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Please Write Poetry April 12, 2010: Good morning. Fence has over the past recent years been implicated, or included, in a number of references to some kind of idea of "hybrid" form in poetry or of a "third way," for example here (post dated 3/22, toward the end of it). The problem with relating these notions to Fence lies in that they are prescriptive, and proscriptive, and Fence is [...] by

This Is The End / FAME September 28, 2009: I wanted to relate to you (and you, and you, and you and you and you) the embarrassing, pleasurable (embarrassingly pleasurable) final fragment of my dream the other night. I was at a coffee shop, a sweet hippie-hipster spot somewhere rural-ish, almost a converted barn, and there was one other person at another table, a man, and a young woman [...] by

Name That Goon September 24, 2009: It took me about two seconds to name the unexpected speaking voice of poet/critic/professor Joshua Clover as I flicked past the NPR station. I flicked back. He was being interviewed because today he's going on strike! Or at least walking out. We wish him well. by

Cleve-Land September 20, 2009: Back from reading at Cleveland State University on Thursday. It was hard to follow Kate Greenstreet--she has the most ingratiatingly nearsighted stage presence. You really feel as though she is speaking to you--Because she is! In various deft registers of notation and declamation and preoccupation. She's on this massive, amazing, awe-inspiring [...] by

Meds September 15, 2009: Went to see a band last night in the nearby town of Hudson, New York, called The Akron Family. They all sing together and have a very collective, trance-y, barn-dance vibe. The kids are so positive these days! (The kids who don't write poetry, that is.) I've always thought a band called Meds would be great, but maybe now this moniker sounds too [...] by

I need your help September 11, 2009: I've recently been asked this question: Do you think poetry should manifestly take place outside of the mind of the maker? Or is “place” just one more construction? And I feel like I don't understand the terms of the debate, or discourse. I said, so far: "You know, I think this is one I don’t have much of interest to say about. I feel [...] by

anxiety of September 4, 2009: Been reading piles and piles of poetry manuscripts, and noticing an interesting trend in what I assume are books by younger poets--very young poets, like under 25. The piles are anonymous, but after a certain age one can kind of smell youth. The trend is toward a quite direct mode of speech, plainspeech, and within that a lot of expression of [...] by

Before I left Truro August 31, 2009: I started reading this old novel on the bookshelf next to my bed, a hardback of the kind that is picked up in a thrift shop and left for summer tenants to bring to the beach. It is by the prolific R.V. Cassill, a former neighbor of mine in Truro, now dead. He was, I'm almost positive, though Wikipedia doesn't seem to know it, the founder of the [...] by

Dispatch from Truro August 24, 2009: I've been in a beautiful place the past week or so. Every time I try to write something about where I am I think of all the possible misconstruals of it. Or that maybe from a certain perspective it could all be seen to be true. \\\\\\\\\ This last was typed by Myshka, who is with us on the Cape, otherwise known as Cape Cod--specifically in [...] by

On the Road August 22, 2009: I met my neighbor on the road this morning, a childhood friend I haven't seen since childhood, except on Facebook, which is where he saw the news of my new book. "Selling lots of copies?" he inquired cheerfully, and when I mentioned that books of poems don't really figure in that way in the American consciousness he and I then shared a few moments [...] by