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Emily Wolahan Reviews Gillian Conoley’s <em>Peace</em> at CSU Center for Literary Publishing

Poetry News

Can’t wait to get our hands on this one! Courtesy of Colorado State University’s Center for Literary Publishing, a lovely review of Gillian Conoley’s newest book of poems Peace, recently published by Omnidawn. As Wolahan writes, “While Conoley’s poetic virtuosity might accept the world and marvel at it, that’s not to say that some poems [...]

Feel Free Not to Read This

Featured Blogger

Reminiscing a little about the first time I gave a reading at UCSD, in the New Writing Series. UCSD is where I was an undergraduate student in Literature/Writing and Music Composition, and the New Writing Series is the name of the literary reading series there. It was in this series where I first attended readings [...]

Prepare Your Writing Portfolio for <em>The James Franco Review</em>

Poetry News

Here’s a novel idea! After noticing the sheer quantity of doors that swing open for the heartthrob actor and accomplished writer James Franco, a team of writers and editors in Seattle banded together to found The James Franco Review: a journal that invites writers NOT to submit writing ABOUT James Franco, but, rather, to produce [...]

Re-Reading & Re-Viewing Joseph Mosconi

Poetry News

Over at The Volta: a graphic (no really!) review from J. Fossenbell of Joseph Mosconi’s Demon Miso/Fashion in Child (Make Now Books, 2014), the book-length poem that also serves as a “game of Mad Libs meets connotative bumper cars.” The review is more than mere playful; it also delves into a conversation Mosconi has had [...]

Diane di Prima at City Lights

Poetry News

At City Lights Books (the blog) Diane di Prima speaks about her newest collection of poems, The Poetry Deal, out now from City Lights (the publisher). Her last collection of poems published by City Lights was Revolutionary Letters (pictured above) in 1971. In this conversation with Jonah Raskin at SF Gate, re-posted by City Lights, [...]


Open Door

[Editor's Note: Lucy Ives delivered a version this talk at the Poetry Foundation on October 9, 2014 as part of the Harriet Reading Series. Other "Open Door" features can be found here.] I find I can never stop thinking about, nor for that matter, can I think enough about, anticipation. Similarly, I cannot get enough [...]

Vinyl Poetry: Patrick James Dunagan Listens in at <em>Entropy</em>

Poetry News

Voyage from Entropy to Patrick James Dunagan’s thoughts while tuning in to audio recordings and live performances by Ted Berrigan, Henry Flynt, John Cage, Diane di Prima, Richard O. Moore, and, well: more. This most recent post at Entropy includes Dunagan’s feedback on audible poetry and its multifarious technologies. At home the other night I [...]

Thirteen Poets Recommend New Titles at <em>On the Seawall</em>

Poetry News

The semiannual poetry feature on Ron Slate’s website, On the Seawall, features commentary in April and November from thirteen poets, who write briefly on some of their favorite new and recent titles! Just up are the following: Mark Bibbins on Slant Six by Erin Belieu (Copper Canyon Press) Daisy Fried on The Open Secret by [...]

To Avoid Psychic Isolation, Read This Amazing Interview With Jackie Wang

Poetry News

Jackie Wang is interviewed for Mask Magazine’s “Heretic Issue.” Wang discusses how her new Semiotext(e) book came about, her mentors, how her feminism and activism evolved, her writing in dialogue with them, entering the PhD program in African and African-American Studies and History at Harvard, the incarceration of her brother, life growing up in Florida, [...]

Lost Perec Manuscript Discovered

Poetry News

Until recently, Perec aficionados knew that there was one book that they couldn’t possibly have read, until now: Portrait of a Man. Perec completely divulged the truth of the early, unpublished manuscript’s existence, throughout the course of his lifetime, and yet, after he died, fans of his writing simply could not find it. Learn more [...]

