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New Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera Brings New American Poetry to <em>The Guardian</em>

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Move over, Donald Allen! Juan Felipe Herrera just hit England! From The Guardian: “It’s a good thing, you know, it’s a good thing,” Juan Felipe Herrera told me on the phone last week, as he reacted to the news that he was going to be the next poet laureate of the United States – the […]

The Queer Voice: Reparative Poetry Rituals & Glitter Perversions

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for Michelle Tea “Who we are when we are not love has always caused us shame.” –Akilah Oliver “Touch me. / We’ll become less one.” –TC Tolbert “Nobody wants to become nobody.” –Trish Salah Someone asked me if I ever thought about what it would be like to survive a plague and I said I […]

‘Every Era is Replete with Bad Poetry': Donald Hall at <em>New Hampshire Union Leader</em>

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Although he quit writing poetry two years ago, citing a connection between poetry’s sensuality and his octogenarian age, Donald Hall did manage to speak rather candidly with the New Hampshire Union Leader about his observations after decades writing poetry. (Although we know little about aging, we agree that poetry is a truly sexy craft.) From […]

Picturing Yourself: Dara Wier’s <em>Inside/Undivided</em> Series

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Have you seen Dara Wier’s Inside/Undivided series? Flying Object describes it as “a series of fragments & notes about Chance, Fate, Context & Intention.” For installment 30, Wier writes about epigraph, saying and not saying, knowing ourselves, and film-consciousness. “Writes about” might not be the most accurate of phrasing. “Writes,” alone, maybe. This is luminous […]

Librarian Cynthia Hurd Dedicated Life to Books

Poetry News

MobyLives writes about Cynthia Hurd, one of the victims of Wednesday night’s shooting in Charleston. Hurd was a prominent librarian who dedicated her life to books and to educating others. “Her death is a huge loss to the community.” Hurd worked for 31 years in the Charleston County library system, serving as branch manager of […]

<em>The Village Voice</em> Profiles Aja Monet

Poetry News

The Voice’s portrait of Monet starts at #SayHerName, an African American Policy Forum event in NYC where Monet performed a poem about the death of an African American girl during a police raid at her grandmother’s house in Detroit. From there, we learn about Monet’s role as an outspoken activist in the spoken word scene. […]

<em>Letras Latinas</em> Hosts ire’ne lara silva in Conversation with Sarah A. Chavez

Poetry News

For Letras Latinas’s new installment, “Nefelibata: Interviews with Latina Writers,” curated by ire’ne lara silva, silva joins Sarah A. Chavez in a conversation about her new Dancing Girl Press collection called All Day Talking. (According to Letras, the word “nefelibata” means “cloud walker” or “one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination, or […]

Some Socialist Karen Brodine for Your Workday

Poetry News

Obscure discovery! “Canadian punk rock band Propagandhi once quoted Karen Brodine’s poem ‘Journal Entries’ from her book Illegal Assembly [(Hanging Loose Press 1980)] in a song from their 1995 split with fellow Canadian punk group FYP.” Don’t know Karen Brodine? She was a founder of Kelsey St. Press, a “groundbreaking lesbian feminist poet, a founder […]

No Joke: A Feature-Length Film of Djuna Barnes’s <em>Ladies Almanack</em>, Starring Hélène Cixous

Poetry News

At Weird Sister, Megan Milks interviews Daviel Shy, a Chicago filmmaker who is adapting Djuna Barnes’s roman à clef, Ladies Almanack, into a feature-length experimental film. First! Check out this interview between the filmmaker and Hélène Cixous, which took place in Paris this past September. Hélène Cixous: I think there are only first persons. Particularly, […]

<em>The New York Review of Books</em> Publishes Mark Strand’s Last Essay

Poetry News

Mark Strand’s literary executor, Mary Jo Salter, discovered the handwritten essay in Strand’s notebook: a review of an exhibition of Edward Hopper’s drawings at the Whitney in 2013. From NYRB: Paints and scrapes, paints and scrapes to get something right, the something that is not there at the outset but reveals itself slowly, and then […]

David Jones is Philadelphia’s Youth Poet Laureate!

