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NPR Visits Anna Akhmatova’s St. Petersburg Apartment October 13, 2015: At “Weekend Edition Sunday,” Corey Flintoff visits the St. Petersburg apartment where Anna Akhmatova resided for 30 years. Interest in the Russian writer has surged, partially as a result [...] by

Eileen Myles Wins Clark Prize for Art Writing October 12, 2015: Eileen Myles is on a roll–her reading at The Poetry Project last week saw the venue’s largest crowd since their infamous New Year’s Day Marathon Reading; and her books–the new [...] by

UK Poetry Publishers Anvil & Carcanet to Merge October 12, 2015: According to The Bookseller, UK poetry publishing houses Carcanet (located in Manchester) and Anvil (Greenwich) will merge: Carcanet will assume full responsibility of the Anvil list. The publishers [...] by

Anticipation Mounts as Printed Matter Moves to New Home October 12, 2015: New York’s beloved Printed Matter, with a current stock of over 12,000 titles, is moving into its new space as we speak. The Wall Street Journal reports that “[t]he new home on 11th [...] by

‘Leaves of Grass’ Psychedelically Explored October 12, 2015: Hyperallergic takes a look at a new animated rendition of the epic Walt Whitman poem, “Leaves of Grass.” Crafted by Sophie Koko Gate, the animation is “basically a Walt Whitman [...] by

Holly Melgard’s Poems for Babies Trilogy Hits Lulu’s Top 100 Books for Teens October 9, 2015: Blink and you’ll miss it: Holly Melgard’s Poems for Babies series, all meant for babies, has hit the Lulu Top 100 this week in Books for Teens [our bold]. Poems for Baby Trilogy I: Colors [...] by

Praiseworthy at LitHub: Don Mee Choi & Other Amazing #ActualAsianPoets October 9, 2015: At Literary Hub, dozens of enthusiastic tributes to 35+ Asian-American poets, under the hashtag/rubric #ActualAsianPoet. Edited by Adam Fitzgerald, this portfolio “cannot and should not be seen [...] by

Andrea Brady on the Whiteness of British Poetry October 9, 2015: Yesterday The Conversation published this piece by Andrea Brady, who discusses the under-representation of poets of color in British poetry and the conversations (or lack there of) surrounding race. [...] by

Stephanie Gray Reads Lisa Robertson’s Cinema of the Present October 9, 2015: At Jacket 2, Stephanie Gray introduces readers to Lisa Robertson’s most “present” book: Cinema of the Present. Gray writes: “To “read” (or view?) this book is not unlike [...] by

Charlie Chaplin, Woman: Remembering Chantal Akerman (1950-2015) October 8, 2015: “Charlie Chaplin, woman,” she wrote of Saute Ma Ville. “Charlie Chaplin (that’s me).” But she was her own. And we are still trying to accept the news that the renowned [...] by