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Entidad/Entity February 19, 2015: Entidad Los Angeles, California. Febrero 18, 2015. Perdidamente, estoy pensando1 en la entidad como una alternativa a la identidad. Algo subterráneo, bajo la identidad; algo aéreo, sobrevolando [...] by

Animal/Animal February 16, 2015: Animal El Paso, Texas. Enero 2014 Definitivamente perdida. Feché 2014 otra vez. Pero estamos en 2015. ¿Correcto? (la velocidad, el tiempo, la continuidad). No, no pienso en ti como judía. 1 Hablo [...] by

Entidades/Entities February 9, 2015: Entidades Los Ángeles, California. Enero 24, 2015. No entiendo mi vida, ni la vida. Y menos la muerte. La distancia. El tiempo. La proximidad. La velocidad. (Todas estas ideas son aburridísimas—o [...] by

Animales/Animals February 3, 2015: Animales El Paso, Texas. Enero 9, 2014.1 No entiendo mi vida. No sé quién soy. Se, más o menos quién no quise ser. Como estudiante no quise alimentar el sometimiento de la academia en México. [...] by

Obliteration Excavations 3: To Not Make It January 30, 2015: Sometimes, when the dark sky is very clear, I look up at the Big Dipper, and search for the North Star, though I never really know how to read the constellation—this search is somehow habitual, a [...] by

Obliteration Excavations 2: Back to the Bodies January 22, 2015: In How to Draw What You See, the artist Rudy De Reyna’s reveals that: To render a faithful, realistic drawing, you must be able to observe the basic structure of an object, regardless of how [...] by

Obliteration Excavations 1: ‘Para’ to ‘Para’ January 12, 2015: In 1999, I was a poetry fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. Then, I had only recently finished the first set of comprehensive examinations of my doctoral program at the CUNY Graduate [...] by

Delusions of Progress December 29, 2014: It is not enough to suppress the adversary if you do not erase her memory and her ability to organize an alternative project… In the face of this strategy, we can understand that the three [...] by

December 18, 2014 December 18, 2014: This report has been filed in accordance with the proper policy for identifying the dead Who’s the killer Brenda Berenice Delgado? Who’s the killer Alma Chavira? Who’s the killer Verónica [...] by

From Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program December 12, 2014: The Interrogation and Detention of Abu Zubaydah 1. On April 15, 2002, per a scripted plan, the same CIA interrogator delivered what a CIA cable described as “the pre move message” to Abu [...] by