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Two things I heard last weekend have been stuck in my head like earworms. Make that three. Okay, four. The context in which I heard them is worth noting: the symposium “Expanded Writing” at the Broad Art Museum at Michigan State, where Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art is currently on display. The exhibition, curated by [...]

Patrick Durgin’s Introduction to New French Edition of <em>Clairvoyant Journal</em>

Poetry News

Wow: We are admittedly still making our way through this incredible, essential paper by Patrick Durgin, but please set your reading-marks on it, too. Currently at Jacket2 and written for the new French edition of Clairvoyant Journal, to be published by Bat Editions, these introductory remarks on Hannah Weiner’s most well-known work illuminate the typescripts [...]

Karinne Keithley Syers Reviews Julie Carr’s Electric Fifth Book

Poetry News

Polymath Karinne Keithley Syers reviewed Julie Carr’s fifth book of poetry, Rag (Omnidawn 2014) for Boston Review! Tyrone Williams has writ of the prophetic Rag that “the twin towers of the American empire, fathers and husbands, fall onto the bodies of children and women.” More from Syers on this “organism,” as she calls it: As [...]

‘Poetry into the Cosmos’: Looking for (Mrs) Laura (Riding) Jackson

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Who was (Mrs) Laura (Riding) Jackson? In this web-exclusive article published at Brooklyn Rail, Benjamin Hollander remembers searching for Jackson, from the Jamaica (Queens) of his youth. Andrea Rexilius’s excellent piece on Laura (Riding) Jackson, “Against the Commodity of the Poem,” published in Coldfront, makes me wonder how far or how little we have come [...]

Total Art: Tyrone Williams Reviews Mendi and Keith Obadike’s <em>Four Electric Ghosts</em>

Poetry News

Tyrone Williams continues his blog-streak of awesomeness at Jacket 2 where—this time—he brings to readers’s attention to epic work of Mendi and Keith Obadike, two interdisciplinary poets, who are published by 1913 Press. Mendi and Keith Obadike, Four Electric Ghosts (1913 Press, 2009, 2011), 189 pp.; Big House/ Disclosure (1913 Press, 2014), 102 pp.—Despite the [...]

Best Showplace for Chicago Artists? Right Here!

From Poetry Magazine

We were honored to learn that Chicago magazine awarded us “The Best Showplace for Chicago Artists” in their 2014 Best of Chicago issue.  We want to take this opportunity to highlight and thank the wonderful artists we’ve featured over the past several months. We’re glad that Chicago magazine noted how often hometown artists appear on [...]

For <em>Apogee</em>, Anelise Chen’s Take on the Alternate Canon

Poetry News

“The Western literary canon represents a paper thin slice of all the excellent writing that exists in the world, yet it dominates the narrative of what literature is,” write the editors of Apogee Journal. “Following the MFA vs POC debate … Apogee Journal will be compiling an Alternate Canon as a resource for readers, writers [...]

At <em>3:AM Magazine</em>: Linda Hogan & The University of Denver’s Founding Amnesia

Poetry News

A straightforward piece by DU professor and author Alan Gilbert is up at 3:AM Magazine on the founding amnesia of the University of Denver regarding its history in connection with Native landowners and the “rapaciousness of the American government toward indigenous people and the legally disenfranchised.” Gilbert talks at length about Professor Andy Reid, who [...]

MCA Chicago’s Word Weekend and <em>Harriet</em> Present a Performance by Cassandra Troyan and Johannes Göransson

Poetry News

Hey Chicago, what are you doing this weekend? Of course you’re stopping by the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Word Weekend. In case you haven’t heard what it’s about, it’s this: MCA Chicago presents Word Weekend, an event that showcases Chicago’s active and diverse communities of authors, hip-hop artists, spoken-word poets, songwriters, and visual artists who [...]

Announcing <em>Aufgabe</em> #13!

Poetry News

Hurray for the arrival of Aufgabe #13 which features poetry in translation from India, from 7 Indian languages guest edited by the excellent Biswamit Dwibedy—AND—a special selection of poetry originally published in the Moroccan journal, Souffles. Visit Litmus Press right here. Behold an excerpt from Dwibedy’s editorial statement: The fact that India is a land [...]

