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How Poetry Saved Him: NPR Interviews J. Ivy

Poetry News

J. Ivy is a Def Jam poet and the author of a recently published memoir called Dear Father: Breaking the Cycle of Pain. In Dear Father, he writes about being abandoned by his father at an early age and how poetry helped him to the place where he is today. From NPR: In his new […]

What’s Killing the Creative Class: Scott Timberg Explains

Poetry News

Scott Timberg, the author of Culture Clash, explains what’s killing the creative class in his new book and at Jacket Copy. Reviewing the book, Andrew Keen writes that Timberg’s argument is supported by “an avalanche of empirical evidence from across the music, publishing, newspaper, movie and architecture industries…” More: Timberg warns in his new book, […]

Trisha Low Considers the Male Confessional

Poetry News

At Lemon Hound: Trisha Low reviews not one, but two books for us; and in the interest of parallelism, Harriet is friends with Trisha Low. “I guess there are certain things that one is obligated not to talk about in a book review, like one’s personal relationship to the authors of those books one is […]

Bob Holman to Save Endangered Languages

Poetry News

At San Francisco’s PBS affiliate, KQED, writer Jeanne Carstensen discusses poet Bob Holman’s recent efforts to, well, save the world’s endangered languages. “There are roughly 6,500 languages spoken around the world today; linguists estimate that by the end of the century, that number could be cut in half. That’s right: Some 3,000 languages could soon […]

Pablo Neruda’s Death to be Investigated Again

Poetry News

Jacket Copy reports that investigators in Chile will take another look at the cause of Pablo Neruda’s death. The last doctor who was at his bedside at the time of death continues to be a mystery; proponents of the continued investigations remain concerned that he was poisoned. From Jacket Copy: The body of Nobel Prize […]

VIDA Announces a New Women of Color Count for Literary Publications

Poetry News

Awesome: VIDA has announced its newest project. The 2014 Women of Color Count is underway. Since 2010, VIDA has sought to deepen and complicate the conversation about imbalances in the way women and men are represented in major literary publications by performing an annual VIDA Count of “top tier” journals. This year’s report will also […]

More on Claudia Rankine’s Double NBCC Nominations

Poetry News

Writers of the literary sort are flocking to expand on the news of Claudia Rankine being nominated for not one, but two National Book Critics Circle Awards–in poetry and criticism. As Flavorwire wrote on Tuesday: For many, the nomination of Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric in two categories — poetry and criticism — is […]

Response to <em>Jacket2</em> Conceptual Writing Post Refers to ‘Colonial Aesthetics’?

Poetry News

Earlier this week, we pointed you to Jacket2′s soliciting of two cents on Conceptual art and writing–now, at Montevidayo, a communiqué authored by “The Mongrel Coalition” and posted by Lucas de Lima refers to the Jacket2 piece as having a “level of bullshit racism that gets to pass as scholarship.” It invokes James Baldwin, Lee […]

<em>The Paris Review</em> Corrects the Error

Poetry News

Oops! The Paris Review has expressed its apologies to Allen Ginsberg for neglecting to make a correction regarding his thoughts on LSD. From TPR: When The Paris Review interviewed Allen Ginsberg for our Spring 1966 issue, he expressed a sense of conflict about hallucinogens. He treasured their effects on consciousness—“you get some states of consciousness […]

Obliteration Excavations 2:  Back to the Bodies

Featured Blogger

In How to Draw What You See, the artist Rudy De Reyna’s reveals that: To render a faithful, realistic drawing, you must be able to observe the basic structure of an object, regardless of how complex and obscured by detail it may be. You must train not only your hands but your eyes as well […]

At <em>Jacket2</em>: Keeping Poetry Ephemeral

Poetry News

Mande Zecca writes for Jacket2 about Jack Spicer, and more specifically her desire to locate a “‘secret history’ of postwar coteries and their print media — in particular, the West Coast strain of the New American poetry — in the self-consciously ephemeral journals (or ‘bibelots’) of the fin de siècle.” More: Though “bibelots” were in […]

NPR’s 2015 Poetry Preview Has Got the Right Stuff

Poetry News

Craig Morgan Teicher writes for NPR about the books he’s looking forward to in 2015, writing that “perhaps now we need poetry even more than ‘more than ever.’” This is a great poetry preview, featuring much-anticipated titles like The Collected Poems of Frank Stanford; Amiri Baraka’s S O S: Poems, 1961-2013; and Eileen Myles’ I […]

Page-Turners in Paradise

Poetry News

The Paris Review posted this charming story yesterday by Ted Trautman about the perils of road-tripping (and book buying)(especially in Iowa City.) From Paris Review: Fourteen years ago, my mom bought herself a Volkswagen Jetta, and this Christmas she passed it on to me. My girlfriend Sheena and I did what anyone would: we packed […]

A Poet Emerges from the Wild Frontier

Poetry News

At NY Times, Saeed Jones reflects on becoming a poet in the face of adversity. In this article, Jones, the author of Prelude to Bruise and a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle award, reflects on his upbringing in rural Texas. The year I started writing poems, I dreamed about chains dragging along a […]

Susan Howe’s <em>Telepathy</em> as Library Cormorant

Poetry News

Jonathan Creasy writes about Susan Howe as “library cormorant” for Los Angeles Review of Books. (“The phrase ‘library cormorant’ comes from Coleridge. It evokes the greedy, insatiable appetite of the reader. ‘I am deep in all out of the way books,’ Coleridge writes: ‘I am almost always reading.’”) The piece also cover’s Howe’s newest book, […]

Un-Believable! NYC’s ‘Uni Library’ Project

Poetry News

If you’ve ever wished for a mobile library with the click of your heels, your search is over. A new mobile library project called “Uni Library” aims to bring libraries and reading areas to parks across the five boroughs–and beyond! From Publishers Weekly: “We’ve always wanted to go everywhere and Staten Island is the last […]

National Book Critics Circle Finalists Announced!

Poetry News

The New York Times’ ArtsBeat reminds us that the National Book Critics Circle Awards are “one of the most prestigious American literary awards…judged by a panel of critics and book review editors.” They come in six categories: autobiography, biography, criticism, fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Both ArtsBeat and the LA Times report on the announcement of […]

Carl Phillips on Risk at <em>Huffington Post</em>

Poetry News

At Huffington Post on the heels of his newest book (of essays) titled The Art of Daring: Risk, Restlessness, Imagination, Carl Phillips speaks with Ben Evans about daring, risk, restlessness, and imagination. From Huffington Post: Ben Evans: I think, your own sense of restlessness, your need for meaning, is a palpable driver of this entire […]

Reading List: January 2015

From Poetry Magazine

The Reading List is a feature of Poetry magazine’s Editors’ Blog. This month contributors to the January 2015 issue share some books that held their interest. Samuel Amadon Sometimes we listen to a mind at work, but actually: as in when will he turn the light off and get some sleep. Thomas Hummel’s Letters & […]

Mashinka Firunts & Other Greats Respond to Conceptual Art/Writing Queries

Poetry News

At Jacket2, some important questions are asked and answered regarding Conceptual art and conceptual writing. “Who’s in? Who’s out? What are its limits? Isn’t all writing somewhat conceptual? Or, conversely, doesn’t the very act of writing preclude any kind of pure conceptuality? But in all the back and forth, two facts remain firm.” Katie L. […]