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Tokenism May Cause the Following Side Effects December 23, 2015: When one of us wins, we all win. That’s the mantra that marginalized folks have internalized for centuries. It’s the mantra that makes us pliable, submissive, grateful. We’re happy to have been [...] by

Love Poems Are Dead December 10, 2015: This week I taught love poems to my class of undergraduates at Columbia University. Let me rephrase that: this week I confessed to my students that I don’t know anything about love. Before we [...] by

I Don’t Need Diverse Books: On Re-defining ‘We’ and Making Black Art December 3, 2015: Hi, American literary community! It’s me, the diversity. I’m sure you recognize me—the face you turn to as Black history month approaches, the strategic audience to your rant about police [...] by

Play and Imagination: On the One-Word Poem November 30, 2015: The process of writing a one-word poem on the page involves playfulness, along with the willingness to take risks with imagination—much like a toddler who scribbles letters for the first time on [...] by

To Find the Subject by Leaving the Subject: Expectations of Race & Content November 12, 2015: In 2005 when I was an undergraduate in creative writing I entered a poetry-residency contest. One of the competition’s rules was that the applicant must be of Native American descent. A couple [...] by

Functional White: Crafting Space & Silence November 3, 2015: The white space is just as important as the text in a poem, whether it’s the counter that shapes an O or S, a line break after a word or a caesura within a line. With space, one can shape sound and [...] by

7 TYPES OF TRAMBIGUITY October 30, 2015: Paris, France Part 2: On Transparency In Paris When It’s Naked, Etel Adnan writes: “And then, look at Paris, do it in your imagination if your eyes can’t find it, and see what a solid mass of a [...] by

And Yet: A Wedding October 26, 2015: Portland, Oregon Today is the one-month anniversary of my friends Avik Maitra and Patrick Worth, who got married in Portland. When I got married—six years ago, in the Cambridge, Mass., City [...] by

Context/Decontext: A Conversation with Johannes Göransson October 20, 2015: Utrecht, The Netherlands & Notre Dame, Indiana, USA Here is a chance to reflect on book reviewing, and here is something to tell you up front: I am an impossibly slow reader and writer, and no [...] by

The New Heroes in Dutch Poetry October 15, 2015: Rotterdam, The Netherlands Poetry International is a foundation based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Our two most widely publicized activities are our web magazine and archive—which publishes [...] by