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Journal, Day Five May 5, 2006: The Square Root of Negative One I’ve been reading books about math—The Men of Mathematics (sexist, yes, but published in 1937), The History of Mathematics, Classics of Mathematics, and The Universal History of Numbers among others—because, in spite of what you may believe about me, I would like to know the truth. I type my lies on the [...] by

Journal, Day Four May 4, 2006: Dr. Jones, Magical Thinking, and the Divine I am also my mother’s son, which means I have a chemical imbalance and The Gift, which may or may not be related, and this is where it gets sticky. It doesn’t help that my parents are coy. Dad says he means no harm and Mom says she just gets a strong gut feeling sometimes. We’re a family of liars, [...] by

Journal, Day Three May 3, 2006: Weakness, Truth, Swearing, Precision, More Lies, and the Social Contract My favorite kind of pie is cake. I have a giant umbrella that protects no one. My father is a sadist and I am my father’s son. These statements are not lies but perhaps they lack a certain clarity. When one lies, one undermines trust in society—which is not my [...] by

Journal, Day Two May 2, 2006: The Ethics of the Taxonomy There are so many things I’m not allowed to tell you. That’s another reason I’m a liar. And a poet. And very good at my job. I just finished a 20-hour shift. I do this twice a week. I’d tell you about it, if I could. You see I am, when on the clock—and often even other times—responsible for other [...] by

Journal, Day One May 1, 2006: The Taxonomy of the Dealio I stubbed my toe on a hamburger because I am a liar and you want to be entertained. I say because and you wonder if I’m talking cause and effect, as if being a liar makes me prone to stubbing my toe, but that’s not what I mean. I mean I wrote on a hamburger because I am a liar. I do this a lot, and Stacey [...] by