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What is ‘make a living’? April 5, 2016: “Would you be up for discussing a time you made money from poetry?” Timothy Yu’s answer to my question, the first in a series of complicated and generous responses, troubles both terms. How [...] by

An Unknown Length of Rope: Or, How to Survive in Water if You Are Made of Paint April 4, 2016: In “An Unknown Length of Rope: Or, How to Survive in Water if you are Made of Paint,” Divya Victor unsettles the relationship between black and brown bodies and the historical representations of [...] by

From the Calabash March 29, 2016: The blue teacup does not want to be silent about where it came from. You know how things are. Do not give up on curiosity. Put your hands in for a new fable; for new hair. Musing about the work force [...] by

Like Signals March 22, 2016: This city is a ham. It’s like this all day: poets and skate crews buzzing. A flowing moment; a shuffle of symmetries. The desirable state of a carapace or a whiff of Scooby-Doo. A day keeping the [...] by

Turn It Loose March 17, 2016: What else but a poem in a state of tension. A crack in a poem. Lines seen through doorways, sidewalks, arches, lips. A hint of the poet’s viewpoint. His or her choices may not resolve the mystery [...] by

‘Everything, for me, is translation’: An Interview With John High March 15, 2016: John High—poet and prose stylist—writes because he feels driven to do so. American and foreign landscapes and voices populate his poems. A contemporary visionary, it is hard to forget any poem of [...] by

Had Been Here All Along March 8, 2016: 1. PATRICIA SPEARS JONES Patricia Spears Jones has paid her dues as a poet since arriving in New York City in the early seventies. Her book of new and selected poems—A Lucent Fire—just came out. [...] by

So Even While March 2, 2016: To be a poet in capitalistic America is a rebellious act. When it comes to manifestos, I change the subject. Does the poem care whether you have expectations or not? Today I didn’t invent my [...] by

Blog of Love & Work. Thank You. February 29, 2016: LOVE “I don’t/ know what to sing. I am the others. I hope/the others are me. Like the trees/I don’t know what to sing./no nightingales on my finger.” –Eduardo Chirinos (April 4, [...] by

Dear Reader, There’s a Still Suburb of Friendship, Community, and Poetry & Praising a Note February 23, 2016: I’m drawn back to the past in this blog because I just came back from Massachusetts, where I was visiting my family in Framingham. I traveled with Dale’s sister Jody Sherrard. It felt good to [...] by