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The Week We Came Bearing Gifts November 9, 2012: We here at Harriet HQ like to think of ourselves as givers. This week, along with the usual news and views, we kicked down generous archives of outside reading material, some creative opportunities, and a meatless beef substitute. We gave and gave. If you made $100 on the Ohio spread, created a Tumblr full of Nate Silver memes, and still [...] by

Contemporary best-sellers this week November 9, 2012: For the forth week in a row, Mary Oliver’s A Thousand Mornings claims the top spot on this week’s contemporary best sellers list. Following Oliver is Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s latest collection Time of Useful Consciousness, leaping from #20 to #2. Billy Collins’s Horoscopes for the Dead is still showing life at #3, while Linda Gregerson’s [...] by

The Week We Sought Closure November 2, 2012: As we fly bravely into the future, we’re checking a lot of baggage. This week, we buried the dead, recollected in tranquility, and mulled over the minutia of the past so hard that we mulled right through lunch time. By the time we looked up from mulling, it was almost the weekend. Monday (appropriately enough) was Sylvia Plath’s [...] by

Contemporary best-sellers this week November 2, 2012: Mary Oliver is still at the top of this week’s contemporary best-seller list with A Thousand Mornings. Entering the list in the #2 slot is Shana Youngdahl with History, Advice, and Other Half-truths. Linda Gregerson’s The Selvage claims the #3 spot after dropping off the list last week, while Sharon Olds’s Stag’s Leap and Susan [...] by

The Week We Got Scared October 26, 2012: Last week, we were starting to get our act together. As we perused this week’s frightening headlines, that all went down the toilet, along with several years of therapy. Hold tight to your chair and behold the horror. Feel free to freak out. Books are being banned! People are reading banned books! Books are taking on strange new [...] by

Contemporary best-sellers this week October 26, 2012: Mary Oliver holds on to the top spot on this week’s contemporary best-seller list with her latest, A Thousand Mornings. The #3 spot also belongs to Oliver with her long-standing best seller, Swan. Still hanging in the top 5 are Sharon Old’s Stag’s Leap at #2, David Ferry’s Bewilderment at #4, and Tracy K. Smith’s Life on Mars at #5. New [...] by

Happy Halloween from POETRYCRUSH October 25, 2012: With Halloween right around the corner, the folks at POETRCRUSH are getting down right creepy. No really, I mean, really really creepy! Check out their marvelous list: 12 Dead Poets (I Would F*#%&). Here's a sample from Kristy Bowen writing to the poetry hunk of hunks, Old Possum himself: Dear Tom. I’ve thought about it and you’re [...] by

Contemporary best-sellers this week October 19, 2012: What does it take to unseat Natasha Trethewey from the top position on the contemporary best-seller list? Answer: A Thousand Mornings, Mary Oliver’s latest, which has skyrocketed to #1 this week. Receiving collateral advantage from A Thousand Mornings, Oliver’s Swan jumps from #19 to #3. Rounding out the top five is Sharon Olds’s Stag’s [...] by

The Week We Felt For Poets October 12, 2012: When poets have feelings, it’s pretty much a dog-bites-man story. But sometimes we get so caught up in the petty, gossipy details of the poetry sphere that we ignore the courage, the frailty, and the humanity on constant display here. We neglect to sympathize. This week, we aimed to correct that by feeling for those who have risked so much to [...] by

Contemporary best-sellers this week October 12, 2012: Natasha Trethewey cannot be shaken from the #1 place on this week’s contemporary best-sellers list, even when her fellow top-five neighbors are swept from the stables, Herculean-style. Replacing last week’s top-tier is a group of best-selling, award-winning heavy weights including Patricia Smith at #2 with Blood Dazzler, Jane Hirshfield at #3 [...] by