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Post-Poetry, Part 5: LulzPo, Avant-Comic, YA Poetry Mix-Tape May 1, 2015: With a tip of the hat to Elaine Kahn and her mix-tape posts on Harriet, here’s a mix-tape of some of my favorite comic poems. I’m calling these selections LulzPo, or avant-comic, and YA [...] by

Poetry is Not the Final Girl: Ed Steck April 14, 2015: All hail Ed Steck, truest geek fan of all time. And I don’t mean that in a pejorative way. I raised myself in fandom too, so I know that loving something outside of your world rabidly, be it [...] by

THIS IS MESSY, WE’RE NOT SORRY: Elegant Mire with Carrie Lorig, v. 1 April 3, 2015: What is the idiom of friendship? How do you open yourself up to the possibility of another’s language in a way where you can let it enter your own as a generous breeding? Latching on, barnacle [...] by

The Week In Review: 12-12-12 Edition December 14, 2012: Last month, the one-year anniversary of 11-11-11 passed through without much fanfare. This Wednesday, we celebrated December 12, 2012, or 12-12-12, and the last time three numbers will line up on the [...] by

Contemporary best-sellers this week December 14, 2012: If the top five looks familiar on this week’s contemporary best sellers list, that’s because we’ve had no movement in the gold, silver, and bronze positions. Topping off the list is Mary [...] by

The Week We Submitted December 7, 2012: The life of a published poet may sound romantic to outsiders, with the exquisite sensitivity, the marginal fame, and the enhanced dating prospects those things entail. But for all but the most [...] by

Contemporary best-sellers this week December 7, 2012: Still holding strong at #1 on the contemporary best sellers list this week is Mary Oliver’s A Thousand Mornings. Jack Gilbert’s Collected Poems moves by leaps and bounds to #2, up from #8 last [...] by

The Week We Gave Out Awards November 30, 2012: It’s the end of the last week of November and nearly the end of 2012, which means it’s a fine time to start celebrating our victories, mourning our losses, and making lists of things. We’re not [...] by

Contemporary best-sellers this week November 30, 2012: On this week’s contemporary best sellers list Mary Oliver bookends the top five with A Thousand Mornings at the top position and Swan coming in at #5. Louise Glück’s Poems 1962-2012 moves from [...] by

The Week We Got Out November 16, 2012: It’s getting chilly here in the glorious American Midwest, but before the gloom of winter descends, we have vowed to take a few more spry jaunts, catch a few more readings and events, and explore [...] by