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Journal, Day 25 September 29, 2006: Boston, MA / Major Jackson O Boston! My Boston! such a historic, literary town, where if you attend any of the open mics or featured readings, you’ll likely not be served a standard dish of self-indulgent minor verses about broken-hearted trips to the movie theater alone or exceedingly played stanzas about sibling rivalries or paeans to a [...] by

Journal, Day 24 September 28, 2006: Somerville, MA / Major Jackson Thursday morning and I Get on the Bus; actually I get on tomorrow, but I join up tonight with the traveling band of bards at the Burren Irish Pub in Somerville. I probably should have said “No, but thanks.” when Matthew Z. mentioned it back in March. See, I’m away from my family Monday through Wednesday most [...] by

Journal, Day 23 September 27, 2006: Northampton, MA / Kate Hall We arrived at Smith College in Northampton at 5:30 yesterday. It was such a long drive from Montreal and, because we were running late, there weren't very many rest stops. All day, we'd been eating trail mix that we'd bought at gas stations. The first thing we did when we stepped off the bus was look around for [...] by

Journal, Day 22 September 26, 2006: Montreal, Canada, en route to Northampton, MA / Kate Hall We read last night at The Green Room, a bar in Montreal in the Mile End District. The reading was well attended. It amazes me that everyone on the bus has performed so well for so many readings in a row. Thomas Heise and Erin Moure are local Montreal poets who joined us. Erin gave a [...] by

Journal, Day 21 September 25, 2006: Montreal, Canada / Kate Hall This morning I woke up and started thinking about time. Time passes really strangely when you are traveling this quickly. It seems so long ago that I arrived in Toronto to join the tour. Now we are in Montreal (my home) and about to read at The Green Room. Already Ottawa also seems far away, although we were only [...] by

Journal, Day 19 September 22, 2006: Buffalo, NY / Anthony McCann This is for Matthias and everyone who has slept or napped or both on the bus so far. Goodnight Catherine. Goodnight Jeff. Godnight Melanie. Goodnight Katy. Goodnight Monica. Goodnight Nicole. Goodnight Maggie. Goodnight Karena. Goodnight Janet. Goodnight Earl. Goodnight Matthea. Goodnight [...] by

Journal, Day 18 September 21, 2006: Pittsburgh, PA, Lewisburg, PA / Anthony McCann Last night in Pittsburgh we were at the Gist Street reading series, which is my favorite place in the world to read, along with Machine Project in LA. Thanks to Sherrie, Rick, Nancy, and James for everything. Stories from Pittsburgh for your entertainment: One day James is working in his [...] by

Journal, Day 17 September 20, 2006: Ann Arbor, MI en route to Pittsburgh, PA / Anthony McCann Driving through Ohio, from Ann Arbor to Pittsburgh. Spasms of starlings freeze in patterns of fuzzy static over the yellow fields. I remember that starlings are not a North American bird. They were introduced to our continent by some crazy dude who decided that America needed all the [...] by

Journal, Day 16 September 19, 2006: Ann Arbor, MI / Anthony McCann THINGS I FIND IN MY POCKETS Two Doctor Fresh Travel Toothbrushes, markedly unfresh Sad tobacco strands One dollar and forty seven cents in change But no pens. How could one man lose so many pens? MYSTERIES I FIND IN MY POCKETS Cathy’s baggage tag with her old Boise address. (?) Lyrics from the group of [...] by

Journal, Day 15 September 18, 2006: The Poetry Farm in Orfordville, WI; Chicago, IL; en route to Milwaukee, WI / Cathy Wagner We spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning at the Poetry Farm in Orfordville, Wisconsin. I am not sure whether the Poetry Bus is planning to stop at more Poetry Places after this. Possibly as communities begin to realize the Poetry Bus is on its way, [...] by