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Performa Presents Two of the Best of the ‘Net

Poetry News

Second to final event of the new What if someone told u you were significant? reading series, sponsored by the epic performance art festival, Performa, featured readings by two of the internet’s most thought-provoking poets: Ben Fama and Sophia Le Fraga. At A&E Studios, Fama and Le Fraga read from their work, in the process […]

A Monumental Achievement: <em>The Poems of T.S. Eliot</em>

Poetry News

The Poems of T.S. Eliot: The Annotated Text (Johns Hopkins University Press), edited by Christopher Ricks and Jim McCue, is the book of the day at The Guardian. “Volume one contains 346 pages of poems to 965 of commentary. In the second volume, notes follow text on a poem-by-poem basis, but their combined 290 pages […]

<em>3:AM Magazine</em> Interview With Solar Luxuriance

Poetry News

At 3:AM Magazine, an interview with founder M. Kitchell of micropress Solar Luxuriance, based in San Francisco. An excerpt: 3:AM Magazine: For people who don’t know what Solar Luxuriance is, how would you describe it? M. KITCHELL: Well, there’s basically two specific interests that I maintain as the publisher—and I am Solar Luxuriance, it’s just […]

Poetry and Science Join Forces at University of Washington

Poetry News

What alchemy happens when poets and scientists team up to find solutions to some of life’s great mysteries? At the University of Washington’s Poetry and Science Symposium scientific inquiry meets poetic imaginings. For the past four years Katie Ogle and Elizabeth Cooperman have been organizing a weekend fishing expedition to San Juan Island, where the […]

Michael McClure Tries on a New Groove

Poetry News

San Francisco Chronicle reports that Smith Andersen Editions (Palo Alto) is exhibiting new works by Amy Evans McClure, with words by Michael McClure. It’s the couple’s first collaboration. SF Chron’s Sam Whiting joined the McClures at an event celebrating the new exhibit on November 7. Check out the McClures’s show at Smith Andersen: it’s on […]

London’s Young Poets Laureate Offer Writing Advice

Poetry News

At The Guardian, London’s young poets laureate (past and present) offer their tips for a career in poetry: “Write about what’s difficult,” says current laureate Selina Nwulu. The laureates are chosen every year through a program called Spread the Word, supported by an independent charity for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. More from Nwulu: Set yourself […]

Ann Lauterbach, Edward Snowden, and Peter Maass on ‘Why Privacy Matters’

Poetry News

The Hannah Arendt Center at Bard College’s “Why Privacy Matters” conference ended with a discussion between Ann Lauterbach, Edward Snowden, and Peter Maass on the importance of privacy. “Privacy isn’t about something to hide it is about something to lose,” Snowden explained, “It is that safe space to act, think, and share, without prejudgement—without every […]

Talking to Johari Osayi Idusuyi, the Woman Who Chose <em>Citizen</em> Over Trump

Poetry News

At Jezebel’s The Slot, a conversation with the woman behind “the head flip heard ‘round the nation”–she who trumped Trump, showing off Claudia Rankine’s searing Citizen at a Springfield, IL, rally last week, less interested in what the Republican presidential candidate had to say than the best-selling book of poems about racial injustice–here’s twenty-three year-old […]

New Arthur Rimbaud Museum Opens Its Doors in France

Poetry News

In Charleville-Mézières, France, an old mill on the River Meuse has been renovated to house the story of notorious 19th century poet, Arthur Rimbaud. Charleville-Mézières is also the place of Rimbaud’s birth. More: The town of Charleville-Mézières has renovated the Old Mill on the river Meuse to house a new collection telling the story of […]

To Find the Subject by Leaving the Subject: Expectations of Race & Content

Featured Blogger

In 2005 when I was an undergraduate in creative writing I entered a poetry-residency contest. One of the competition’s rules was that the applicant must be of Native American descent. A couple months passed and I received two letters: one thanked me for submitting my poetry and congratulated me on making fourth place; the other […]

