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All Mod Cons – or a Reflective Analysis on Whitman and American Institutional Technophilia April 28, 2015: I’ve been too cruel to Walt Whitman’s works. Perhaps because I relate too much to the criticisms I have that it strikes fear in me. His work seems to uncover another honesty. The speaker appears [...] by

Post-Poetry, Part 3: Poet as Radio (Producer) April 28, 2015: I don’t have time to read or write in the traditional sense anymore. I have two kids, family, a day job, problems, a car, etc. I don’t really have time to write this post. But I want to [...] by

Speculating Darkly: A Poetry Folio April 28, 2015: In April 2013, Roger Reeves riffed off what Theaster Gates calls Speculating Darkly in a three-part essay series that appeared on Harriet. A theoretical meditation on history, identity, and craft, [...] by

Poetry Is Not the Final Girl: Chris Chen April 28, 2015: I haven’t known Chris Chen for very long but something that I like to say about him is that he’s a ringer. Well, ok. So I don’t mean that Chris is very tall, or big, or that [...] by

The Selected Tweets of @jerichobrown April 28, 2015: A little more than a year ago, my friend forever Amber Dermont issued a challenge. The author–of the New York Times best seller The Starboard Sea and of the brilliant book of stories Damage [...] by

WHEN I ASK MY MOTHER ABOUT BEING AND NOT BEING AN ARTIST April 28, 2015: “It became important for me to look at my mother as an artist. To recognize and honor her point of view,” says artist LaToya Ruby Frazier about her collaborations with her mother. This [...] by

‘here are some possible resonances of these colors': An Interview w/ Paul Ebenkamp, Part II April 27, 2015: John: can we talk a little about the section “Four Colors for the Based God?” these poems are all caps, and through that they seem to mirror your handwriting poems pretty directly, [...] by

T H E D I S T A N C E S and / or C I T I E S (9) April 27, 2015: Jason Morris of PUSH (& Big Bell) ushered out this lovely thin pamphlet a few weeks ago. He had come across recordings of two class talks given by poet Clark Coolidge at Naropa in July of 1977. [...] by

Found Metaphors (video) April 27, 2015: The poem pictured in the header’s center image is Keith S. Wilson’s “Minotaur, 16, Enters a Convenience Store.” Creatures that appear trapped were in fact reluctant but [...] by

Notes Toward a New Language: On La Borde April 27, 2015: In 1953 the psychiatrist Jean Oury bought the castle Chateau La Borde, an hour from Paris. Oury bought the chateau in order to open an asylum that would, he hoped, be true to the word “asylum.” [...] by