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Monday, April 7 1:20 AM April 8, 2014: I have built this room for us to dream it is quite small, and there is this toilet here in the corner. I am wondering what it means to be a woman poet I have questions. At times one’s gender is by choice, and for others it is relegated to the terroir of the matter-of-fact I don’t like to be told what to do how to feel, [...] by

From Cut-Up to Cunt Up: Dodie Bellamy in Conversation November 21, 2013: Dodie Bellamy is the author of Cunt Norton (Les Figues Press), a cut-up investigation of The Norton Anthology of Poetry. Though she is typically identified with the fiction world, Dodie Bellamy is no stranger to poetry. Her writing is included in the conceptual poetry anthology I’ll Drown My Book (Les Figues Press). Barrett Watten and Lyn [...] by