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Josely Vianna Baptista in Conversation September 30, 2015: Josely Vianna Baptista (Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, 1957) has written several books of poetry and prose, including a book for young adults which received the VI Prémio Internacional del Libro [...] by

On the Margins: Poetry and the Refugee (Part Two) September 24, 2015: A Brief Taste of the Language of Exposure and Containment: Comments from NYT, Sept. 22, 2015, “How the US Can Welcome Refugees.” “On the Margins: Poetry and the Refugee (Part 1)” can [...] by

Juan Carlos Galeano in Conversation September 17, 2015: Juan Carlos Galeano is a poet, translator, and essayist born in the Amazon region of Colombia. He has published several books of poetry, and has translated North American poets into Spanish. His [...] by

On Azure and Translating Mallarmé September 15, 2015: Blake Bronson-Bartlett and I decided to embark on a translation of Stéphane Mallarmé after a lunch in Iowa City during which we had been discussing how Mallarmé seems so inert in English, so [...] by

Rumors: Mallarmé September 11, 2015: Comme des Garçons makes Mallarmé shirts to give to organ donors Kurt Cobain’s sweaters flexed green but should have flexed azure Azure is a harsh toilet cleaner sold at Aldis Mallarmé despised [...] by

On the Margins: Poetry and the Refugee September 8, 2015: We transform the world but the world also transforms despite us. The world, our supports and repetitions, exists so that we can forget about the violence of the earth and go about our daily lives. [...] by

Felix Gonzalez-Torres: Vultures September 3, 2015: I wish I could have seen Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s show “Untitled (Vultures)” (1995). I grew up in South Florida where the vultures are constantly circling. It was actually not until I moved to [...] by

Nocturne: José Asunción Silva September 1, 2015: Nocturne III           A night A night full of hushings, of the curled wool of perfume and incanting      wing, [...] by

Talking About What We Don’t Talk About: Roundtable with Eunsong Kim, Amy King, Lucas de Lima, Hoa Nguyen, Héctor Ramírez, Metta Sáma, Nikki Wallschlaeger August 31, 2015: Poetry, Careerism & Institutions: These concepts are often talked about but usually behind closed doors. The writers in this roundtable haven’t necessarily reached solutions or [...] by

‘Literature is against us': In Conversation with Anne Boyer August 30, 2015: If you don’t know Anne Boyer’s work, you should. She’s a fierce intellect, tremendous poet, and laudable person. I’m grateful she spent time untangling my meandering [...] by