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Poetry is Not the Final Girl: Joey Yearous-Algozin April 22, 2015: So, Volume I of my book The Compleat Purge, The Last Will & Testament of Trisha Low is dedicated to Joey Yearous-Algozin, who “raised me.” The thing is, I mean it. Like, literally, [...] by

Of Allyssa Wolf’s Vaudeville or My Altamont Blues, part I April 22, 2015: Ever. Ways time is demarcated, its temporal forensics—the rights reserved. pages we share. or thieve. Or maybe in sequence, other texts and tests which appear nearby. Chronological, comparative. [...] by

Libraries, Death, & Paradise April 22, 2015: Brent Cunningham once commented that the books in his library were a kind of 3-D representation of his mind. These are the books that I’ve read—“the contents of my head”—to quote Annie [...] by

Towards Something We’ve Known April 22, 2015: You walk among the stars and are subject to the stars. You turn a corner and the air seems to turn with you, to bend around you. A personal experiment of the senses, when you wake suddenly one [...] by

Notes Toward a New Language: Holes: On Marguerite Duras April 22, 2015: Marguerite Duras’s writing is filled with holes. Her writing is made of holes, filled with holes, because her life is made up of holes. Pock-marked and moth-bitten, it is a map of the disaster. [...] by

Post-Poetry, Part 1: CryptoPo, Part 2: Notes for the Encrypticon April 21, 2015: This past January, a temporary collective of writers, artists, printers and scholars created a lumpy, hexagonal, cardboard cave inside the small gallery at the back of Mountain Fold Books here in [...] by

Found Metaphors April 21, 2015: The video stills in the sixth row are from Oum Kalthoum’s live performance of “Baeed Anak” or “Away From You.” All other images are mine, taken on camera phones (HTC [...] by

riffs on Paris graff : 5 April 21, 2015: The “Lasco Project” was inspired by the illegal 2012 intervention “Le Mausolée,” conceived by French graff artists Lek & Sowat. Produced in secret over a year, by no fewer than forty [...] by

The Contract April 21, 2015: I love you.  You are my ambassador to the world and I am yours.  We represent one another.  And that is how I know you love me. We’re different from other artists. The poet is busy not only [...] by

ON MY LOVE FOR THOSE WHO REFUSE SILENCE Part 1 April 21, 2015: —for Javier Zamora, Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, and Christopher Soto While teaching a course on Wallace Stevens at the University of Chicago, poet Mark Strand told me and a group of students to not [...] by