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Forrest Gander to Translate Rediscovered Neruda

Poetry News

Like Taylor Swift, Pablo Neruda’s romantic poems never go out of style. But for couples who may be just a little bit ready for something new, Copper Canyon Press and the Pablo Neruda Foundation have a surprise: a collection of recently discovered poems by Neruda. The collection will be translated by Forrest Gander. For more, […]


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At some point in the middle of 2012 I started thinking that celebrity was a really crucial humanitarian issue. Like, it’s not really a media issue. It’s not a pop culture issue, and it doesn’t only effect movie stars. It’s a full-blown humanitarian crisis. Celebrity aid is badly needed. Suddenly I was able to appreciate […]

CU Boulder Presents ‘Code Switching & Recoding Language’

Poetry News

The University of Colorado-Boulder English department has posted video of “Code Switching & Recoding Language,” hosted by the Creative Writing Association, which took place April 6, 2015, in the Fiske Auditorium. The event, featuring Mykki Blanco, Cathy Linh Che, and Jennifer Tamayo (seen at top), can (and should!) be watched below.

<em>New Yorker</em> Sweats to Sappho

Poetry News

New Yorker’s Rachel Howard documents “Heavy Breathing” – “a summer series of free critical theory seminars in the form of absurd, artist-led conceptual fitness experiences” led by Sophia Wang (a dancer and recent graduate from UC Berkeley with a PhD in Literature) and Lisa Rybovich Crallé (a multi-media artist). More: Chani Bockwinkel was wearing silver […]

Jimmy Carter and Jacqueline Woodson Talk Shop at the <em>New York Times</em>

Poetry News

What better way to segue into the weekend than with an insightful convo between two great writers and public figures, former president Jimmy Carter and current Young People’s Poet Laureate Jacqueline Woodson. At the New York Times, Philip Galanes engages the two in a conversation that touches on growing up in the south, the Confederate […]

At <em>Salon</em> Joshua Clover Reminisces on the Beginning of the End of <em>Spin</em>

Poetry News

Poet, rebel, and pop culture enthusiast—Joshua Clover—is back in the news, this time for his new Twitter tale called “How I Quit Spin.” Prompted by Sasha Frere-Jones and a bad U2 concert, Clover’s tale, which has exploded since it began as a series of tweets, details his exit from the music magazine around the time […]

It’s No Wonder: A Review of William Fuller’s <em>Playtime</em>

Poetry News

Now up at the Constant Critic: Ray McDaniel reviews William Fuller’s newest book, Playtime (Flood Editions 2015). McDaniel is a “good” reader, if there is such a thing: “[S]ometimes I read poems as if they were records of actual proceedings, events provoked by circumstances other than those the poet occasioned simply for the sake of […]

A Critical Review of Helen Vendler’s Newest Essay Collection

Poetry News

Poetry critic Helen Vendler has been taken down a peg or two with this piece in The Spectator. Daniel Swift looks at Vendler’s newest book of collected essays, The Ocean, the Bird and the Scholar, writing that “they apparently have not been edited for republication, so the tone varies considerably,” and that an understanding he […]

<em>ENTROPY’s</em> Tête-à-tête with Sandra Doller: L’editrice Our Ennui’s Been Waiting For

Poetry News

One way to start your morning with a little inspiration is with a spoonful of 1913 Press’s Founding Editor and Guru, Sandra Doller in conversation with ENTROPY. In addition to authoring numerous chapbooks and full-length poetry collections, Doller has edited 1913 ever since she was a graduate student at the University of Chicago. Contrary to […]

Meet Brent Cunningham: Operations Director at Small Press Distribution

Poetry News

Ever wondered who is behind the heavenly system that fulfills your small press dreams and desires? Why that’s Brent Cunningham, Laura Moriarty, John Sakkis, Johnny Hernandez, Nicole Trigg, and all the rest of the angels at Small Press Distribution. At Real Pants, Adam Robinson meets with Brent Cunningham to learn the scope of the group’s […]

Patrick James Dunagan Ponders Elizabeth Willis’s <em>Alive: New and Selected Poems</em>

