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Impermanent Architecture: At <em>Jacket 2</em> Mercedes Eng Explores Built Environments

Poetry News

Mercedes Eng most recent contribution to Jacket 2 looks at Vancouver’s tent city through the lens of two poetic texts about the built environment: Lisa Robertson’s Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office of Soft Architecture and Thursdays Writing Collective’s The Stanza Project, edited by Elee Kraljii Gardiner. From Jacket 2: Last week the [...]

Hunting for Poems in a Sea of News

Poetry News

How do you find all the poems fit to print? That’s a question Elizabeth Lorang asked in her quest to catalog poetry published in newspapers from the 18th to the 20th century. UNL Today reports: For nearly a century, United States history was documented in newspapers through more than the typical news reports. Millions of [...]

Cecily Nicholson’s Book-Length Documentary Poem, <em>From the Poplars</em>

Poetry News

At The Small Press Book Review, rob mclennan reviewed Vancouver poet Cecily Nicholson’s second book, From the Poplars (Vancouver BC: Talonbooks, 2014). A book-length documentary poem that points to an uninhabited island on the North Arm of British Columbia’s Fraser River, it is also a “meditation on an unmarked, twenty-seven and a half acres of [...]

Talks From Copenhagen REVERSE Festival: Steven Zultanski on Conceptual Writing, Vanessa Place on Divya Victor’s ‘Race Card’

Poetry News

Just a few weeks ago, an international poetry festival—REVERSE 2014—took place in Copenhagen. Participating poets and scholars were Steven Zultanski, Vanessa Place, and Robert Fitterman from stateside; Susanne Christensen, from Denmark; and Natalia Fedorova, from Russia, among many others. Martin Glaz Serup, poet and contributing writer to the literary collective Promenaden, has published the talks [...]

Homeland Security Defends Its Stance: Keeping America Safe from Poetry

Poetry News

The Washington Post bears additional news about the fate of British-Jordanian poet Amjad Nasser who Homeland Security barred from entering the United States last month. As WP writes: “Poetry can be dangerous,” Rumi said, and U.S. Homeland Security isn’t taking any chances. The Jordanian-British poet Amjad Nasser had been invited to speak at New York [...]

Reading List: October 2014

From Poetry Magazine

The Reading List is a feature of Poetry magazine’s Editors’ Blog. This month contributors to the October issue share some books that held their interest. Liz Berry I became a mom for the first time earlier this year and I’ve loved reading poems which explore experiences of motherhood in its many forms. Kathleen Jamie’s beautiful [...]

The New Los Angeles Poet Laureate Is Luis Rodriguez

Poetry News

Los Angeles Times announces LA’s new Poet Laureate! The position goes to poet, youth activist, and memoirist Luis Rodriguez, author of Always Running: La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A. “Luis Rodriguez is an example of how powerful an impact literature can have on young lives, and as Poet Laureate, he will impact youth across [...]

Rest in Peace, Carolyn Kizer (1924-2014)

Poetry News

The Pulitzer Prize-Winning poet, Carolyn Kizer, has died at the age of 89. She passed away on Thursday in Sonoma, California, due to complications of dementia. Kizer is best known for her feminist views and her steely-wit. Her collection, Yin, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1985. In 1998, she and Maxine Kumin, chancellors of the [...]

<em>Slate</em> Reviews Claudia Rankine’s <em>Citizen</em>

Poetry News

Is there such a thing as “race neutral” language? At Slate, Jonathan Farmer reviews Claudia Rankine’s new and stunning American lyric, Citizen: Few words echo as far and fast as racist. Amid so much supposedly race-neutral language, it lands with a violent unreality, uprooting both subject and speaker. Claudia Rankine said as much in her [...]

Patrick Durgin Witnesses Jenny Holzer at <em>Jacket 2</em>

Poetry News

—but what I can say is that this article by Patrick Durgin about truth, government sensitivity, and social romanticism, newly published at Jacket 2 sure takes the cake. Delve in right here: No one’s a kid for twenty years without a little know-how. I was a child in the 80s and child of the 90s [...]

