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Unwelcome Visitations: On Writing ‘Dead Girl Gang Bang’

From Poetry Magazine

[Note: Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. Cate Marvin’s “Dead Girl Gang Bang” appears in the February 2015 issue. Previous posts in this series can be found on the Editors’ Blog.] “Dead Girl Gang Bang” is the culminating poem in a series of “high school” poems that […]

Realms Yet to Come: Two Questions for Cassandra Troyan

Poetry News

Christopher Higgs asks writer, artist, poet, and filmmaker Cassandra Troyan TWO questions for Entropy. “These questions arise from my particular approach to reading and critical analysis, which is deeply indebted to Deleuze & Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus. As they put it, ‘Literature is an assemblage…a book itself is a little machine…writing has nothing to do […]

PEN World Voices Festival to Focus on Africa

Poetry News

The New York Times’s ArtsBeat turns our attention to the 2015 PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature, which has announced its lineup for this year’s incarnation, gathering from May 4 to 10 in New York. The festival this year will have a focus on the contemporary literary culture of Africa and its diaspora. From […]

Nobody Was Writing Poetry of This World Like Philip Levine (1928–2015)

Poetry News

We are so sad to help report that Philip Levine—former U.S. Poet Laureate (2011–2012), Pulitzer Prize-winner and beloved professor—has died at the age of 87. A New York Times obituary tells us the cause was pancreatic cancer. From that piece: Mr. Levine was the first member of his family to earn a college degree. “When […]

Now You Can See: Susan Bee’s Beautiful Photograms and Altered Photos on View

Poetry News

The New York Times’s Holland Cotter provides a marvelous assessment of Susan Bee’s new show now on view at Southfirst Gallery. Photograms and Altered Photos From the 1970s is a survey of Bee’s photograms and altered photos which proceeded the paintings that she has created since. From NYT: During the 1970s, the artist Susan Bee […]


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Animal El Paso, Texas. Enero 2014 Definitivamente perdida. Feché 2014 otra vez. Pero estamos en 2015. ¿Correcto? (la velocidad, el tiempo, la continuidad). No, no pienso en ti como judía. 1 Hablo del amo: yo soy de color… pero tienes razón, a lo mejor para el amo tú no eres judía. Me da risa también […]

Ruth Lepson’s Portrait of Gerrit Lansing

Poetry News

Fierce storms are shaking up the Eastern seaboard and amidst the snow and ice, the Woodberry Poetry Room has rescheduled Gerrit Lansing’s forthcoming reading. In preparation for the event, Stylus is sharing Ruth Lepson’s introduction in honor of Lansing’s visit. It’s called “Thirteen Ways of Looking at Gerrit Lansing.” Read it online and get ready […]

Jericho Brown Honored at NAACP

Poetry News

It’s not often that Octavia Spenser holds your hand, but such was the friendly place where Jericho Brown found himself when he appeared the 46th NAACP Image Awards recently. Jericho Brown attended the awards ceremony as a nominee in the category of “Outstanding Literary Work–Poetry” for his recent collection, The New Testament, published by Copper […]

We Don’t Blog on Saturdays So Happy Valentine’s Day Today From Our Favorite Erotic Poet

Poetry News

Happy Almost Valentine’s Day! It’s Friday the 13th, at least. What bluebells those two combined can wreak/grow/esteem, right? In honor of the occasions, check out The Guardian’s post on who they call “[t]he antithesis of hearts-and-flowers romance,” and we call a finer Restoration erotic incorrigibility we’ve ne’er seen. John Wilmot, second Earl of Rochester, died […]

Proof of Citizenship Not Required: Letras Latinas’s Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize & Letras Latinas/Red Hen Poetry Prize

Poetry News

On the heels of the Undocupoets recent efforts to end citizen-based discrimination, Letras Latinas announces that its two poetry prizes, the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize and the Letras Latinas/Red Hen Poetry Prize, require zero proof of citizenship or legal residence: “It’s about poetry./It’s about art./It’s about the art alone.” The two judges this year are […]

