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We Must Act But How? A Conversation with Juan Felipe Herrera (Part 3 of 3) May 4, 2014: Continued from Part 2. [Transcribed and edited by David Lau.] Part III: Aztlán Against Surveillance Culture DL: I then wonder what you think about what’s going on politically today. Your colleague [...] by

Poetry Operations, Black Noise and Versions of Hiatus May 4, 2014: I wanted to look at a few mostly online publishing platforms that I’ve been following for the past couple of years. I’ll be doing interviews with J. Gordon Faylor at Gauss PDF, and Holly Melgard, [...] by

Enearthing Sounds May 3, 2014:   I want to end this April excursion in the blogosphere with a few brief notes. The purpose has been to sketch out areas for further inquiry while honoring works that over the years have helped [...] by

‘We Probably Need, Like, 10 Vidas’: Zoe Tuck and Axes for the Frozen Sea Inside Us May 3, 2014: Born in Texas, Zoe Tuck has been a participant in the Bay Area literary scene since 2008: she co-curated the Condensery Reading Series in Oakland and worked at Small Press Distribution for many [...] by

24/7 Gender is Hard: Cheena Marie Lo on the Poetics of Both and Neither May 3, 2014: Cheena and I became friends after I participated in a poetry reading at their house in 2011. Since then, we have moved to new parts of town, changed jobs while still remaining friends. In 2012 Cheena [...] by

DAMMIT FRANKIE. On Ryan Eckes’s Old News May 3, 2014: In which I talk about reading Ryan Eckes’s Old News and Ryan talks about making Old News Divya: Reading Old News Philly’s poetry scene has had more than its fair share of interesting Franks [...] by

natural death, co-elaboration, & the change is the change May 3, 2014: …the task of creating these spaces is necessarily the responsibility of those readers who insist that the text remain open, as a form of resistance… natural death I wrote the above in [...] by

‘say there was money but it rusted’ (live from Blackhawk Island) May 2, 2014: I’m in the car with Chuck Stebelton, Mike Hauser, Robert J. Baumann and Alli Warren, on our way to visit Blackhawk Island and Lorine Niedecker’s cabin. It’s the last day of April. [...] by

We Must Act But How? A Conversation with Juan Felipe Herrera (Part 2 of 3) May 2, 2014: Continued from Part 1. [Transcribed and edited by David Lau.] Part II: The Multiplicity of Chicanismo When I steered our conversation toward Chicano literature and questions of Chicano identity, as [...] by

The Profanity Blahs, Part 2 [The art of ass-kicking isn't hard to master] May 2, 2014: Continued from Part 1. “Sophocles confirms the European origin of the motherfucker. Most Coloredpeepas known this a long time.” —Amiri Baraka   3    What the _____ is He Talking [...] by