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Sophie Seita’s Intricate <em>Fantasias in Counting</em>

Poetry News

Translator and poet Sophie Seita’s book of “performance textuality,” Fantasias in Counting (BlazeVOX Books, 2014) is reviewed by Ian Brinton at Tears in the Fence. Brinton also notes Seita’s translation work with Uljana Wolf: It seems to me entirely appropriate that Sophie Seita should have become the translator of Uljana Wolf’s Babeltrack (Notes on a […]

Young Baltimore Poets Address Home

Poetry News

At Real Pants: poetry by Baltimore students from a recent Black Words Matter Write-In. This write-in took place just days after Mr. Freddie Gray died in Baltimore police custody: on May 3rd. Writers in Baltimore Schools organize the write-ins: all of the poems by students featured at Real Pants are excellent. We’ll post eleventh grader, […]

Jared Stanley Meditates on the Boredom in <em>Twin Peaks</em>

Poetry News

At Literary Hub, Jared Stanley writes about his boredom affair with the beloved Twin Peaks. The essay moves from Stanley’s childhood and the private realms of reading and listening, to his sense of Sarah Palmer’s vision of a white horse, and back again, and to more elegance: The first time I saw that private, secret […]

This Just In: Simon Armitage Joins Contenders for Oxford Professorship

Poetry News

Wow! As we mentioned recently, the finalists for Oxford Professor of Poetry are slowly coming together. At the end of last week, we shared The Guardian’s news that Wole Soyinka was among the top candidates for the position. Now, The Guardian reports Simon Armitage has joined the ranks of the finalists but it’s unclear, as […]

Goodbye, <em>Lemon Hound</em>!

Poetry News

After ten years of razor-sharp critical, editorial, and curatorial work: Lemon Hound is moving on to greener pastures. We are sad to see Lemon Hound’s ever-expanding network stop all of the great work that it has been doing, but we look forward to seeing what its founding editor, Sina Queyras, will do next. New to […]

Jen Benka to the Naysayers: Poetry Is Blooming, Not Dying

Poetry News

At the Huffington Post, Jen Benka—poet and director of The Academy of American Poets—responds to the onslaught of “Is Poetry Dead?” articles that arrive each April, just in time for National Poetry Month. “The predictable appearance of these articles is almost comical. The press has been picking on American poetry for at least 125 years, […]

Eileen Myles with ‘A Gift for You’ on <em>PoetryNow</em>

Poetry News

This morning treat yourself to some Eileen Myles with her new poem “A Gift for You.” Myles composed the poem for the 2015 New Years Day marathon reading at the Poetry Project. The poem begins: around 530 is a beautiful peaceful time you can just hear the dog lapping David lifts his smoke to his […]

Lisa Russ Spaar Visits the Potent Minimalism of Rae Armantrout & Ye Chun

Poetry News

At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Lisa Russ Spaar looks back at the second books of Rae Armantrout and Ye Chun. Spaar had us at Tuumba: “I was pleased to find that the University of Virginia Library holds original copies of both Extremities (32 mostly very short poems or poems in short sections, printed […]

Poetry’s Gradual Commodification: Felix Bernstein Takes Down the New Museum’s <em>Triennial</em>

Poetry News

At Hyperallergic, Felix Bernstein delivers a potentially galvanizing negative critique to the New Museum’s 2015 Triennial: “Surround Audience,” and Brian Droitcour’s The Animated Reader, the book of poetry published in conjunction with the show. “We have to start realizing that Vice is the new New Yorker, and our current new sincerity artists are as gutless […]

Public Poet, Private Life

From Poetry Magazine

[Note: The Editors’ Blog occasionally features online exclusives by Poetry’s contributors. This installment comes from Sina Queyras. Past exclusives can be found here.] In 2004, I started a blog, an act that has, to my great surprise and probably against all odds, made me a public poet. The decision to blog was one of the easiest and most […]

South Korean Children’s Mom-Eating Poetry Frightens Parents: Publishers Will ‘Recall and Destroy’ All Remaining Volumes

Poetry News

We have to admit: we’re scared too! A collection of poems by children entitled A Single Dog has been pulled from bookstores in South Korea after parents complained the volume contains graphic poetry about children killing their mothers. One poem, entitled “On a Day You Don’t Want to Go to Hakwon” explains how to eat […]

Susan Howe’s 1979 Pacifica Radio Interview with Bernadette Mayer: Now Transcribed!

