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Announcing: National Poetry Month 2014 on <em>Harriet</em>

Poetry News

It’s our favorite season! For those new readers who don’t know about it, let’s break it down: for 11 months of the year we bring you primo poetry news and a featured writer, we sprinkle in some sweet Poetry magazine related pieces, and a lil of this, lil of that. But in the glorious month [...]

Fireworks at <em>BOMB:</em> LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs & Morgan Parker in Conversation W/ Virginia McLure

Poetry News

Virginia McClure brings together LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs and Morgan Parker for a conversation at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, freshly published at BOMB. One brilliant moment from their conversation, here: VM: LaTasha, you work in several mediums—poetry, dance, music, jewelry—but what do you feel poetry can do that these other mediums cannot? [...]

First of Three-Part Interview With Bernadette Mayer Is at <em>Coldfront</em>

Poetry News

At Coldfront, Stephanie Anderson interviews Bernadette Mayer! Part one of three installments is up today. “Throughout Anderson’s interview she discusses Mayer’s involvement with small press publishing, the Poetry Project, and Mayer’s poetry—all of which has forever altered the landscape of poetry.” They also discuss 0 To 9, the magazine Mayer edited with Vito Acconci (like [...]

All Aboard the Trainwreck Residency!!

Poetry News

At first we were intrigued—then we were elated—and then let down. The story of the Amtrak writers residency has certainly been a wild ride. Well, for you writers who are into wild rides, do we ever have the residency for you! Check out Trainwreck: A Red76 Residency & Book. They have their Kickstarter off the [...]

Booksellers Departing Manhattan in Droves

Poetry News

NY Times claims that independent booksellers and chain bookstores alike are fleeing Manhattan’s hyperbolic rents for locations as far flung as Jersey City, the common thread pitching their tents in boroughs like Brooklyn. From NY Times: When Sarah McNally, the owner of McNally Jackson bookstore in Lower Manhattan, set out to open a second location, [...]

Anti-Poets in the Classroom: Six Tech-Based Ideas for Teaching Poetry to Reluctant Writers

Poetry News

Are your students having a difficult time with poetry? Teach Thought presents six technology-based poetry ideas for students who think that they hate poetry: Sometimes poetry gets a bad rap for being too dense, too pretentious, too much of an acquired taste for mainstream consumption. While it’s true that I could name many a poem [...]

Lullaby and Goodnight

Featured Blogger

When you say I’ve got my head in the clouds do you mean that in a good way? What would you do for love? What would I do for love? What if we love each other but our answers are different? Are loquats loquacious? Will the plum and cherry trees bloom again this spring if [...]

Fire Struck on the Hylic Plane: <em>Entropy Magazine</em> Debuts with Will Alexander on Antonin Artaud

Poetry News

We’re into the description for Entropy, “[a] new website featuring literary & non-literary content. A website that seeks to engage with the literary community, that becomes its own community, and creates a space for literary & non-literary ideas.” We feel like this every day! AND, co-editors Janice Lee and Peter Tieryas Liu have got Will [...]

Patricia Spears Jones to the Rescue!

Poetry News

Mosaic: Literary Arts of the Diaspora has a terrific profile of poet Patricia Spears Jones. Rochelle Spencer begins the piece by wondering why poets haven’t responded to the Great Recession with an outpouring of verse, as they did in the aftermath of 9/11. About a month after 9/11, National Book Award recipient Lucille Clifton, in [...]

<em>PANK</em> Profiled at Michigan’s <em>Western Herald:</em> “A Uniquely Gritty Approach”

Poetry News

As long as we’re spreading some Midwest-love today, at Western Herald: it’s PANK! Michigan has a rich literary tradition, ranging from Hemingway’s early stories about Michigan’s wilderness to contemporary writers like Bonnie Jo Campbell keeping the state on the map. From writers to presses to literary journals, the beautiful vistas and traditional values of Michigan [...]

<em>Flavorwire</em> Says the Midwest Has Arrived!

