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This Is Not a Book Review

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Wild Grass on the Riverbank (Action Books, 2015) by Hiromi Ito is the newest book of translation by Jeffrey Angles, following his previous translation of Ito’s work, a collection of poems published in English with the title Killing Kanoko (Action Books, 2009). I’m not sure how many people in Poetry World know Jeffrey Angles, but [...]

Make Tripwire Translation Grants a Reality!

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Go, go, go to Tripwire’s Indie-Go-Go page to start up this new funding initiative for translation! From now until January 1, 2015 any amount helps. Stumped at the checkout? There’s a few neat offers in exchange for specific donations ranging from a Kim Hyesoon broadside ($100) to a delicious translation bundle from Counterpath Press ($60). [...]

Tomorrow: Matthea Harvey in Seattle to Present <em>If the Tabloids Are True, What Are You?</em>

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Thank goodness! Fall and winter gloom won’t stop Matthea Harvey from lighting up the city of Seattle this week. As The Stranger reports, she’ll grace town with pleasantly mercurial vibes this Friday. More from The Stranger: Poets tend to prefer one elemental force over all others. Some, like Sylvia Plath, for example, are all about [...]

<em>Flavorwire</em> Makes the Case Against YOUR Friend: Typewriters

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Well, they’re certainly not OUR friends. No, definitely, ABSOLUTELY, not! Us? Use a typewriter? Nah, you’ve got to be kidding… Just give us a minute here to destroy the damning evidence and cry a little into our e.e. cummings… From Flavorwire: Below I’ve collected a range of anecdotes and links that leave no doubt about [...]

Monica McClure & Sasha Fletcher Talk at <em>Fanzine</em>

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At Fanzine, Sasha Fletcher and Monica McClure talk together about recent chapbook contents, their lives, their art! We’re into this sharpening… [SF:] …Mood Swing changed me, bb. I want to say it’s one of the bravest things I’ve read, but I don’t know how that’ll be interpreted, so for me it was this unflinching thing. [...]

<em>Paris Review</em> Presents: Election Day Reading and After

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Still getting all of those election day emotions off your chest? The Paris Review has got you in mind with its election day coverage and then some. Afterall, haven’t you ever wondered how William Carlos Williams or Walt Whitman felt on and after election day? Explore PR’s writing about Walt Whitman, here: A reminder: Walt [...]

Sueyeun Juliette Lee Reviews Dawn Lundy Martin’s New Book!

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At Constant Critic, Sueyeun Juliette Lee reviews Dawn Lundy Martin’s new book, Life in a Box is a Pretty Life (Nightboat Books 2014). Amazing: “[Martin] offers smart, frank, actual living thought that seeks to destabilize and illustrate some of the ways that black female subjectivity continues to be framed by mis/conceptions and mis/representations of the [...]

Enough Is Enough: NYC Poetry Community Meeting on Thursday

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They’ve been happening in the Bay Area, the UK, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, and a city near you…now we know it’s a must-go, if you’re in NYC! At The Poetry Project this coming Thursday, Nov. 6, organizers from the New York poetry community are holding a public meeting to address harmful power dynamics and the necessity [...]

Xu Lizhi (1990-2014): Poet and Foxconn Worker

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63 Libcom.org is a site stocked with resources for strikers, occupiers, and activists worldwide. In a recent post to the site, friends of Xu Lizhi, a Foxconn worker who commit suicide in September at the age of 24, are honoring their friend by publishing translations of his poems into English. Xu Lizhi’s poems reflect on [...]

At <em>Lana Turner</em>: Cathy Park Hong on the Avant-Garde Tradition of…Whiteness

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The new issue of Lana Turner is out, and standout among #7′s many significant contributions circling around the avant-garde is Cathy Park Hong’s piece, “Delusions of Whiteness.” Right off, CPH makes her point: “To encounter the history of avant-garde poetry is to encounter a racist tradition.” (This calls to mind A.L. Nielsen’s recent piece querying [...]

