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DESIRE TO BE/IN PROXIMITY/TO OKAYNESS: On Sarah Dowling’s DOWN April 10, 2014: In which I talk about reading DOWN &  Sarah Dowling  talks about making DOWN Divya: Reading DOWN “Cause when I open my mouth My whole heart comes out” – Christina Aguilera, “Sing For Me My heart is in my pocket mouth; it is poems by Pierre Reverdy Sarah Dowling. I’m always a little late for things. I wore [...] by

Fernandez and Carrington April 10, 2014: Gallery Wendi Norris in San Francisco opened a show this week for the local artist Ana Teresa Fernandez, and in a smaller side room here are a variety of works in several media by the late Surrealist painter Leonora Carrington (1917-2011). Fernandez’ work (in sculpture, video, paint and good old fashioned “installation”) is pretty [...] by

Six Facts about Pens April 10, 2014: 1. The first dildo was a pen. 2. Pens are still used as dildos today. 3. Ah 4. Ah 5. Ohhh 6. Ahh by

Do What You Do, Love What You Love April 9, 2014: Last year, while speaking to a writing class at Medgar Evers College, I let slip a terribly-kept secret: there’s no money in this poetry thing. So we have to find other ways of making a living. A student in the front row expressed his dismay at my admission. Not at the idea that, if he chose to pursue poetry further, he would be accepting a [...] by

A Diagnosis of the Maladies of Poets of the Modern Age April 9, 2014: * in which I answer the pressing question: what is wrong with us? *   Choked on sunlight streaming through window   Loss of mental erections   Ate McDonald's hamburger as a child and can't stop feeling guilty about it   Thought so hard about his own father that he died   Memory problem -- too many [...] by

Self-evidence with Difficulty April 9, 2014: [caption id="attachment_84258" align="alignright" width="500"] Site of the Café Le Métro poetry reading coffeehouse from 1963-1965, located at 149 2nd Ave., New York City[/caption] For many years I’ve been interested in difficulty; I suppose in the present context it could be called the poetics of difficulty. I remember at age 14 carrying [...] by

A Journey with Hermes April 8, 2014: [caption id="attachment_84218" align="alignright" width="500"] A young Hermes in old Winter.[/caption] In November last year I left San Francisco for ten days to go to Providence and teach a poets theater workshop at Brown.  A kind friend, hearing I would be in New England, if that’s how you say it, arranged for me to give a reading at an [...] by

Monday, April 7 1:20 AM April 8, 2014: I have built this room for us to dream it is quite small, and there is this toilet here in the corner. I am wondering what it means to be a woman poet I have questions. At times one’s gender is by choice, and for others it is relegated to the terroir of the matter-of-fact I don’t like to be told what to do how to feel, [...] by

The New York-Montreal Express April 8, 2014: “I can’t keep going back to Montreal”—Lenny Bruce The Montreal poetry scene was absolutely hopping in 2002. That sounds a little ridiculous now, a little Brucian, and I wish there was a New York-Montreal Express to bring me back tonight. It’s 3:16 a.m. in California, 2002 was a lifetime ago, and Kaie Kellough was a touch younger. [...] by

Avant-Garde Cooptation April 7, 2014: What follows is a brief account of avant-garde cooptation at work in conceptual writing and the related practice of “curating” digital archives of experimental art and literature. First what was the avant-garde? Not easily pinned down, it is usually taken for granted as a 20th century genealogy of passionate formal innovation and [...] by