The Sadness of Materiality: Sending Bellamy & Killian Archives to the Beinecke

Poetry News

Dodie Bellamy writes for SFMOMA’s Open Space about how dejecta evolves into archive: “Last August Kevin Killian and I turned over fifty-five file boxes of ephemera to the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale. Negotiations for the transfer, like those in a hostage situation, were long and drawn out, and we didn’t know […]

Darker Than <em>The Joy of Painting</em>: On Richard Siken & Bob Ross

Poetry News

At Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Heather Lang explores the poet Richard Siken and painter Bob Ross. Nice pairing! How did this come about? Lang’s discovery of Copper Canyon poet Richard Siken’s “Detail of the Woods” happened to coincide with Twitch’s Joy of Painting marathon. “Although I now know that Ross was not actually a hoarder,” writes […]

<em>HuffPost’s</em> Valentine to Internet Poetry

Poetry News

In truth, most poets like the internet (social media is another thing), however The Huffington Post has compiled this handy listicle summarizing a few of the most visible poets utilizing the information superhighway. Books and culture writer Maddie Crum writes: A recent article in The New York Times, cleverly titled “Web Poets’ Society: New Breed […]

Shelley’s College-Age Angst Rediscovered

Poetry News

A pamphlet by Percy Shelley, written while he was a student at Oxford and long believed lost, has been acquired by Oxford’s Bodleian Library. The physical copy is on display until December. According to Oxford, Shelley’s youthful verses “remain as relevant today as they were 200 years ago.” More, via the Guardian: An incendiary lost […]

Amanda Ackerman’s <em>The Book of Feral Flora</em>

Poetry News

At The Volta, Scott Russell Morris reviews Amanda Ackerman’s The Book of Feral Flora (Les Figues Press, 2015). “There is a certain delight in the randomness, the feralness of the floral prose.” Feralness! Continuing on: The first chapter—which is more like lyric essay than prose poem—says of the narrator’s garden, “I wanted to call them […]

A$AP Rocky Reads Lauren Ireland’s Poems on the Red Carpet

Poetry News

Vanity Fair asked A$AP Rocky, Lake Bell, and other celebs to recite Lauren Ireland’s poems from Dear Lil Wayne (Magic Helicopter Press, 2014) on the red carpet! Rocky’s response: “That’s tight.” Vanity Fair was on the carpet at last week’s Guggenheim International Gala Pre-Party, hosted at the museum by Dior. As guests including Kiernan Shipka, […]

<em>The New Yorker</em> Profiles Farrah Field and Jared White of Berl’s Bookshop

Poetry News

Regarding poetry bookstores’ remarkable success, The New Yorker looks no further than Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop in Dumbo. The classy outfit, run by Farrah Field and Jared White, is changing the way that readers and shoppers think about the fate of bookstores, and, of course, poetry. More: On a recent afternoon on Front Street in […]

Reading List: November 2015

From Poetry Magazine

Kazim Ali I read some books because I am teaching them, others because I might be reviewing them, others are only for my pleasure. At the moment I am re-reading Naomi Shihab Nye’s newest collection (from 2011) called Transfer. It’s a gorgeous book in both poetry and prose that examines the twin and related tragedies […]

On WNYC’s <em>New Sounds,</em> Verses from Latin America

Poetry News

On WNYC’s New Sounds, John Schaefer guides listeners through an exploration of Latin American poetry settings. Poets include Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda, Octavio Paz, and more. Tune in! Listen to contemporary settings of great Latin-American poets on this New Sounds. Hear a combination of choir and electric guitar by built around the poetry of Chilean […]

Chilean Goverment Admits Neruda’s Death a ‘Highly Probable’ Murder

Poetry News

The Guardian reports of Chile’s acknowledgement that Pablo Neruda might indeed have been murdered by the Pinochet regime, as has been believed by many for some time. More: The interior ministry released a statement on Thursday amid press reports that Neruda might not have died of cancer as previously believed. The statement acknowledged a ministry […]