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‘I Grew Up in the Library:’ Valzhyna Mort on World Views February 10, 2016: Born in Belarus, poet Valzhyna Mort studied music before she made a lifelong commitment to writing poetry. Why do poets write? “Poets don’t sit down to write a poem because they have a [...] by

Nicole Brossard Gives Us Tools For Living… February 10, 2016: At Hook & Eye (“an intervention and an invitation . . . about the realities of being women working in the Canadian university system”), a worthy post about the work of Nicole [...] by

Never Too Late to Set the Record Straight: Reconsidering the Genius of Lord Byron February 10, 2016: At LARB, a review of Julia Markus’s Lady Byron and Her Daughters (Norton 2015), a new biography of Anne Isabella Byron, wife of Romantic poet Lord Byron. Anne Boyd Rioux questions “what [...] by

The Awl ‘Crushes’ on Richard Siken’s Poetry February 9, 2016: It’s not fan fiction, people! (Or, maybe it is…) At The Awl, Richard Siken talks about his two poetry collections, Crush and War of the Foxes, and explains their delicate dance with TV [...] by

China’s NSFW Translation of Rabindranath Tagore February 9, 2016: With lines like “The world unzipped his pants in front of his lover. Long as a French kiss, slim as a line of a poem,” China is in an uproar over novelist Feng Teng’s new translation of [...] by

Sarah Howe Confides in Best American Poetry February 9, 2016: T.S. Eliot Prize-winning poet Sarah Howe is a guest author at the Best American Poetry blog. Not only does she start her blog entry with a quote from Denise Riley, one of our favorites, she also [...] by

St. Mark’s Bookshop Announces Storewide Clearance Sale, May Not Survive February 9, 2016: New York City’s beloved St. Mark’s Bookshop has only days–hours?–left standing, reports Nicole Disser at Bedford + Bowery. We’ve been writing about the shop’s [...] by

Huffington Post Introduces 20 Young Writers of Color and Their Favorite Poems February 9, 2016: Huffington Post takes on the New York Times’s très homogenous literature coverage with this meritorious list of exceptional young writers in their twenties, and the poems to which they aspire. [...] by

At Jacket2, 37 Writers on Why & How They Work in Conceptual Modes February 8, 2016: For the past year, Divya Victor has been working with 37 poets and critics on “Conceptual writing (plural and global) and other cultural productions,” a documentation of the contours of [...] by

Daisy Fried Reviews C.D. Wright’s The Poet, the Lion February 8, 2016: It isn’t the last collection of C.D. Wright’s poetry, according to Copper Canyon Press, but it’s the first since the poet’s unexpected death last month. In her assessment, [...] by