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I Want to Go All the Way April 16, 2014: Back then, I was still such a bad poet/and I didn’t know how to go all the way —Blaise Cendrars, “The Prose of the Trans-siberian,” trans. Ron Padgett, rewritten by me. [caption id="attachment_85001" align="alignright" width="500"] Kazuo Ohno went all the way.[/caption] 1. A DOMESTIC ANECDOTE: When we’re feeling a little down [...] by

Flibbertigibbet in a White Room / Competencies April 16, 2014: [caption id="attachment_84821" align="alignright" width="500"] Fibbergibbet and Mumbo Jumbo: Kara E. Walker in Two Acts, 2004.[/caption] I remember things I never forgot. To spend an afternoon returning to the site of some wrong committed only in my imagination against an unnamed person, a vaporous friend, is a bore and no kind of penance. What [...] by

Santa Cruz Journal 2 April 15, 2014: Strike Days Big tree, small axe. When the immigrant rights movement is the only active political struggle in the rest of the country, at least you can count on students at UC Santa Cruz for an anti-austerity strike, which began with a police showdown. The earliest moment of the UAW Teaching Assistant strike on April 2nd brought 20 arrests. [...] by

Slaughterhouse Workshop, Part 2 April 15, 2014: [caption id="attachment_84954" align="alignright" width="300"] The End of the Mona Lisa, TSE 2013[/caption] Text and photographs by Thomas Sayers Ellis. Commentary and poems by Jennifer Fitzgerald. Part 1 can be found here.   That first day of shooting I was impressed by everything I saw, especially the hanging hooks and other [...] by

Is It Work? April 15, 2014: A neighbor famously called Robert Frost the laziest man in the world, not just because he sat on the porch all day staring at nature like it was television, but also because he was constantly falling asleep in snowdrifts in the woods and letting hired men die poetically on his hearth instead of calling an ambulance to come pick them up. "He [...] by

Saying What (It) Is April 15, 2014: About twelve years ago it entered my mind that no matter how much I thought about what I do—poetry, art, music—I had never arrived at a final thought about what poetry or art or music is. The Wittgenstein move to let go of definition and look instead for a usage context only scratched half of the itch, but it did not satisfy the part of me [...] by

OEDIPAL LOOP DE LOOP PLUS GOOP: On Jon Rutzmoser’s shhhh! it’s poetry April 14, 2014: In which I talk about reading shhhh! it's poetry &  Jon Rutzmoser talks about making shhhh! it's poetry Divya: Reading shhhh! it's poetry 1990, Trichy, India. I watch Saturday Night Fever in a small living room. I watch Tony Manero brush his beautiful bush with a black flatback brush and blow it into the poufy arch de triomphe [...] by

Sorry I’m Late / Compared to What? April 14, 2014: I read with interest George Quasha’s recent post “Self-evidence with Difficulty,” drawn especially to these sentences: Duncan used to say that he and Charles Olson had made work that insisted on being taken at the level of its poetics; I took this to mean in part that casual reading or reading to select the “major poems” did not [...] by

AIRPORTS FOR CLASSROOMS April 14, 2014: The music was designed to be continuously looped as a sound installation, with the intent to diffuse the tense, anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal. Maybe what I mean is more simple: music for classrooms. The sometimes tense, anxious atmosphere of a workshop. The continuous looping of tradition, or convention, or both. At worst: [...] by

Careening Through the Birthplace of John Berryman to Get to a Reading in Chickasaw Nation April 11, 2014: Once, after deciding to quit poetry due to personal reasons, I promised myself to do non-poetry things, non-poet things. It back-fired of course. Eventually I find myself traveling to a creative writing festival in Oklahoma. Slowly making it down a narrow highway in rural Oklahoma through a small Baptist town, which is unaware of itself as [...] by