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Journal, Day Five March 31, 2006: Well I have to say it's been a real blast hanging out at this website. Thanks for the great comments (including those back-channeled). As yesterday's response post indicated, I want to conclude by talking about working with sound in poetry, which for me, includes the previous posts' references to the different perspectives poets may have, [...] by

Journal, Day Four March 30, 2006: Experimenting: Okay, the week's almost done and I have a confession—not a confessional poem mind you but, tell the truth, I've been talking about these poems I like and oftentimes they aren't the easiest to understand. The authors often have a reputation for being off the beaten poetry path. Not because they're so deep mind you, but because [...] by

Journal, Day Three March 29, 2006: Since I've been speaking about poetic insights about the world that poets may have by fine tuning their creative aptitudes, I'd like to talk a bit more about what the notion of community means in this context. Can a poetic point of view bring us closer together? Is this what we mean when we read a poem? Clearly people besides the poet get [...] by

Journal, Day Two March 28, 2006: Yesterday’s entry raised questions about the possibility and value of uniquely poetic ways of seeing the world. It may seem a little precious to offer this idea, and maybe it is in the way that precious implies value, but not fragility per se. Precious and strong? Precious and clear maybe? But no more precious than any other kind of seeing and [...] by

Journal, Day One March 27, 2006: Hi All! Like a lot of people probably, who’ve participated in this series, I feel ambivalent about pushing out notes on something I wish I were more familiar with in a medium I think I must certainly need to be hipper on. Ah, well. Poetry and coolness, even comfort aren’t exactly ‘pease in a pod’ no? Lately, I’ve felt a little cut off [...] by