so I am experimenting with feeling [...] by