Poetry News

Congratulations to David Jones: Philadelphia’s Youth Poet Laureate! As Youth Poet Laureate, Jones will be encouraged to create initiatives that promote poetry to Philadelphia youth. Philadelphia Poet Laureate Frank Sherlock will assist David Jones with his newest task. More: Seventeen-year-old David Jones, who’ll be a senior this fall at West Philadelphia High, was not surprised […]

Poet in the Crack of Liberty:  My Life with Christopher, 1988

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If you steal my idea I swear to God, well, I’ll be mad at you. It’s a moneymaking machine this idea, and I came up with it when I dated an actor named Christopher. He was very New England-handsome and therefore able to find work dressed as a hot revolutionary war soldier for tourists at […]

Thomas Sayers Ellis’s ‘Man / Dela’ on <em>PoetryNow</em>

Poetry News

We’re pleased to present Thomas Sayers Ellis’s new poem “Man / Dela” on PoetryNow. Accompanying Thomas’s virtuoso vocal performance is James Brandon Lewis on saxophone and Luke Stewart on bass. The text of the poem begins: A part of, a part of love, hates, hates a part of. A part of, a part of hate, […]

For Sale: A Poem from Jim Morrison’s ‘Fascination Trunk’

Poetry News

If you’re in the market for a new piece of rock and roll ephemera, the online auctioneer Paddle8 will be auctioning off a remnant from Jim Morrison’s notebook: one of his final poems. The poetic fragment, which ends on June 25th, is anticipated to garner between $60,000 – $80,000. More: Written on the last page […]

2015 Pew Grants Go to Brian Teare & Yolanda Wisher!

Poetry News

The PEW Center for Arts & Heritage has announced its grantees for 2015! The $75,000 awards offer serious support every year to artists, writers, and cultural organizations of the Philadelphia region. This year’s grantees include poets Brian Teare and Yolanda Wisher (pictured above)! Congratulations to both! Artforum reports: More than $9.6 million will provide funding […]

You’re Not Alone: Frank O’Hara Found Himself in Stephen Dedalus

Poetry News

A day late and still short: Andrew Epstein wrote about Frank O’Hara’s love for James Joyce’s Ulysses at Locus Solus. Happy day-after-Bloomsday! Apparently, the poet carried the book with him for luck? What book do you carry for luck? We carry around a book about bees. Lotta good that’s done us. Anyhow: In his biography […]

At Asian American Writers Workshop: Don Mee Choi Talks Translation

Poetry News

Don Mee Choi is the translator of South Korean feminist poet Kim Hyesoon, whose most recent collection Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream (Action Books, 2014) was shortlisted for the 2015 PEN Award for Poetry in Translation. At AAWW, The Margins Poetry Editor Emily Yoon interviews Don Mee Choi about the process of translating Hyesoon’s most recent work. From […]

Elaine Kahn’s <em>Women in Public</em> Reviewed at <em>Entropy</em>

Poetry News

At Entropy Alexandra Wuest reviews Elaine Kahn’s Women in Public, the most recent installment in City Lights’s Spotlight Series. Wuest dives in from the outset, sticking the brass tacks to the reader: “Elaine Kahn’s Women In Public is about moms, peaches, bodies, and garbage, among other things. Things that decay. Things that are often undervalued. […]

The Occasion of Poetry

From Poetry Magazine

[Note: Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. Rebecca Gayle Howell’s poems “Every Job Has a First Day” and “Something’s Coming but Never Does” appear in the June 2015 issue. Previous posts in this series can be found on the Editors’ Blog.] In my twenties I had the good fortune of […]

<em>The Blue Shift Journal</em> Interviews Fatimah Asghar

Poetry News

As a Fulbright Scholar in 2011, Fatimah Asghar studied poetry and performance in Bosnia-Herzegovina. There, she formed the country’s first spoken word collective called Refleks. Her honors (besides the Fulbright) include a Kundiman Fellowship. Get to know Asghar’s poetics at Blue Shift Journal: You went to Bosnia-Herzegovina as a Fulbright scholar and ended up forming […]