Celebrate Cut-Ups with Boo-Hooray!

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Friday marks Day #1 for Boo-Hurray’s new exhibit about William Burroughs’s poetry cut-ups. The show, called, CUT-UPS: WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS 1914 – 2014, and curated by Kevin Young and Johan Kugelberg, opens this Friday, November 7th and will be on view until December 12th. If you’re planning to attend the opening reception, do make a [...]

A Yard Beyond the Moon

From Poetry Magazine

[Note: Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. James Longenbach’s “The Medium of the English Language” appears in the November 2014 translation issue. Previous posts in this series can be found on the Editors’ Blog.] Because I write both poems and prose about poems, people often ask me [...]

Ernesto Cardenal Speaks Out Against Proposed Nicaraguan Canal

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Amidst plans for the construction of a new interoceanic canal, Nicaraguan poet and Catholic priest, Ernesto Cardenal, is decrying the proposed “monstrosity” citing how irreversibly it will damage Lake Cocibolca, the biggest freshwater lake in Central America. The proposed canal is a collaboration between the Nicaraguan government and Wang Jing, the Chinese businessman to whom [...]

Cynthia Cruz’s Mesmerizing <em>Wunderkammer</em>

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At The Rumpus, Diana Whitney reviews Cynthia Cruz’s third book, Wunderkammer (Four Way Books 2014), which features for its cover a photograph of James Joyce’s daughter, Lucia Joyce, dancing at Bullier Ball in Paris, 1929 (she died in 1982 in an institution). Whitney feels “oddly elated” while reading the poems. More on that: The power [...]

Harvey Shapiro’s Last Poems at <em>Hyperallergic</em>

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Hyperallergic’s James Gibbons recalls his favorite conversations with Harvey Shapiro. Shapiro passed away last year just shy of his eighty-ninth birthday. James Gibbons writes in to Hyperallergic on the occasion of A Momentary Glory: Last Poems, the publication of a collection of Shapiro’s final poems. When I recall the poet Harvey Shapiro, who died not [...]

Memento Mori: C.K. Williams’s Memories of Galway Kinnell at <em>The New Yorker</em>

Poetry News

At The New Yorker, C.K. Williams honors Galway Kinnell, who passed away early last week. Kinnell and Williams knew each other for half a century and according to Williams, Kinnell “never stopped astonishing.” From The New Yorker: About the death of any friend one feels sadness; with some, though, that sadness is tempered by gratitude, [...]

In a Piece on Bohumila Grögerová for <em>Artforum</em>, Abraham Adams Revisits the Friendliness of the Concrete

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For Artforum, Abraham Adams writes about the Czech poet and translator Bohumila Grögerová, who died this August in Prague. Grögerová, Adams writes, was the “poet responsible for [a major anthology of Concrete poetry released in North America and another in Europe], Czech publication (and with it, European access to the decade in graphic writing),” and [...]

What Made Gil Scott-Heron Gil Scott-Heron

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The Believer Logger published an excerpt last week from the forthcoming Gil Scott-Heron: Pieces of a Man by Marcus Baram. “A Look at Gil Scott-Heron” details how “the rhythm of the blues shaped the way he wrote poems—’lotta hittin’ on the one down there,’ he said, meaning that he would emphasize certain words on certain [...]

Now at the Getty Research Institute: Joseph Cornell’s Correspondence with Susanna De Maria Wilson

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Admirers of the assemblage artist, Joseph Cornell, an admirer of poetry and inspiration to many poets as well, will be pleased to know that the Getty Research Institute has acquired a stunning trove of correspondences between Cornell and Susanna De Maria Wilson, one of his first assistants and the then-wife of the minimalist sculptor, Walter [...]

Getting Plants to Write Poems

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This will be my final post about the compromised body. It is becoming more prevalent for plants to make music. Here, the sound artist Mileese takes the electrical impulses (or “micro-voltages”) emitted by plants “through the virtue of their livingness” and converts them into binary code. In turn, the plants generate sound through the mediatory [...]