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Misadventure July 27, 2015: At some point in the middle of 2012 I started thinking that celebrity was a really crucial humanitarian issue. Like, it’s not really a media issue. It’s not a pop culture issue, and it doesn’t [...] by

Channel Surfing July 20, 2015: I’d like to note a peculiar absence in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The most basic and influential piece of employment-related legislation in the United States, Title VII protects [...] by

Afterburn July 13, 2015: Kowloon Walled City, City of Darkness, Dice City, Vice City. Intermediate space, the space between zones. When I first got into interior design I found some images of Kowloon Walled City in Hong [...] by

Tradecraft July 7, 2015: Prologue “Tradecraft” is the first in a series of essays that address disintermediation and convergence as it relates to design, aesthetic philosophy, authorship, poetry, and the packaging of [...] by

In the Metaphysical Streets July 1, 2015: It’s strange being back in a city after so many idle days. I’ve come around to the possibilities of the wide open countryside. The way the countryside has been left behind. Earlier this year I [...] by

(Soma)tic Reading Enhancements INSTALLMENT #2 June 25, 2015: A thousand different readers of a poem make a thousand different poems. The creativity in the reading percolates through the same membrane as the writing. (Soma)tic reading enhancements like [...] by

The Queer Voice: Reparative Poetry Rituals & Glitter Perversions June 22, 2015: for Michelle Tea “Who we are when we are not love has always caused us shame.” –Akilah Oliver “Touch me. / We’ll become less one.” –TC Tolbert “Nobody wants to become [...] by

Poet in the Crack of Liberty: My Life with Christopher, 1988 June 18, 2015: If you steal my idea I swear to God, well, I’ll be mad at you. It’s a moneymaking machine this idea, and I came up with it when I dated an actor named Christopher. He was very New [...] by

‘every living cell has consciousness': The Work of Lucas de Lima June 16, 2015: In April, 2015 Lucas de Lima performed with the poet Hiromi Ito and her translator Jeffery Angles at The Kelly Writers House on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. They also had a recorded [...] by

Cocaine Poetry Grant Termination: Puppet Audition With Elizabeth, 1987 June 12, 2015: We had no idea what to expect, but we knew we loved puppets. My friend Elizabeth and I desperately needed jobs and while I was busy trying to think of ways NOT to get a job, she found an ad in the [...] by