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Hanging with the Big Girls in My Traveling Shoes September 16, 2014: Last year when I was invited to receive an award from the Black Students Association at Rhodes College as part of my 40th College Reunion, I was freaked out. I had a few weeks earlier been to [...] by

13 Years: Listening and Witnessing September 8, 2014: Listening to St. Louis Public Radio’s broadcast of “A Conversation about Race,” moderated by Michel Martin with the citizens of Ferguson, MO, was fascinating. The White power structure as [...] by

Meet the ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ on de Battlefront September 2, 2014: On Labor Day, I wrote as a status update: We live in volatile times, yes. But creative and productive ones as well. Keep that in mind as the number of crises increases. The tightrope is not a [...] by

Journal, Day Five July 7, 2006: On July 4th, I stood on the rooftop of my Bed-Stuy tenement feeling the sweet breeze and watching the fireworks –or at least those parts that could be seen from my vantage point. The bursts looked [...] by

Journal, Day Four July 6, 2006: I walked out into a delicate pink and gray sunset after sitting for the second time in Cinema Three at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in less than one week. What took me to this particular theater on [...] by

Journal, Day Three July 5, 2006: It is hot. It is July. In fact it is July 4th as I write this. So far the grilling has not started. There was so much smoke in Brooklyn the other day, you’d of thought smog had been imported from [...] by

Journal, Day Two July 4, 2006: What goes around comes around is usually about a negative experience. What if what goes around was positive to begin with and what comes around is an even greater affirmation? I wrote a meditation on [...] by

Journal, Day One July 3, 2006: Yes, I have performance anxiety folks. I don’t blog. I do send out epistles via e-mail to my friends and family, but you are a stranger to me Dear Reader and I am on one side of an odd equation. [...] by