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on finding one’s alter ego and on running out of time April 30, 2012: So this morning I promised that my last post here would say something about Marisa Crawford's rather amazing book The Haunted House, which I picked up a few months ago (it came out in 2008) and which I've fallen for hard: fallen for, moreover, in a way that makes it difficult for me to tell the difference between responding to the poems as poems, [...] by

it’s not easy being news April 30, 2012: So I had all this material, or so I thought, saved up for my penultimate post—it was going to be about Marisa Crawford's amazing, scary, sexy book The Haunted House, which I fell hard for last week, and also about the way teen life takes over adulthood, and about how the book came in several senses just too late for me, and about how I am [...] by

on villanelles, or, many happy returns April 26, 2012: More than ten years ago the poet and scholar Julie Kane made a discovery. The villanelle, that creative-writing-class staple, usually introduced as a traditional form like the sonnet or sestina, an exercise or tour de force for poets stretching to late medieval times, did not exist, or not in the historical sense that many of us had [...] by

on spontaneity April 23, 2012: I've started tweeting regularly now (@accommodatingly), in part because it's a way to stay connected to the rest of the world through my phone, without getting caught up in unfinished longer-form work; I'm following S. B. and D. A. Powell, like the rest of the US poetry world, and I'm proud to say that Rachel Zucker retweeted one of my tweets. [...] by

All the fun’s in how you say a thing April 20, 2012: Craig Dworkin's new book of super-short poems is terrific, likely to land on my list of top fifteen, though maybe not top five, books of poems this year: they're minimal, one- and two-line works in the spirit of Robert Grenier, Aram Saroyan and Tristan Tzara, with jokes, French-English puns, and appalled or wistful color commentary in the spirit [...] by

Hi, Howard, I’m back April 16, 2012: Frankly, Jessie and I don't get out that much this year. We did, however, manage to see a reunion of the terrific indiepop and indie-rock bands Honeybunch and Small Factory on Saturday night in Pawtucket. Stop reading now if you don't want to hear about them. Honeybunch play brilliantly organized, melodically rich, and thoroughly written pop [...] by

names against the land April 11, 2012: Thursday I flew into, and yesterday I flew out of, the Washington, D.C. transit hub formerly known as Washington National Airport, now designated by act of Congress as Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Not for the first time, I was perfectly satisfied with the airport but slightly angry about the name, not just because it still feels like [...] by

Once More into the Steel Cage April 5, 2012: On Monday Kathleen Rooney shared a remarkable exercise for students, or really for anyone, in creative writing or in any other class where poems get interpreted, appreciated, evaluated, analyzed and compared. I'm afraid, though, that she misrepresented the exercise, and she may have omitted its history: I hope she won't mind if I add to her [...] by

National Poetry Month cancelled April 2, 2012: [Editor's Note: Note the date: This was an April Fool's joke. National Poetry Month is alive and well. Visit the Academy of American Poets for details.] CHICAGO, APRIL 1—April 2012 will mark the last-ever National Poetry Month. Started in 1996 and honored every April in the United States since then, the promotion—in which publishers, [...] by

Pandora’s gift (2) April 30, 2011: I think I remember accurately the last time I bought, or otherwise sought out, a book of brand new poetry based on a critic's printed poetry criticism (not a chat or a live event, but something I read). It wasn't last week: it might have been late last year. How often do you seek out the books that printed criticism recommends? If the answer is [...] by