Poetry News

One rather erudite way to start your week: Susan Howe’s 1979 interview with Bernadette Mayer for WBAI/Pacifica Radio. It’s been helpfully transcribed by Michael Nardone for Jacket 2 (thanks, Michael!) in case you want to sneak a peek at it while perhaps in your office or at your desk. From Jacket 2: Susan Howe: I […]

<em>The Guardian’s</em> David Wheatley Examines JH Prynne: ‘Stockhausen of Modern Poetry’

Poetry News

How to begin reading J.H. Prynne’s poetry? Although the contemporary British poet’s writing is a challenge, there are certain rewards. As Wheatley writes: “There is something impersonal, inhuman even, about Prynne, but the challenge for the reader is to move beyond the obligatory prefixing of the poet’s name with the word ‘rebarbative’ and find a […]

At VIDA: Kevin Prufer and Erika Jo Brown Take a Look at the Numbers

Poetry News

At VIDA (an organization dedicated to promoting women in literary arts) Erika Jo Brown and Kevin Prufer, University of Houston PhD Candidate and Professor, respectively, sat down and tallied the amount of male and female faculty at Poets & Writers 2012 list of “Top 50 MFA Programs.”) The results are somewhat grim, yet, helpfully contextualized […]

Considering the Tenacious Donato Mancini

Poetry News

Poems from Vancouver poet and critic Donato Mancini’s newest book, Loitersack (New Star Books 2014), are up at Lemon Hound! “‘Loitersack’ is 17th century slang for a lay–abed, a lazybones,” if you didn’t know (we didn’t). Mancini is currently traveling the States and will be gracing us New Yorkers with his presence at The Poetry […]

Wole Soyinka Among Top Candidates for Oxford Professor of Poetry

Poetry News

The Guardian reports that Wole Soyinka is leading the pack of three for the highly coveted position as Oxford professor of poetry, “a 300-year-old elected post which is seen as the top academic poetry role in the UK.” Alison Flood reminds us of the post’s recent history: “The 2009 election saw the acclaimed poet Ruth […]

Cecilia Corrigan in <em>Interview Magazine</em>!

Poetry News

Poet, performer, and all-around girl-next-supernova Cecilia Corrigan is interviewed at Interview Magazine! This is not a parallel universe–this is a now-universe, starring Sarah Nicole Prickett. Corrigan sets the record “less straight,” as she put it on Twitter. They have quite the exchange. “[CORRIGAN:] …Sometimes I think I’m just one of those motherfuckers who wants what […]

Ashbery: It Is Unlikely That I Will Become a Novelist

Poetry News

The New York Times spends a moment with ever-sharp and witty John Ashbery to discuss what he’s reading at the moment and his perspective of his literary career. From NYT: The poet, whose latest collection is “Breezeway,” enjoys reading novels. “I’m no doubt a frustrated novelist. Maybe I should try, but at barely three months […]

What’s Howard University without E. Ethelbert Miller and the African American Resource Center?

Poetry News

At the Washington Post Courtland Milloy is in support of E. Ethelbert Miller, who was unexpectedly let-go from his job as director of Howard University’s African American Resource Center recently. Miller directed the center for forty years, which was created in response to students’s requests in the 1960s for “curriculum better suited for understanding the […]

A Voyage in Search of Glyphs: Ed Sanders at Poets House

Poetry News

In order to prepare for Ed Sanders’s new exhibition at Poets House, Kendra Sullivan and Ammiel Alcalay visited Sanders’s Woodstock, NY home where they poured through boxes of previously unseen glyphs—many never intended for the public’s eye. The result is Seeking the Glyph: An Exhibition of the Glyphic Works of Edward Sanders. Tim Keane of […]