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For the Love of Poetry on Napkins

Poetry News

Guardian teen contributor Pedro shares his thoughts about Pedro Gabriel, a Brazilian artist who writes poetry on napkins. “Besides unusual, the author’s creative process is also influenced by an in-born linguistic plurality. Son of a Brazilian mother with a Swiss father and born in the former French colony of Chad, Pedro was raised speaking French, […]

Lily Hoang’s <em>A Bestiary</em> Reviewed at <em>Full Stop</em>

Poetry News

At Full Stop, Darren Huang reviews A Bestiary (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2016), the much-admired collection of essays by poet Lily Hoang. “Hoang follows multiple arcs, often abutting rewritten fairy tales with scenes of daily life, impressions, abbreviated dialogue, and revelatory details. Her singular, impressionistic mode of expression uncoils multiple themes with poetic economy,” […]

Garrett Caples’s Homage to Bill Berkson at City Lights

Poetry News

At City Lights, Garrett Caples has written an homage to Bill Berkson. Caples looks at Berkson’s friendship with Frank O’Hara and other New York Schoolers; his own work and friendship with the poet; and the past 15 years, which “saw an extraordinary flowering of his poetry, accounting for more than half of his present output […]

<em>LitHub</em> Asks Why Are Indie Presses Opening Bookstores?

Poetry News

Literary Hub reports on a trend that has been picking up steam since 2008: small presses opening bookstores. The trend stretches from coast to coast, including New York presses like Melville House, Deep Vellum Publishing in Dallas, and Curbside Splendor in Chicago (which we reported on last month). More: A few weeks ago, Milkweed Editions, […]

‘Resist, My People, Resist Them’: PEN America Reports on Israeli Oppression

Poetry News

In a press release last week, PEN America condemned Israel’s detention of poet Dareen Tatour, writing that her detention is “further evidence of the increasingly aggressive measures undertaken by the government to restrict speech critical of the state.” A poet active on social media, Israel is prosecuting Tatour for her social media activity and for […]

Writers, Artists, and Curators Respond to <em>Frieze’</em>s Call for Opinion on Upcoming EU Referendum

Poetry News

Jennifer Higgie at Frieze asked a large jumble of artists, writers, directors, and curators to weigh in on the upcoming EU referendum. Her opening question: On 23 June the UK will vote either to remain in or leave the European Union. What are your thoughts on this historic decision? Hans Ulrich Obrist, co-director of the […]

Michelle Cliff, Activist and Writer (1946–2016)

Poetry News

Michelle Cliff, Jamaican-American author and longtime partner of Adrienne Rich, died last week in Santa Cruz at the age of 69. “[H]er entire creative life was a quest to give voice to suppressed histories, starting with her own,” writes William Grimes at the New York Times. Cliff’s work was important for poets. Harryette Mullen pointed […]

<em>Wall Street Journal</em> Reviews J.D. McClatchy’s <em>Commonplace Book</em>

Poetry News

Wall Street Journal’s William Pritchard looks into poet J.D. McClatchy’s new collection, a contemporary approach to the all-too-rarely type of collection: a commonplace book. Like W.H. Auden’s A Certain World, McClatchy’s Sweet Theft compiles quotations and literary ephemera by great thinkers. More: Poets, with their eyes and ears open to striking formulations, seem unusually drawn […]

Memories and Thoughts on Adrienne Rich

Featured Blogger

[Editor’s note: This month the Collected Poems of Adrienne Rich will be published by W.W. Norton & Company. To celebrate the occasion we’re re-running Cathy Park Hong’s “Memories and Thoughts on Adrienne Rich,” written in April 2012 shortly after Rich’s death.] Had Adrienne Rich asked me “what are young feminists invested in now” today, I […]

<em>New Yorker</em> Dons the ‘Pearl’

Poetry News

In the pages of the New Yorker, Josephine Livingstone meets with Oxford Professor of Poetry Simon Armitage to discuss the medieval poem, “Pearl,” written by an unknown author about a dream. Stemming from the same manuscript collection as “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” (also translated by Armitage), “Pearl” is a twelve hundred and twelve […]

