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Continued… October 19, 2009: …if we change the words, do we change the thing/s? PERSON: email to a friend: Century of the Self: charting development of the kind of radical individualism in which freedom of the individual is more tied to individual (unconscious) desire than to individual action. The freedom of the individual (democracy) can be strangely disconnected from [...] by

ADFEMPO Repo 1 October 6, 2009: Okay, back after much silence and some sickness. After the wonderful Adfempo Conference. After the settling in of a new roommate. After joy and wanting. (okay, not sure what that’s about but there it is.) So there are a few blogs rooming around in my head, and in word on my computer. That, and audio and video I hope to upload. Adfempo: I [...] by

ADFEMPO: Advancing Feminist Poetics & Activism September 25, 2009: Am just back from the first day of the Belladonna ADFEMPO conference at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. The opening plenary got off to a late but energizing start. (It didn’t start so late that I should have arrived home at 2 AM this morning in the back of a police car. But here I am. Not in the police car anymore but at [...] by

Ramadan Rosh Hashana New Moon 1 September 19, 2009: A word’s an act, and no one can recover it. Sometimes the thing we name suddenly becomes…what? A being, almost human, that the very calling kills” from Heather McHugh’s “The Magician” in To The Quick -copied in one of my notebook, among my notes on the social geography and history of New Orleans. This morning was cold. Cooler [...] by

New Moon August 30, 2009: New Moon So where do I begin? Particularly when rage makes direction difficult. Particularly when grief dislocates, is about extended dislocations. I was invited to participate as a Harriet blogger some time ago, and found it remarkably difficult to decide on the “voice” to cultivate. Even the title of this entry is already days old (the [...] by