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I miss the Temptations. July 25, 2007: Recently reflecting rather gleefully on the second half of my first century, I felt exactly one twinge of regret. The Motown era is over. Of course, it's been over for some time. Diana Ross is now officially deranged. Smokey Robinson seems to have gone the Vegas route, and the Miracles are no more. The Four Tops are no longer four, or on top. [...] by

I’m working really hard. Really. I am. Really. July 20, 2007: I am sitting in the living room of one Mr. Garland Thompson Jr., who at the moment s a very, very busy man. He is a one-man whirling dervish, a battery-operated bulldozer, a little-bleary eyed at the moment. He is pretty much single-handedly organizing the 10th anniversary version of the West Coast Poetry Slam Championships, and just watching him [...] by

Ashes to ashes… July 20, 2007: I know that many of us submit our work to contests. I know for a fact that at least two Harrieteers, Ange and myself, have sent manuscripts to the annual National Poetry Series competition, and were lucky enough to have books published as a result. (Harrieteers...I like that. It's like Mouseketeers, but without the ears or simmering [...] by

Whew. It’s over. July 15, 2007: Finished with 3rd MFA residency. Incredibly tired. Just back from lobster bake thingie where no lobsters were visibly baked. Ten days in creative nirvana. Maine cooperated, kinda (rain). Shunned TV and most internet, have no idea at all what's going on in the world. Got some incredibly luscious news, but can't tell ya yet. My Spenserian stanzas [...] by

If this is Tuesday, what hat am I wearing? July 9, 2007: Whew. Last week, I was on the faculty of one of the most challenging, groundbreaking creative retreats in the country, surrounded by students whose work was so good it made me shudder. This week, I'm up at midnight in a sweltering dorm room, staring at a scanned version of Robert Frost's "Mending Wall" and wondering if I can spit out a joint [...] by

Cave Canem 2007 July 5, 2007: by

What Robert Frost Can Teach Performance Poets July 3, 2007: Please. Please. No more. I can’t take another earthy diva bellowing an ode to her ample hips. No mores slithery temptresses urging loverboys to traverse the landscape of their bodies. Let’s do away with rotund wordsmiths defiantly extolling the joys of foodstuffs and fatback. Can we finally bid adieu to every minority—little people, black [...] by

Listen. June 30, 2007: You may have noticed that my voice has been strangely silent, that I haven't been whispering anything at all into Harriet's ear. That's because for the last week, I've been teaching at Cave Canem, the intense and inimitable retreat for African-American writers. The only choice we have here is to immerse ourselves in what is offered, to revel in [...] by

Oh, HELL yeah… June 22, 2007: In a review of my book "Teahouse of the Almighty" in the Summer/Fall 2007 issue of Gulf Coast, in the best review I've ever received of anything I've ever written, in a strikingly glowing review, in one of those reviews that makes me wanna kiss the reviewer's toes, in one of those reviews that makes me wanna--as the Godfather of Soul James Brown [...] by

Does it come with a set of Ginzu knives…? June 20, 2007: Everybody's sayin' it: "PhDs are the new MFAs." Say it ain't so. I'm out of money. Anybody out there got a PhD in creative writing? Why? Is it sexier? Do you get more dates? Does it make you smarter? Whaaat? by