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Faber to Publish New Seamus Heaney Collection in Late 2014

Poetry News

A new companion volume to Seamus Heaney’s New and Selected Poems 1966-1987 is set to be published by Faber & Faber later this year. The posthumous collection, which Heaney was working on up until his death, begins with 1991′s Seeing Things and continues to Human Chain (2010). More from The Guardian: A poem written for [...]

Iris Cushing Places Importance on Napping for WNYC Radio

Poetry News

WNYC has a story about poet, artist (and co-founder/editor of Argos Books) Iris Cushing, who discovered a serene place to nap, read, and write while working on her MFA in Poetry at Columbia this past year. At Columbia’s Butler Library, high up on the seventh floor, Cushing “found her secret sanctuary during her first semester.” [...]

Raising Detroit’s Literary Profile With Write A House

Poetry News

Poets & Writers’s Jonathan Vatner gives us a better idea of the Detroit-based nonprofit Write a House program, which aims to bring more writers to the city for the long term. As they put it: “In this case, the writer is simply given the house, forever.” More: It took a year and a half to [...]

Oh No, What Would Sylvia Beach Say?: Shakespeare & Co. to Close Its Doors???

Poetry News

We don’t think that she’d be very happy about this Publishers Weekly item. Pictured here is the facade of Shakespeare & Co.’s now extinct Upper West Side store, which left Manhattan in 1996. Here’s to hoping that we aren’t already turning the page on another independent NYC-based bookseller. When Shakespeare & Co. shutters its downtown [...]

You Have Until September 15 to Submit to Emerge-Surface-Be!

Poetry News

The Poetry Project’s second-annual Emerge-Surface-Be Fellowship program is now accepting applications! In fact, you have until Aug. 31 SEPTEMBER 15 (just extended!) at one-shy-of-midnight to submit. Last year, we pointed you toward this great opportunity–what, $2,500 and a mentor, yes please–and then talked with fellows and mentors about their experiences–and would be remiss if we [...]

<em>Rain Taxi</em> Pores Through New Directions’s Poetry Pamphlet Series

Poetry News

At Rain Taxi, Benjamin Paloff delves into the history of New Direction’s Poetry Pamphlet Series. The series, first introduced in 1941, returns, after a prolonged hiatus, with “beautifully printed” pamphlets beyond ND-devotee’s wildest dreams. From Rain Taxi: 1945 came late this year. It was four years earlier, in January 1941, that New Directions introduced The [...]

Keep It In Line

Featured Blogger

A few weeks back on YouTube, I came across a video Guided By Voices made for one of their recent singles. In it, a magician sits in front of a dressing room mirror before a performance, practicing his tricks for the imminent show. The song’s lyrics, repeated three times in a kind of cryptic Greek [...]

Rest in Peace, Samih Al-Qasim: Resistance Poet of Palestine (1939-2014)

Poetry News

As if yesterday’s news wasn’t bad enough, Palestinian poet Samih al-Qasim passed away at the age of 75. In the 1950s, Samih al-Qasim participated in “recurrent oral poetic recitations at village gatherings” where he recited poetry that expressed resistance to Israel. As a result of his belief in freedom of speech, he was imprisoned and [...]

Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop Unveils Wonderful New Website

Poetry News

Brooklyn’s only all-poetry bookshop, aptly called Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop, has just rolled out a BRAND-NEW WEBSITE! It is seriously attuned–as the shop itself, and its co-owners Farrah Field and Jared White, tend to be–to most everything being published and going on in the current indie, small-press, and chapbook-devoted poetry world(s). The Berl’s site now [...]

Siegfried Sassoon War Journals Made Public for First Time, Lyrics on Palestine All Too Familiar

Poetry News

Nina Martyris writes about First World War poet Siegfried Sassoon for Los Angeles Review of Books, recalling the “half-Jewish poet’s Palestinian interlude and searing war poetry.” “He could easily be talking about the vicious war raging across Israel and Gaza’s rocket-strewn hills today,” writes Martyris. More from this thoughtful (and informative) piece: To read Sassoon [...]

