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MOOCing with Al Filreis and Robert Pinsky

Poetry News

If you’ve been out of school for a while, or in school and want to brush up on your poetry reading chops, a trove of online poetry classes exist to help you out. The Learning Lab section of our website has put together a set of samplers highlighting two popular MOOCs (massive open online course) [...]

UK’s Poetry Book Society Names 20 Next Generation Poets

Poetry News

The Poetry Book Society releases a list of twenty poets once every decade, poets who promise to be literary movers and shakers in the future. Get to know what’s next at The Guardian. From former heroin addict Sam Willetts to the hit performance poet Kate Tempest, they are the up-and-coming new poets who have been [...]

Hypnogogic Reviewing: Daniel Poppick & David Gorin on Conrad, Kunin, Reines, Ward

Poetry News

Daniel Poppick writes for West Branch Wired about Dana Ward, Ariana Reines, CAConrad, and Aaron Kunin; and includes within the essay his email exchanges with David Gorin (who has also written at length about Ward and others). Poppick treats the poem as a likely agent/refrain of infection, and the possibility of writing one’s own in [...]

‘Sometimes the Versifying is Particularly Pronounced’: <em>NYT</em> Revels in Poetry Onstage

Poetry News

Poetry is once again no stranger to the theater, as attested by upcoming NYC-productions such as “A Sucker Emcee” (opening at Labyrinth Theater 9/23) and “And I and Silence”” (currently at Signature Theater Company), now in the spotlight at New York Times. In a shoe box cafe on a West Village side street, Craig Grant, [...]

Etel Adnan Reader Encourages Necessary Resilience

Poetry News

At The Rumpus, Patrick James Dunagan reviews the two-volume Etel Adnan’s To Look at the Sea Is to Become What One Is: An Etel Adnan Reader (Nightboat Books 2014; edited by Thom Donovan and Brandon Shimoda). As the press has it: “This landmark two-volume edition follows Adnan’s work from the infernal elegies of the 1960s [...]

<em>New York Times</em> Reviews New Collections by Edward Hirsch and Christian Wiman

Poetry News

New York Times brings to newsstands a compelling discussion about new poetry collections by Edward Hirsch (Gabriel: An Elegy) and Christian Wiman (Once in the West). On Hirsch: Lord of the Torrent, King of the Sudden Impulse, Emperor of the Impetuous, Clown of God. The poet Edward Hirsch’s son, Gabriel, was a handful, and the [...]

Jennifer Tamayo’s Erasure of Carl Andre in the Shapes of Ana Mendieta

Poetry News

We are stunned and moved by Jennifer Tamayo at Fanzine! Tamayo has created some insistent erasures of Carl Andre texts from the 400-page book, CARL ANDRE: Sculpture as Place, 1958-2010, published by Dia Art Foundation to accompany its current yearlong Andre retrospective (called out in May by activists who protested in front of the Chelsea [...]

Yale’s Beinecke Library Acquires Cornelius Eady Papers and Cave Canem Foundation Records

Poetry News

What great news for Yale, Cornelius Eady, Cave Canem, and all the rest of us! Yesterday the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library announced they acquired the literary archive for poet, dramatist, and literary activist Cornelius Eady. More: The Cornelius Eady Papers at the Beinecke Library document the poet’s literary life and activities, his creative [...]

Patrick Durgin Unlocks Mirtha Dermisache’s <em>Diarios</em> at <em>Jacket 2</em>

Poetry News

It’s always a welcome surprise to learn the name of another artist whose written work demands both visual literacy and reading comprehension. Mirtha Dermisache (1927-2012) was an Argentinian artist who wrote her first book in 1967: a 500-page epic without a single word. Patrick Durgin’s reading report, recently published at Jacket 2 considers the importance [...]

Anthony McCann’s <em>Thing Music</em> a Mindful Train

Poetry News

Jackson Meazle reviews Anthony McCann’s new book, Thing Music (Wave Books 2014), for City Lights! While McCann mentions his current work traversing that of Ashbery, Meazle notices the rigor of Creeley: “The form is tight and secure, practically flawless,” he writes, regarding the poem “Like the Dirt (5 Ceremonies).” More than any poem in this [...]