Jameson Fitzpatrick’s ‘Poem for Pulse’ at <em>Newsweek</em>

Poetry News

Jameson Fitzpatrick is featured at Newsweek, after writing and sharing his poem in response to the Orlando shootings. “A Poem for Pulse” has been widely shared on Facebook, “resonating beyond his own friendship circle,” as Tufayel Ahmed notes. More: Speaking to Newsweek on Monday, Fitzpatrick said: “I was just struck by how small and quotidien […]

Remembering Ted Greenwald (1942–2016)

Poetry News

This is a terrible week for poetry. We are deeply saddened to report that Ted Greenwald passed away around midnight this morning, at the age of 74. Charles Bernstein writes at Jacket2 of Ted’s “sublime echos.” Speaking of, from Common Sense (reprinted this year by Wesleyan, originally published in 1978 by Curtis Faville’s L Publications): […]

Poetry News

Over the last four years, Rubens Ghenov’s paintings have been inspired by late Spanish poet Angelico Morandá. Unfamiliar with Angelico Morandá’s work? It might come to you as a surprise that it’s unfamiliar to us as well. Ghenov, whose works are on view at Morgan Lehman Gallery through Saturday, created the fictional, as-of-yet unpublished poet […]

Rumpus Reviews Solmaz Sharif’s <em>Look</em>

Poetry News

At the Rumpus, Brandon Amico reviews Solmaz Sharif’s newest collection of poetry, Look. A response to her life in the United States after her family was displaced by conflict, this new collection published by Graywolf Press is, in Amico’s words: “a book that disrupts, fervently and effectively.” More: “Until now, now that I’ve reached my […]

Dear Poetry: Advice on Inhuman Mechanicity and Writing with Emotions

Featured Blogger

More from Dear Poetry… i find emotions a huge problem, and the idea of writing poems because they give me pleasure at odds with wanting to develop as a person-writer through poetry – should i be developing better pragmatism towards writing and if so how would i do that? do poets ever talk about their […]

Rest in Peace, Bill Berkson

Poetry News

Yesterday we were shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the death of Bill Berkson at the age of 76. SFGate noted Berkson’s passing last night: Bill Berkson, a prolific San Francisco poet who also forged a career as an art critic and beloved teacher, has died. Mr. Berkson suffered a heart attack Thursday morning, […]

Flavorwire Has Already Found the Best Poetry Books of 2016

Poetry News

Flavorwire is starting a monthly column, penned by Shane Barnes and Jonathon Sturgeon, that is to feature short reviews of new poetry collections. First off, they’re playing catch-up with some of 2016’s best (according to Flavorwire) books of poetry (so far). The list includes work by Bernadette Mayer, Chris Hosea, Eleanor Chair, Jana Prikryl, Michael […]

Yale Students Petition to Abolish All-White-Male ‘Major English Poets’ Course

Poetry News

At the U.K.’s Daily Mail, Anneta Konstantinides reports on Yale undergrads petitioning to change the “Major English Poets” course, which focuses on all white men. “An anonymous petition has demanded the department not only change the English 125/126 course, which has existed since 1920, but abolish it entirely. It also asks that the major’s pre-1800/1900 […]

Reading List: June 2016

From Poetry Magazine

The Reading List is a feature of Poetry magazine’s Editors’ Blog. This month contributors to the June 2016 issue share some books that held their interest. Howard Altmann In the humidity of the day, Delmore Schwartz’s name alone has always been a kind of tonic, his fervor and frenzy cutting a swath in the landscape, […]

Are Science and Poetry in the Midst of a Love Affair?

Poetry News

Jinkies! According to Australia’s Financial Review the, yes, love affair between science and poetry is real. Zayani Bhatt looks into this reality, spurred by a performance at London’s Roundhouse by performance poet Robin Lamboll. More: Poetry and science seem like opposites – but the two have long been intertwined. At London’s Roundhouse in June, performance […]