Urdu Poetry Lovers Rejoice: Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib Manuscript Found

Poetry News

It was thought that 50 years ago the original manuscript belonging to Urdu poet Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib, master poet of the ghazal, was lost and presumed destroyed. But now, the manuscript has surfaced and lovers of Urdu poetry have the chance to read Ghalib’s poetry as it was original inscribed. From Gulf News: Penned [...]

When Allen Ginsberg Met Henri Michaux

Poetry News

We’re overjoyed to see City Lights has publisher 3, count ‘em 3, previously unpublished books by Henri Michaux, all in a single volume. Yesterday at their blog Abandon All Despair Ye Who Enter Here, Katherine Duckworth wrote: This week, City Lights releases three previously untranslated books in one volume combining the artwork and poetry of [...]

The Lioness Rests Once More: R.I.P. Simin Behbahani

Poetry News

Rest in peace, Simin Behbahani (1927-2014). Behbahani was both Iran’s nightingale and lioness: she published nineteen books of poetry over the course of six decades and she is known for her fearlessness and ferocity. (She outspokenly supported freedom of expression.) Behbahani published her first book of poetry, Setar-e Shekasteh (“Broken Lute”) in 1951. She was [...]

Poets Respond to Questions Around Consumerism for ‘QVC 2′ at <em>Lemon Hound</em>

Poetry News

For Lemon Hound, Ben Fama curated a group of responses, in 150 words, regarding “something they’d recently bought, bought into, invested themselves in, or otherwise consumed, a brief and thoughtful look into their relationship to an item or subject they wished to discuss.” Poets he asked include Melissa Broder, Dorothea Lasky, CA Conrad, and Cecilia [...]

Colorado’s Mountain Fold Books Commences Its First Membership Campaign

Poetry News

Remember when we told you about Mountain Fold Books, which squashed the local competition for their new space in Colorado Springs not so long ago? Now it’s time to join in the fun of “provid[ing] access to contemporary small press print and journal publications in poetry, fiction, and visual arts through the independent reading room, [...]

Vanessa Place and Felix Bernstein Convo Via Facebook at <em>The Believer</em>

Poetry News

At The Believer, Felix Bernstein doesn’t shy away from the dark in this conversation with Vanessa Place that originated over Facebook. Bernstein opens the interview describing their first meeting: I first met Vanessa Place a year ago, when I performed alongside her and Cecilia Corrigan at a reading. The grouping couldn’t be odder: Corrigan started [...]

Bear Witness to Jackson Mac Low and Gerhard Richter at <em>Jacket 2</em>

Poetry News

Yes! What could be a better way to get your Tuesday going than with this lovely article by Patrick Durgin on the cross-overs between Jackson Mac Low and Gerhard Richter, now ready at Jacket 2. Brain food: Last week I began with the installed environment, moved on to surfaces (painted or printed), and emerged into [...]

<em>Not Nothing</em> Hits the <em>BOMB</em> Blog!

Poetry News

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind ride for Not Nothing! The spectacular Siglio Press-published compendium of writing, art, and arty-writing by the eccentric, eclectic, and all other things excellent Ray Johnson has fallen into the hands of reviewers with nothing but excitement. Check it out! From Elizabeth Zuba’s introduction to her recently published interview with Clive [...]

Lyric As a Genre Among Other Genres / Reading Lawrence Giffin Through Steven Zultanski

Poetry News

One to note at Jacket2: Steven Zultanski reviews “tricky book” Christian Name (Ugly Duckling Presse 2012), by Lawrence Giffin. Why tricky? “[I]t’s the kind of book that seems to do one thing and then actually does another.” Zultanski also knows what the book is not: “…[I]t avoids being a stylistic exercise in post-Language writing by [...]

On <em>Radio Ambulante,</em> Urayoán Noel and Daniel Alarcón Summon the Spirit of Cesar Vallejo

Poetry News

On Public Radio International’s Radio Ambulante, award-winning novelist and host, Daniel Alarcón, speaks with Puerto Rican poet and performer Urayoán Noel who is at work translating the poems of Cesar Vallejo (“a poet of the popular tongue”) with voice recognition software in order to find additional (contemporary) meanings to Vallejo’s already complex poetry. From Radio [...]