Poetry News

At The Rumpus, Patrick James Dunagan observes the fabulous universe of talent that is (“stellar,” as he puts it) Elizabeth Willis’s New and Selected. Willis’s volume is a recent publication from NYRB’s publishing outfit. More: Alive: New and Selected Poems is a stellar gathering of work. This whirlwind blast through some twenty plus years of […]

One Million Images Released by British Library in Collective Effort to Improve Data & Depiction

Poetry News

Our medium of choice might be language, for the most part, but we can’t deny the power of a million+ images now in the public domain. Open Culture points us to the British Library announce that these are for “anyone to use, remix and repurpose.” These images were taken from the pages of 17th, 18th […]

The ‘subsubsubcategories of a whatever yes’: Anne Boyer’s <em>Garments Against Women</em>

Poetry News

In light of an excerpt from Garments Against Women (Ahsahta, 2015) having been published today at Bookforum, we’d like to also point to a nuanced review of Anne Boyer’s most recent, over at the Nomadic Press blog. Michaela Mullin writes that “[i]t is here that we encounter ‘the problem of what-to-do-with-the-information-that-is-feeling.’” More: This book is […]

At <em>Jacket 2,</em> Jerome Rothenberg Relates ASL to Poetry

Poetry News

Poems in the air? For his latest post at Jacket 2, Jerome Rothenberg discusses American Sign Language and its relationship to poetry. Can American Sign Language be a medium for poetry? You bet! Rothenberg digs into the history of ASL and poetry. From Jacket 2: [The great breakthrough resulting from a new signing poetry in […]

‘What kind of glue did they use?': Todd Colby Reviews Ashbery and Maddin Exibition

Poetry News

Take a cool, breezy tour through the latest Tibor de Nagy exhibition, consisting of collages by John Ashbery and Guy Maddin, with your guide Todd Colby. Over at Fanzine, Colby walks us through the show: In his poems, John Ashbery is a master of taking familiar phrases from popular culture, inserting them into his poems, […]

Rigoberto González Considers Books by Ada Límon, Kyle Dargan, & Quan Barry

Poetry News

Rigoberto González considers the “mid-career poet,” defined loosely: “The expectation is that four published poetry books provides enough material to establish a reputation, a trajectory, and a sense of a poet’s vision,” González writes at the Los Angeles Review of Books. How about three fourth books. Here we have looks at Quan Barry, author of […]

Filmmaker Pedro Costa Influenced by Gil Scott-Heron

Poetry News

Lisbon-born filmmaker Pedro Costa is interviewed at Film Comment, and he talks largely of Gil Scott-Heron, with whom Costa was set to work on his new film Horse Money. A retrospective of Costa’s films is up now at Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York City. A bit about him: Costa turned to moviemaking […]

Music all the Time: Fred Moten Interview at <em>Open House</em>

Poetry News

At Open House, editor Housten Donham interviews Fred Moten. They discuss The Feel Trio, visual and spatial models, sound and music, Moten’s early influences, being poetry, and more. An excerpt: [Housten Donham]: The other most immediate element I’m impressed by in The Feel Trio is sound. You utilize a lot of repetition, anaphora, and a […]

Mixed Pell-Mell: Doubts Cast on W.B. Yeats Remains

Poetry News

In other exhumation news… Turns out the remains of W.B. Yeats may not (wholly?) be those interred in the shadow of Ben Bulben in Co Sligo. The Guardian reports on the possible mix up: Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall may have paid homage to the graveside of WB Yeats during their historic royal […]

Beer-Loving Poets Rejoice: <em>L.A. Weekly</em> Presents Sam Wagner’s Newest Collection, the First Book of Beer Poems

Poetry News

Now it’s not just John Beer, or The Drunk Sonnets, but rather, poems ABOUT beer. As L.A. Weekly reports, a new book by Sam Wagner boasts the first-ever collection of beer poems. From L.A. Weekly: Many of us might think we’re a poet after a few too many beers, but comedy writer Sam Wagner can […]