Terese Svoboda’s Life With Lola Ridge

Poetry News

At the Los Angeles Review of Books, we’re delighted to find this excerpt from the forthcoming book Anything That Burns You: Lola Ridge, Radical Poet, by Terese Svoboda, to be published by Schaffner Press in January 2016. Lola Ridge (1873–1941)? Another neglected radical modernist female poet, perhaps? “To discover such a maverick and bring her […]

More Than Just a Nostalgic Nose: Interview With John Sakkis (!!) at <em>SF Weekly</em>

Poetry News

Poet, editor, translator, and Internet-hater John Sakkis was interviewed this week for “The Write Stuff” at SF Weekly! We here at Harriet have been tremulous with anticipation for Sakkis’ new book, The Islands, which just came out from Nightboat Books and is, as those books are wont, beautiful. Evan Karp waxed all nostalgic with Sakkis–here’s […]

Brooklyn Arts Press Offers a Pick-Your-Price Promotion

Poetry News

Brooklyn Arts Press has launched an intriguing bookselling initiative: “For a Limited Time only … Pick-Your-Price for a Paperback! Pay What You Want For Poetry!” This promotion–used previously, as we know, by the likes of Radiohead and Louis C.K.–has been specially installed for the April release of a new (non-digital) book from none other than […]

<em>Tablet Magazine</em> Goes to San Diego to Talk With David Antin

Poetry News

Tablet Magazine has Jake Marmer talk to David Antin about talk poems! And much more, including “extremism, secular Yiddishists, Stalin, transgender etiquette,” and our fave, doubt. “Driving down Highway 5, a half-hour’s drive from the San Diego airport to the Antins’ residence, I took a few detours and wound up near the ocean, thinking: This […]

Why Did Sylvia Plath Die?

Poetry News

Yesterday, February 11th, marked the anniversary of Sylvia Plath’s suicide in 1963. For fans and followers, her death is shrouded in as much mystery as ever before. What was the catalyst to her eventual suicide? TIME honors the day of her death by ruminating over her untimely death’s continuous mystery. What drove Sylvia Plath to […]

Jorie Graham in the <em>NYT’s</em> Limelight

Poetry News

The New York Times’s Dwight Garner is at it again, this time with a swirling inspection of Jorie Graham’s newest poetry collection: From the New World: Poems 1976-2014. In assessment he writes, “It reshuffles but does not essentially alter our sense of her verse, which has grown somewhat more political and environmentally minded over time. […]

Funny Like a Clown: Elaine Blair Articulates the Finer Points of Comedy in Ben Lerner’s <em>10:04</em>

Poetry News

Don’t be fooled by the title of Elaine Blair’s 10:04 review–“So This is How It Works”–she quite skillfully pinpoints “a particular kind of contemporary clown” in Ben Lerner’s novels. After Blair’s review, view Lerner’s writing a little bit differently. From London Review of Books: The first thing the narrator of 10:04 does is make a […]

Douglas Messerli Discusses Lev Rubinstein’s Poetry at <em>Hyperallergic</em>

Poetry News

Is Lev Rubstein a conceptualist? Well, as Messerli writes, he’s a Moscow Conceptualist but “before we begin to categorize his poetry, it is helpful to perceive that Russian conceptualism, at least as Rubinstein and others practice it, is not focused on a shell into which content is purposefully or accidentally ‘poured,’ but is best conceived […]

Demonstrating the Breadth of Paul Scheerbart

Poetry News

The Paris Review Daily’s Erik Morse spoke to Josiah McElheny, the co-editor (with Christine Burgin) of Glass! Love!! Perpetual Motion!!!: A Paul Scheerbart Reader. Not heard of Paul Scheerbart (1863-1915)? “Scheerbart, an eccentric, Danzig-born poet and architectural theorist, is best remembered through obscure citations from Walter Benjamin, Walter Gropius, and Bruno Taut. But in the […]

Stephen Collis and Jordan Scott on Poetry and Activism at <em>Town Crier</em>

Poetry News

Your morning coffee isn’t the only refreshment that’s brewing. In fact, there’s also this smart conversation between Stephen Collis, Jordan Scott, and Canada’s Town Crier which is so inviting and inclusive a discussion, you might forget to take a sip from your coffee cup and just sit and read instead. From Town Crier: E Martin […]