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This Science Fair, My Prison August 12, 2009: August is the month for star-gazing, and what better way to prepare for the Perseids than to spend part of this horrid sun-lit day reading about the great Romantic scientists?  In her new article, "Keats in Space," Molly Young explains that the work of William and Caroline Herschel, Sir Joseph Banks, Humphry Davy, and Mungo Park all took [...] by

Of Love and Chain Letters (Borderline Ballads) August 6, 2009: The New York Post reported yesterday that the Madonna once called on Anne Sexton's poem "Love Song" to justify her love of a former bodyguard, Jim Albright. "In a fax dated Dec. 24, 1993, Madonna wrote to Albright: 'I was the girl of the love letter/ the girl full of talk of dreams and destination . . . the one with her eyes half under [...] by

“This was a glorious madman who would not let reason stop him from acquiring books” July 31, 2009: Psst! Yeah, you!  Wanna see some rare poetry? Click here. (Photo by James Sitar, courtesy of Raymond Danowski Poetry Library, Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library, Emory University) by

Square School Girl Blows Geek Minds July 27, 2009: Over at Comic-Con International 2009, Fantagraphics Books has announced that they will soon re-release the complete run of the Ernie Bushmiller-penned (and Joe Brainard-beloved) comic strip Nancy. One wonders if Fantagraphics kept tabs on the resurgent discussion of Nancy that came about through  Siglio Press's re-issue of [...] by

Like and Dislike July 16, 2009: In our constant effort to improve the Harriet experience, we've implemented a new comments feature for readers to express their likes and dislikes. The new comments feature allows readers to anonymously state a "like" or "dislike" preference for comments on Harriet posts by clicking on the "thumbs-up" or "thumbs-down" icons below each [...] by

A Braille Hoax and Some Rockabilly Cancer July 14, 2009: Ed Park peered into the strange world of David Berman's drawings for last week's cover story.  Park argued that the drawings collected in the newly released  Portable February are cut from the same quirky cloth as Berman's poetry and music.  One 'rawing that particularly caught the writer's attention: a billboard/projection stating, [...] by

Please Welcome Joel, Rebecca, and Tonya July 8, 2009: As we salute Annie and Martin and Camille for their service here on Harriet (salutes!), we welcome Joel Brouwer, Tonya Foster, and Rebecca Wolff (hugs!).  The former three will, we hope, continue to post from time to time, but the the full-time conversation is now in the hands of Joel, Rebecca, Tonya, and Eileen Myles.  Praise be! A little [...] by

The Man in the Mirror June 26, 2009: As we all know by now, Michael Jackson--who apparently was reading Tagore poems in his last days--is dead. It is sad and strange, and though it feels a little odd, I wanted to put up a sort of Harriet "open thread" about it here just in case anyone wants to vent over the weekend.  Myself, I've felt mostly numb about the whole thing, mainly, I [...] by

2009: The Halfway-Point Reading Report June 23, 2009: The Top Ten Most-Read Articles on poetryfoundation.org Of all the articles on poetryfoundation.org, these received the most page views: 1. "Show Your Work" by Matthew Zapruder 2. "Going Negative" by Jason Guriel 3. "Poetry Can Be Any Damn Thing it Wants" by Mary Ann Caws 4. "To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not to Yield" by [...] by

“To slaughter us / why did you need to invite us / to such an elegant party?” June 17, 2009: In a an op-ed for yesterday's New York Times, Roger Cohen wrote,  "Poets are the refuge of every wounded nation — just ask the Poles — and nowhere more so than here in this hour." Here is Iran.  And this hour is one of crisis. Iran, as many reporters are noting, is home to an ancient poetry tradition that includes Hafiz, Rumi, [...] by