‘The Work of the New World’s First Great Lyric Genius’: Introducing Sister Juana

Poetry News

Look no farther than The Daily Beast for, not a beast, but, in fact, the most enlightened Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: Mexican nun, self-taught scholar, and poet. Not only did she shake up the minds of readers in the seventeenth century with plays, ballads, poems, mathematical writings, and social manifestos (including ““Response to [...]

Energy Giant Serves Vancouver Poet & Professor Stephen Collis $5.6 Million Lawsuit for Opposing Pipeline Expansion

Poetry News

Another important item from the new issue of Lana Turner is this “Letter From Vancouver,” which states that poet, professor, and activist Stephen Collis–along with a protest group called The Caretakers–is being sued by Canadian energy giant Kinder Morgan for close to 6 million dollars. The company has served Collis and four others “for their [...]

Ali Power Remembers Paul Violi for <em>Coldfront</em>

Poetry News

At Coldfront, poet and editor Ali Power contributes her remembrance to an ongoing, multi-part feature on the life and work of New York School poet Paul Violi, who died in 2011 (and with whom Power studied at The New School’s MFA program). “There are former Violi students in multitudes, grateful and missing him,” she writes. [...]

Reading List: November 2014

From Poetry Magazine

The Reading List is a feature of Poetry magazine’s Editors’ Blog. This month contributors to the November issue share some books that held their interest. Zackary Sholem Berger “Instantaneously your attachment [to others] seems fragile, tenuous, subject to any transgression of your historical self,” says Claudia Rankine in her Citizen, her African-American “Song of Myself.” [...]

The Wondrous Miracle of Streaming Television Brings You: The Miami Book Fair

Poetry News

Yes, you heard that right: if you can’t make it to the Miami Book Fair (which starts this weekend) you can watch the festival thanks to the miracle of live streaming television and courtesy of PBS! How cool is that?! More details courtesy of The New York Times: PBS is venturing into territory that C-Span’s [...]

At <em>Jacket 2:</em> Carlos Soto-Roman Raises a Glass to Nicanor Parra on his 100th Birthday

Poetry News

This year marks Chilean poet, Nicanor Parra’s, 100th birthday! At Jacket 2, Carlos Soto-Roman contributes his thoughts on Chilean poetry and Parra’s legacy for the occasion. The great Nicanor Parra turned one-hundred years old last September. Obviously, nobody has wanted to miss the opportunity to celebrate and honor the world-renowned anti-poet. Local and foreign media [...]

Notes on Lisa Robertson’s <em>Cinema of the Present</em>!

Poetry News

Lisa Robertson’s new book, Cinema of the Present (Coach House Books 2014), which she’s just debuted on a reading tour of sorts through Canada and New York, has been reviewed by Jake Kennedy at Lemon Hound! This review is in that favored form of notes. An excerpt: -“The poem,” said Henri Meschonnic, “is the place [...]

Diane di Prima Talks to <em>SF Gate</em>

Poetry News

Continue your Friday with a little reverence, thanks to this news appearance by Diane di Prima. The awe-inspiring Beat Poet who, at 80, continues to write hip poems and live in San Francisco’s Excelsior district, spent time with SF Gate to trade words about her newest collection of poetry: The Poetry Deal (City Lights, 2014). [...]

Greetings From Seattle: Where Poetry’s Got Wheels!

Poetry News

This week, as The Seattle Times reports, residents are gearing up for a new public transportation program that places poetry by local residents onto King County Buses. More from The Seattle Times: Ever since she was a young girl, Merna Ann Hecht has been a poet. She recalls filling her third-grade journal with verses she [...]

This Is Not a Book Review

Featured Blogger

Wild Grass on the Riverbank (Action Books, 2015) by Hiromi Ito is the newest book of translation by Jeffrey Angles, following his previous translation of Ito’s work, a collection of poems published in English with the title Killing Kanoko (Action Books, 2009). I’m not sure how many people in Poetry World know Jeffrey Angles, but [...]