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Monoskop Introduces First Reference Guide to Early 20th-Cen. Avant-Garde Magazines August 15, 2014: No longer for the specialist: Monoskop Magazine has created a reference guide to avant-garde and modernist magazines printed in the early decades of the last century. “Its main sections include [...] by

Help Ugly Duckling Presse to Safety! August 15, 2014: S.O.S. says Ugly Duckling Presse! The publisher of poetry, art books, dossiers, and all things magnifique is struggling to finance this next season’s print-run. UDP is in the middle of a [...] by

A Philadelphia Extravaganza: Thomas Devaney and Will Brown’s Collaborative Picture That Remains August 15, 2014: Philadelphia’s Inquirer delves into this hot topic: a new collaborative book by Thomas Devaney (poems) and Will Brown (photographs) all about Philly. From the Inquirer’s review: This [...] by

Celebrating 30 Years of Dalkey Archive! August 15, 2014: VICE’s Blake Butler chooses several books from Dalkey Archive to highlight in celebration of the press’s 30-year anniversary; and recommends titles including Dust by Arkadii [...] by

Archipelago Hosts Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o August 14, 2014: Archipelago Books will honor Kenyan writer Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o at its upcoming ten-year anniversary. Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o is a writer of novels, plays, journalism, essays: his [...] by

NEA Announces Fellows for 2015 Literary Translation August 14, 2014: The NEA has announced their 2015 Literature Translation Fellows! Literary translators undertake the challenging task of bringing the authors who are renowned in their own countries to a new audience, [...] by

Janice Lee Picks Winners of Best Reviews for Critical Hit Awards August 14, 2014: Electric Literature illuminates the thought and work behind the CRITICAL HIT AWARDS! This year, guest judge Janice Lee of HTMLGIANT and Entropy has chosen for the winners: Vanessa Place on Seascape [...] by

Hey Buddy: Read the Fine Print August 14, 2014: This just in from Galley Cat: readers comprehend more when they read books on paper, than they do when they read books in digital formats. Galley Cat’s well-read conclusions are from a study by [...] by

Accepting the Dirt: ire’ne lara silva in Conversation with Natalia Treviño August 13, 2014: At Letras Latinas, ye old blog for Notre Dame’s Institute for Latino Studies, the editors have employed the interviewing expertise of ire’ne lara silva in a new series they’re calling [...] by

The Whole Earth: Andrew Durbin on the Poetry of Etel Adnan August 13, 2014: This week at the New Inquiry Andrew Durbin discusses the poetry of Etel Adnan, whose two volume reader, To look at the sea is to become what one is, was published this spring by Nightboat books. [...] by