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Irish Times Revisits Ireland’s Poetry in 1916 August 20, 2015: It’s no wonder that Ireland’s rebellion during the Easter Rising was lead, in part, by poets. As Mairéad Ashe FitzGerald writes, “It was in poetry and in song that the rebel, the [...] by

Lev Rubinstein, Romantic Geology, & More at the Worthy continent August 20, 2015: In Issue 4.1 of continent, a journal that appears in/with “low frequency” and presents “text, image, video, sound and new forms of publishing online … as reflections on and [...] by

Broadsides as an Act of Reading August 20, 2015: At The Stranger, the broadsides of Seattle poet Mary Anne Carter are given their due–as in, apparently they do much more than illustrate poems: …Broadsides almost always broadcast a [...] by

At Cuneiform Press, Joe Brainard and Tim Dlugos in Conversation August 19, 2015: Joe Brainard has been on our mind recently, ever since we sent these dazzling poems live in our archive. But really dear reader when is Joe Brainard NOT on your mind? Satisfy your Brainard craving [...] by

Washington Post Reviews New Collections by Juan Felipe Herrera, Major Jackson, and Tony Hoagland August 19, 2015: For the newest installment in its on-going, monthly series of poetry reviews, The Washington Post calls attention to new collections by Juan Felipe Herrera, Major Jackson, and Tony Hoagland. The [...] by

Humor & Revelation: Publisher’s Weekly Reviews Rebecca Wolff’s One Morning– August 19, 2015: Rebecca Wolff‘s new collection of poetry, One Morning–, is out from Wave Books, and has just received a review in Publisher’s Weekly that we must point you to: “Not quite [...] by

The Academy of American Poets Announces: Teach This Poem August 19, 2015: Attention teachers, who are also poetry-lovers! This September, the Academy of American Poets is launching “Teach This Poem.” The new initiative is an on-going, daily, subscription-based [...] by

Hoa Nguyen Moderates Roundtable at VIDA on ‘Policing in the Literary World’ August 19, 2015: In March, Hoa Nguyen moderated a three-part conversation about “policing in the literary world” for VIDA; the third installment has just gone up. Carmen Giménez Smith notes that [...] by

What if Sylvia Plath and Frida Kahlo Split a Blunt? August 18, 2015: In case you have been wondering what would happen if Sylvia Plath and Frida Kahlo got together and smoked a joint, Musas, a new play that takes the stage at the New York International Fringe [...] by

‘This young woman’s voice was like no other at the time': Douglas Messerli Recollects First Encounters with the Writings of Bernadette Mayer August 18, 2015: Although Douglas Messerli and Bernadette Mayer are very close in age, Messerli recalls his surprise when he first encountered her poems. She wrote with a connection to Gertrude Stein, but with a [...] by