The Ambient Parkers of Pamela Lu’s <em>Ambient Parking Lot</em>

Poetry News

Amanda Davidson writes in brief for The Believer about Pamela Lu’s Ambient Parking Lot (Kenning Editions 2011); The Believer includes notes about the world’s largest parking lot, which is in West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. “Capacity of world’s largest parking lot: twenty thousand cars, plus ten thousand in overflow lot.” Curses. More on Lu’s [...]

Three Questions for Sheryl Luna

Poetry News

Yesterday at La Bloga, Daniel Olivas asks Sheryl Luna three questions about her most recent book, Seven. If you can remember way back to November, Carmen Giménez Smith had some good words to share about Luna’s recently minted title: This long-awaited second collection, Seven, is a raw and vulnerable collection about sin, failure, and redemption [...]

A Broad Range of Luminosity: Aase Berg & HDR Photography

Poetry News

An interesting piece at The Hairsplitter on Aase Berg’s recent Black Ocean book, Dark Matter, translated and introduced by Johannes Göransson. Written by Ryo Yamaguchi, this one’s “full hydraulic force” is compared to HDR photography: High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is actually a bit of a misnomer since most of it is really tone-mapped images—true [...]

Simone Fattal and Etel Adnan at <em>New York Times</em>

Poetry News

Holland Cotter reviews “Here and Elsewhere,” a show of contemporary artwork from the Middle East, in The New York Times Arts Section. His review spends time thinking about and praising the work of Simone Fattal and Etel Adnan: publishers of The Post-Apollo Press, as well as painters and writers. This current exhibition at the New [...]

‘If you can’t be free, be a mystery’: Billie Holiday, Rita Dove, and Jazz Elegies at <em>Paris Review</em>

Poetry News

At Paris Review, Chantal McStay considers jazz elegies, specifically in Rita Dove’s poetry that explores the life, legacy—and sound—of Billie Holiday. This past Thursday marked the 55-year anniversary of “The Day Lady Died.” In her article, McStay highlights a few ways that Rita Dove evokes Billie Holiday in her poem, “Canary.” Billie Holiday died fifty-five [...]

Chris Tysh in Conversation at <em>Entropy</em> Mag

Poetry News

Have you always wanted to speak with Chris Tysh about translation, but never have been in the same place at the same time? Look no further than this interview with Tysh at Entropy which is no substitute for an in-person convo but comes close enough to the hello you’ve been hoping for. From Entropy: When [...]

<em>Publishers Weekly</em> Looks Forward to Fall Books by Henri Michaux & Lisa Robertson, Among Others

Poetry News

Publishers Weekly shares their top-10 forthcoming fall books, which include some Putlizer Prize-winning poets and Lisa Robertson’s Cinema of the Present (Coach House 2014), “a book-length poem…that interrogates the contemporary sense of self through a montage of observations and questions.” Another one they mention is Henri Michaux’s Thousand Times Broken: Three Books, translated by Gillian [...]

New York City Poetry Festival: July 26-27

Poetry News

Time Out New York is interested in poetry! Or, the poetry festival season! They’ve given us 10 reasons not to miss The New York City Poetry Festival, held July 26 and 27 on Governor’s Island. “250 poets. 5 boroughs. 2 days. ONE CITY.” Here’re TONY’s top five: 1. Music! Pulitzer Prize–winning Irish poet and New [...]

Oh Snap! <em>City Arts</em> Calls Out ‘Poet Voice’

Poetry News

We aren’t even sure how to read a poem out loud after this one! From City Arts– If you’ve ever been to a poetry reading, the following scene will be familiar. After being introduced, a poet steps onstage and engages the audience with some light social speech. Maybe they* talk about their forthcoming book, what [...]

At <em>The Brooklyn Rail</em>: Mary Ruefle on Erasures of Lifelong Shame & Pride, More

Poetry News

Mary Ruefle is interviewed at The Brooklyn Rail about her newest collection, Trances of the Blast (Wave, 2013), and also “speaks about metaphor, her ruthless revisions, the imagination as a place of refuge, and the importance of a vital, youthful spirit.” “I would love to have a computer printout of my life sentence to date,” [...]