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Avant Mariachis Occupy The Page April 26, 2012: What do I say to the Norwegians (my hosts) this coming week? They want to know about American poetics (specifically of the Avant Garde variety) as it relates to “Occupy.” I didn’t quite promise them an in-depth critical-aesthetic genealogy of it, but I also haven’t as yet opted for a Green & Silver Mariachi approach to cultural [...] by

Transmogrify Occupy April 23, 2012: In terms of form, the fundamental difference between Occupy and a one-day protest (even if massive) has to do with the duration of Stay Power. Stay Power created forms of stay, which in turn created forms of go-forth Occupy somewhere, someplace else. Another difference is that Occupy aimed at forms of self-governance that best suited its [...] by

Towards a Poetics of Shoplifting April 20, 2012: First, what is the “criminal act” so feared, the prospective deed that has reduced your overall range of joyousness to a ball of quivering nerves? Let us be clear as day about this. The crime (for which there are unwanted consequences only if detected) is transporting an item past the barrier that designates an “outside” of the place for [...] by

Preview to a 99 Percent Poetics April 18, 2012: Immediately—no sooner than I start typing this, does “class” (as we say) “enter into it.” But what is “it?” The configuration and flow of social life—is one way to phrase it. But there “it” is again—the word, “it.” Perhaps “it” is a way of denoting the whole arena of social meaning-interaction, words [...] by

Poetic Dreamers (Half Awake, Half Asleep) April 13, 2012: “Lucid dreaming”—a dream state where one is aware that one is dreaming. Person might try to “influence” the “outcome” of such dreaming, scenarios fashioned into desired results by dreamer. Person might “speak” to entity that appears in dream, “You’re not real—you don’t exist.” Entity’s presence meanwhile has [...] by

Folks Talking Easy-Breezy About The Post-Literary Epoch April 11, 2012: “See you at the recycle bins.” * “By the dumpsters—see you there.” * “Hey, I was at the bins—where the hell were you?” * “Dumpsters? Um, I totally prefer bins.” * “Cop in a box?” * “‘Bins’—are what— froofed up ‘dumpsters?’” * “A booth—where a cop—might reside [...] by

¡ONLY TWO TYPES OF POETRY! April 6, 2012: Poetry these days, whether viewed in print or listened to at readings, falls into just two basic categories. They are: come-to-me poetry and go-to-you poetry. This is not a reductive “characterization,” it is rather a hard-nosed, no-bones look at specifications—a spec check. Come-to-me, go-to-you, how much of each. Hybrids are cool. But how [...] by

MAY BE! Chorus for Inquisitive Occupiers April 4, 2012: Does Occupy exceed Occupy as an Occupation? Does Occupy need Occupy to Occupy? Can Occupy Occupy without Occupy? Does Occupy need to get De-Occupied to Re-Occupy? Will De-Occupy need to get Re-Occupied to Occupy? Will Re-Occupy need Occupy in any way at all? Were there poetic acts that came before Occupy that were mainly of [...] by

Futurism and the New Manifesto Reading: MOMA, February 20, 2009 March 9, 2009: a decantering of steely ghosts, and pulse-check at the heel of a dying elephant 11:00 am Klammer in hand, hazpashing the music skrand, thuda-reatening to crip apart a Miró on the sfwall (the sfwall as a sfwall on the sfwall a sfwall after all), srkelted out “The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism” in tones unkrimmen! With hizzzzzz braulding [...] by