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Time for some other answers April 27, 2011: My thanks to Erika Meitner, Jennifer Militello, Laurel Snyder, Lisa Olstein, Arielle Greenberg and Mark Bibbins for weighing in on the timely v. timeless question: Erika Meitner Timely!  Timely! But part of this has to do with my current 'project' (whatever that means) about consumerism in all its weird guises.  I mean, life happens at [...] by

Of the Time, Out of Time April 26, 2011: Last Saturday I read at the first (annual?) Westchester Poetry Festival at The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, NY. I read with Victoria Bond, Jo Ann Clark, Brenda Conner-Bey, Lynne Francis, Jacqueline Johnson, Iyabo Ibo Mandingo, Jeffrey McDaniel, Tanya McKinnon Simon, Kathleen Ossip, and Donna Reis. The festival began with a powerful [...] by

Time, for DA Powell April 19, 2011: DA Powell: Every sentence written in English contains some anxiety about time. I'd love to write a poem that was Time-Free. Is that possible? ME: Why? Is this particular to English? DA: I don't think English is necessarily the only language in which time is embedded in the verbs. But I know that in Mandarin it's easy to make a sentence that [...] by

Time, for Patricia Smith April 18, 2011: I asked my timely versus timeless question and the wonderful, generous, talented Patricia Smith wrote back. “Timelessness is woefully overrated. Timeless poems should be appropriately noted, revered, analyzed, celebrated and tucked back into their slots on a seldom dusted bookshelf in clear view of the six or seven people who read them [...] by

There are times April 11, 2011: when I fear there is no new way to describe how I feel about my children. There are occasions, such a this morning, when my youngest son recited the first poem he’d memorized to me that I felt—I felt… How does the mind work? I wonder, as I watch him. He is inwardly and outwardly focused, concentrating in a relaxed way. The poem moves [...] by

Timely 3: What I learn(ed) from Matt Rohrer April 6, 2011: When I emailed a bunch of poets asking them to respond to my timely/timeless question Matt Rohrer was the first to respond. He wrote: "Well I guess I wish they could be both. Is that possible? I want to think that there is a way to be timely that is actually what being "timeless" means. To write "news that stays news". When I think of the [...] by

Time 2 April 5, 2011: Kathleen, I liked your post! And I agree the timely/timeless question is a bit of a false dichotomy. And, yes, most people I’ve asked are saying some version of “both.” Still, I think the question is worth asking, worth thinking about. I see a shift toward valuing “timeliness” or being more willing to talk about the pleasure of [...] by

Time for poetry: poetry and time April 1, 2011: When asked to blog this month, I went back to see what I’d been blogging about last year and in previous years. I was perturbed, at first, to find that my concerns of previous posts—what can poetry do? what do I want my poetry to do? what does it mean to write an occasional poem at this point in history? are all poems occasional? how can I [...] by

Oh, Kwame Dawes, I was Just Thinking About You April 30, 2010: One of my students talked about you in class on Wednesday. A white girl at a fancy university claimed you as a poetic ancestor. Spoke eloquently of her affection for your poems and your energy and your work. She wants to be like you. I think she will be. Her energy and drive and love are irrepressible. And yet, despite the ray of light that is [...] by

Arcoholic in the house April 26, 2010: Hey Daisy, thanks your smart and thoughtful post. And for your other smart and thoughtful posts. I'm so pleased to be able to disagree or at least to announce a different tendency. I like books. I like books of poems more than I like poems. I also like novels more than short stories. I like arc! I like to get to know someone, a voice, a style, [...] by