T.S. Eliot’s ‘Grand and Gracious’ Vacation Home is For Sale

Poetry News

In the market to buy a new house? Why not consider T.S. Eliot’s vacation home, located near the shores of Boston in Gloucester, MA. It’s selling for a cool 1.3 million. From Jacket Copy: T.S. Eliot was born to a wealthy Boston family in 1888; in 1896 they built a summer house near the shore [...]

Reading List: September 2014

From Poetry Magazine

The Reading List is a feature of Poetry magazine’s Editors’ Blog. This month contributors to the September issue share some books that held their interest. Susan Barba It’s been a great summer for reading. While at the beach, I made my way through Edward St. Aubyn’s Patrick Melrose novels, all except the final, separately-published At [...]

CAConrad’s PACE The Nation Project Is Underway

Poetry News

CAConrad’s new book–Ecodeviance: (Soma)tics for the Future Wilderness (Wave Books) is out; Charity Coleman has reviewed it for BOMB (cf. the print Fall 2014 issue); the events are being set; and importantly, Conrad’s PACE The Nation Project is underway! The poet writes: The Occupy movement revealed two substantial certainties: Unrest is widespread and wants to [...]

Where Have the Political Poets Gone? Some Suggestions for Juan Vidal at NPR

Poetry News

At NPR, Juan Vidal considers the possibility that poets are no longer visible mouthpieces for political and social protest. “The Beat Generation is dead, and literary provocation in America, I submit, is at a low.” Wow, do we occupy different poetry worlds! In any case, here’s some of the argument: Of course there was Allen [...]

Love and Career

Poetry News

It’s not everyday that you surf over to Locus Solus to find Andrew Epstein reporting on a new rug collaboratively designed by John Ashbery and Kenny Goldsmith. Epstein reminds us of the numerous collaborations Ashbery has been a part of over the years, including “co-written novels (A Nest of Ninnies, with James Schuyler) to poem-art [...]

Rest in Peace, Penelope Niven

Poetry News

Carl Sandburg’s biographer, Penelope Niven, has passed away. In addition to Carl Sandburg: A Biography, Niven wrote biographies of Thornton Wilder and Edward Steichen. She began working on Sandburg’s biography near the age of forty, as a high school English teacher, and spent the next fourteen years working on the book until it was published. [...]

13 Years: Listening and Witnessing

Featured Blogger

Listening to St. Louis Public Radio’s broadcast of “A Conversation about Race,” moderated by Michel Martin with the citizens of Ferguson, MO, was fascinating. The White power structure as represented by the mayor and a couple of others are at a loss. They’ve created monstrous police departments that have waged war on the poor, mostly [...]

‘Poetry Doesn’t Shield You From Grief’: Edward Hirsch on NPR’s <em>Morning Edition</em>

Poetry News

Visit NPR to listen to this wonderful, honest, and bittersweet sound-nugget: Edward Hirsch reads from his new book-length poem, Gabriel: A Poem. Hirsch’s poem is an elegy to his 22-year-old son, Gabriel, who wandered into a storm and after taking a club drug, had a seizure, and died of cardiac arrest. Hirsch talks to NPR’s [...]

Lisa Robertson: ‘Theory is our city’

Poetry News

Lemon Hound has graciously posted Lisa Robertson’s introduction to Theory, A Sunday (Belladonna* 2014), in anticipation of Robertson, Nicole Brossard, Rachel Levitsky, and Gail Scott reading and discussing the important book in Montreal in October. “Theory, a City,” as Robertson has it, emphasizes the cross-cultural and cross-country impact that Montreal’s 1980s feminist consciousness and theoretical [...]

Nicanor Parra Turns 100 Today

Poetry News

Feliz Cumpleaños! We were reminded that our favorite anti-poet, Nicanor Parra, turns a stunning 100 years old today. And we’re told he’s relatively spry and still writing! Chileans are rejoicing and celebrating Parra’s big 1-0-0 with a mass reading. From Telesur, from yesterday: Tomorrow, Nicanor Parra turns 100 years old. He has always been reluctant [...]