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365 Ruined Sonnets: Notes & Conversation with Stephen Collis April 10, 2012: I was looking through an old issue of the excellent Capilano Review out of Vancouver recently and stumbled upon a series of ruined sonnets from Stephen Collis, a poet I mentioned briefly last year in a post about the sonnet. I was taken by his compressed sonnets, written under the heteronym of Alfred Noyes. This year it’s a sequence of [...] by

Lyric Conceptualism, A Manifesto In Progress April 9, 2012: The Lyric Conceptualist has moved beyond the indigestible and the unreadable, in fact, beyond all gestures that have made pleasure the enemy of reading. Still, the Lyric Conceptualist remains true to her politics of inclusion, appreciating the thinkership of conceptual poetry, the revelations in mass assemblages that concretize the ephemeral [...] by

Only Excite: Babstock, Ball and a few last notes May 1, 2011: All the way through my earlier post about poetry that was not somehow far enough out, I was thinking, examples, examples, this post could use more precise examples. A few names, I gave. Alice Notley, Kenneth Goldsmith, Vanessa Place (whose work is more about making one extremely uncomfortable than “weeping” admittedly, though I know for a fact [...] by

Poetry as Event: Belladonna* April 30, 2011: SQ: Rachel Levitsky, Belladonna* has been operating out of New York for nearly a decade now, and in that time has hosted the most innovative women writers of our time. Most of these women, save for a few key names, are largely unknown in the larger poetry world. In fact part of your mandate is to give those women who aren't receiving support a [...] by

Teaching the Poetic Event April 29, 2011: Karis, I'm interested in this course you are developing on the "Poetics Research Site," which I'm assuming, since your specialty is Canadian literature, is about key poetry research sites or events in Canada. Can you tell me a little about where you got the idea for this? KS: I came up with the idea for this senior-undergraduate course on the [...] by

I was not far enough out, and simply waving, not drowning April 25, 2011: Is poetry a domesticated art? Are we drowning in it? Or are we in fact not drowning enough? This is what I’m thinking as I peer out into a green ravine in the Druid Hills area of Atlanta. There is all this writing, but it seems very little gets said. And then we have the strand of thinking that says, well, it’s very difficult to say nothing [...] by

This poetry thing goes both ways, or many ways at once April 20, 2011: The poet a.rawlings has been connecting students up with the contemporary poets they are reading. High school students that is. Scott Griffin, founder of the lucrative Griffin Prize for Poetry has begun a program that encourages high school students to memorize poetry and perform it, vying for a new prize. Over on Lemon Hound, I have invited a [...] by

Public musings: balancing the role of the poet April 11, 2011: On my mind today: Ron Silliman’s blog, its demise, Kenneth Goldsmith's post on Ron Silliman, a response I had to a public proposal for a new poetry venture from a fellow Canadian poet, and a recent post I made here regarding the line. There is, in all of this diversity, an illustration of how complicated the public role of the poet can be. How [...] by

What are we talking about when we talk about lines? April 6, 2011: Gillian asks about the line in the 22nd century, what will it look like and do. It’s a question that helps me get at another question that has been hounding me of late, one that concerns a certain strand of thinking that tends toward protecting poetry as if it’s an endangered species. This tendency seems to manifest itself in a concern for [...] by

Thanks Harriet & Hello Future April 1, 2011: I want to say thanks to Harriet for inviting me back. I've missed the ongoing discussion over here. It's true, the blog has carried on, and I do find myself coming back to it once a week or so, but that's usually because of a Poetry Foundation Tweet, or a ReTweet from another poet, or a link that has been shared on Facebook (yes, I'm still on [...] by