Poetry News

Yesterday Flavorwire let the good word be known that the Midwest is a pretty swell place to live if you’re a writer. That’s good news for us! Jason Diamond writes: For those who only look at the bigger picture, yes, New York is the publishing epicenter of the country, and a lot of people who [...]

<em>In Clipping Signal</em>: An Exhibition of Collages by Poets

Poetry News

Lest you think the only thing poets are good for is making poems, the good folks at Spudnik Press’s Annex are cutting and pasting together a show of collages by poets—and it’s a damn fine list of poets to boot! All about it: In Clipping Signal is an exhibition of new and selected works by [...]

It was the Not-Luck of the Irish: <em>NYT’s</em> St. Paddy’s Day Missed Connection Poems

Poetry News

A few poetic documents of chance encounters from this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, brought to you by Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” and The New York Times. St. Patrick’s Day, that annual excuse for overindulgence, would seem — like alcohol itself — to heighten the desire for love while lessening the chance of achieving it. But at [...]

<em>B O D Y Literature</em> Reviews <em>The Selected Letters of Robert Creeley</em>

Poetry News

For their Friday pick last week, B O D Y Literature chose The Letters of Robert Creeley, edited by Kaplan Harris, Peter Baker, and Rod Smith (University of California Press 2014). Stephan Delbos remarks on the unique fact that much of Creeley’s influence came through correspondence. More: …As he writes in 1952: “my place is [...]

Juan Gelman Remembered at <em>LARB</em>

Poetry News

Yesteday the Los Angeles Review of Books published this profile of Juan Gelman, the seminal Argentine poet who died in January. Víctor Rodríguez Núñez & Katherine M. Hedeen recall the last time they spoke to Gelman: WHEN WE LAST SAW Juan Gelman, on the morning of January 12, just 48 hours before his passing, it [...]

Johannes Göransson on the Ambient Maternal Narratives of Gro Dahle & Dolores Dorantes

Poetry News

Johannes Göransson writes about Gro Dahle and Dolores Dorantes for Montevidayo. (We recently pointed to a review by Seth Abramson at HuffPo of Dahle’s book, A Hundred Thousand Hours [UDP 2013], translated from the Norwegian by Rebecca Wadlinger.) Whereas Ambramson takes the form perhaps more as a given, writing that “Norwegian poet Dahle (through translator [...]

Why I Cry: <em>The Guardian</em> Reviews Epic Volume of Men’s Poetry Choices, ‘A Real Tear-Jerker’

Poetry News

For the super heroes and cry babies out there, Simon and Schuster presents Poems That Make Grown Men Cry: an anthology of heart-wrenchingly emotional poetry chosen by 100 “famous and admired” men. The cover of a new collection of poetry should probably carry a sticker bearing Shakespeare’s warning: “If you have tears, prepare to shed [...]

<em>Super-fantastique!</em> City Lights Recommends <em>Pierre Reverdy</em> Edited by Mary Ann Caws

Poetry News

Croyez-le ou pas, City Lights spotlights a new edition of Pierre Reverdy’s poems, edited by Mary Ann Caws, at Abandon All Despair Ye Who Enter Here. This is a well organized book of translations of French cubist poet, Pierre Reverdy. Just out from the NYRB Poets series, this collection has some of the usual suspects [...]

Mary Ruefle on Clarice Lispector for <em>Music & Literature</em> 4

Poetry News

Music & Literature 4 is now out and features a massive amount of content from smart people on Clarice Lispector–a very rare journal, indeed. Mary Ruefle is among the contributors; here’re the top of “Remarks on Lispector” (purchase is necessary to keep on): I discovered the work of Clarice Lispector rather late in life. When [...]

Christian Hawkey at VOICE Registers

Poetry News

Welcome to the new interview series VOICE Registers, brought to you by the New Museum’s Department of Education and Public Engagement, and hosted by Kaegan Sparks. The first installment of the series features Christian Hawkey discussing the libretto WOW, which we reported on here. The conversation covers wide terrain from the Milli Vanilli scandal, to [...]