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Journal, Day Five June 9, 2006: Sometimes just after two writers meet and sometimes just before they separate the question, “What are you reading?” enters the conversation. In my imaginary city all people greet and depart in this way. Trying to make you fall in love in 5-6 lines . . . * Speaking indifferently to him, who had driven out the cold and polished my good [...] by

Journal, Day Four June 8, 2006: “You may not like my stuff, I’m kind of a nature poet,” a student said at the beginning of our conference today. I instantly wondered which of my anti-nature poems she’d been reading. “A good poem is a good poem,” I said even as I wondered who decides the “kind” of poet we are to be? The poet Bob Wrigley lives in rural Idaho (all [...] by

Journal, Day Three June 7, 2006: What does the Internet and its boundless resources mean to the poet compelled to turn information into imagery and ideas? Maybe this could describe all poets. Surely someone somewhere has discussed this question once or twice. Last fall when my poet-wife entered a Library Science masters program (in part to get away from the goo attached to living [...] by

Journal, Day Two June 6, 2006: First off, sorry about that long ass blog yesterday. Performance Anxiety. I plan to write less and less each day. Maybe just my name by the end of the week. I jerked upright in bed somewhere around 6 a.m. today and blurted: “Chuck Norris!” to an empty room in an empty house. Maybe I thought someone was lurking about. All day I’ve been [...] by

Journal, Day One June 5, 2006: A fear of boredom (what’s the medical term for that?) compels me to try something different every day here: lists; imaginary poems, novels, and essays; little book reviews. We’ll see. I’m currently teaching a poetry seminar in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, and maybe that alone will be enough to blog about. For example, I gave a lecture on the [...] by