Dunagan Reviews Jack Hirschman’s <em>The Viet Arcane</em>

Poetry News

At The Rumpus, James Patrick Dunagan’s delves into Jack Hirschman’s latest collection, resurrected from deep in the archives, The Viet Arcane. Hirschman has been a long-time fixture on the San Francisco poetry scene and, as Dunagan writes, “an institution unto himself of radical poetics.” Dunagan goes on to write: He’s dedicated his life to challenging [...]

Joely Richardson Takes On Emily Dickinson in One-Woman Show

Poetry News

Vanity Fair talked to actor Joely Richardson about her new Off-Broadway play, The Belle of Amherst, where the English theater royal plays none other than American poet Emily Dickinson in William Luce’s 1976 one-woman show. The show is in previews now. “[O]nce she read the play, she accepted the role immediately. ‘The thing is, it’s [...]

IamA Claudia Rankine

Poetry News

Right now if you head over to Reddit you can ask Claudia Rankine, well, anything! That’s right, any and everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the author of the recently published Citizen: An American Lyric, longlisted for the 2014 National Book Award. Here’s a sample to get you started, then head over here to [...]

¡Vamos A Los Angeles!

Poetry News

This weekend (!!!) a plethora of small presses with converge on the city of Los Angeles and together they will merge into the Open Press Literary Festival. The two day event features experimental works and publishers ranging from Gauss PDF to Insert Blanc Press to ypolita, and Entropy, and more. Check it out! Part book [...]

Cole Swensen Finds a Way to Robert Walser

Poetry News

Over at Pen America, an excerpt of Cole Swensen’s On Walking On, which “takes [Robert] Walser’s novel, The Walk, and the person himself, Swiss born writer Robert Walser (b. 1878-1956), as its staging point.” Guest editor Robert Fernandez writes: Swensen remarks that, for Walser, to begin a walk was to start out ‘Among a room [...]

Chinese Poets Threatened with Prison Sentences for Defending Hong Kong Protestors

Poetry News

On October 2nd in Beijing’s Songzhuang art district, Wang Zang, a Chinese poet, planned to speak at a poetry reading in support of protestors in Hong Kong. Chinese police forced his plans to change when they arrested him and seven others including journalists on their way to the event. From The Washington Post: BEIJING — [...]

Diane di Prima’s <em>The Poetry Deal</em> Is First Collection in Decades

Poetry News

Well this is NEWS: City Lights announces a new book from Diane di Prima! “This collection marks the first time in decades that legendary feminist Beat poet Diane di Prima has released a full-length book of poetry. Her last collection with City Lights was Revolutionary Letters, published in 1971.” Last year, we helped promote, with [...]

Between Popular and Literary: Remembering Edgar Allan Poe 165 Years After his Death

Poetry News

Did you know that Edgar Allan Poe was best known, in his lifetime, as an editor and critic whose cuttingly harsh reviews earned him the nickname “Tomahawk Man?” Or that his on-going feud with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow during the 1840s came to be called “The Longfellow War?” From David Ulin’s sagacious remembrance at LA Times: [...]

Celebrating Mark Strand at the New School

Poetry News

Calling all New Yorkers! The New School will be hosting a tribute to Mark Strand tomorrow, October 9th, to celebrate his 80th birthday. The the event features a powerhouse lineup of poets. From the New School website: Please join us as we celebrate the 80th birthday of legendary poet Mark Strand. Readings and words of [...]

Outcast Nevermore! Boston’s New Edgar Allan Poe Statue Salutes Hometown Hero

Poetry News

It’s a good time to be Edgar Allan Poe, even if you are in the afterlife. On the 165th anniversary of his death, the city of Boston, Edgar Allan Poe’s hometown, unveiled a new statue honoring the legendary American author and poet. Pretty scary! Read all the gory details at Jacket Copy! More than 150 [...]