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A Thomas McGrath Centennial Celebration

Poetry News

Los Angeles Review of Books features Andrew Lyndon Knighton’s essay about the incredible poet Thomas McGrath. McGrath, born one hundred years ago, is the subject of a number of celebrations in Los Angeles, his reluctant habitat. A marathon reading of his celebrated Letter to an Imaginary Friend will take place at Beyond Baroque on November […]

<em>The Rumpus</em> Interviews Ravi Shankar

Poetry News

Ravi Shankar is interviewed at The Rumpus! Co-editor, with Alvin Pang in New Haven, of the recent anthology, Union: 15 Years of Drunken Boat, 50 Years of Writing from Singapore (Ethos Books and Drunken Boat, 2015), Shankar talked with Ann Van Buren about how it came to be published; his mother tongue, Tamil (which leads […]

Poetry Society of America Interviews YALDA Founder Farnoosh Fathi

Poetry News

Our waking life today happily includes YALDA (the Young Artists Language and Devotion Alliance), “a literary intensive and publishing platform for young women authors ages 12–19.” At Poetry Society of America, Joshua Edwards interviews the venture’s single staff member, the incredible Farnoosh Fathi (author of Great Guns, Canarium Books 2013). While the word “Yalda” is […]

Penguin Modern Poets Strikes Back!

Poetry News

Guardian reports that the Penguin Modern Poets Series, the UK’s publisher of such luminaries as Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, and Stevie Smith, is relaunching in order to highlight a new “golden age” of contemporary writers. This reboot pairs Sharon Olds beside Warsan Shire and more. Penguin’s iconic Modern Poets series, which was first launched in […]

Bagley Wright Lecture Series News: Hoa Nguyen and Cedar Sigo

Poetry News

On its website, The Bagley Wright Lecture Series has posted a great interview with Hoa Nguyen which took place just after her lecture on the practice of teaching creative writing on April 21st at Hugo House in Seattle. “Often there is a constellating order of influence that inform my choices and then also occasionally, and […]

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-Award Acceptance Sonnet

Poetry News

“And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.” At VOX , watch Lin-Manuel Miranda–star and creator of Broadway’s Hamilton–accept the Tony Award for Best Score of a Musical (this was only one of the 11 awards Hamilton took home) with an emotional sonnet dedicated to […]

Barry Schwabsky Reads John Wieners’s <em>Supplication</em> at <em>Hyperallergic</em>

Poetry News

In this weekend’s “Reader’s Diary,” Barry Schwabsky reads a new selection of John Wieners’ poetry edited by Robert Dewhurst, Joshua Beckman, and CAConrad published by Wave. What happens when you cross the perfervid emotionalism of Edna St. Vincent Millay, she of the candle burning at both ends, with Charles Olson’s idea, distilled out of William […]

Advice on Hots for Married Men

Featured Blogger

Dear Poetry: Advice on Hots for Married Men, and Making Friends and Writing Poems Without a Car I think my friend has the hots for me, but he’s married and I’m single. What should I do? Art is art and life is “A monograph on infidelity” (Ted Berrigan) Who has the hots for whom? If […]

<em>Chicago Tribune</em> Rounds Up New Poetry Horizon

Poetry News

“The pure force of language, instant invention,” “Lyrical, transcendent moments,” “matters of corruption and injustice…” in the Chicago Tribune Jake Marmer looks into a few of contemporary literature’s most exciting new reads, works by Bernadette Mayer, Alice Notley, and Michael Heller. Works and Days by Bernadette Mayer, New Directions, 112 pages, $15.95 “Thanks to Hesiod […]

Holly Pester Reviews <em>Revolution: A Reader</em>

Poetry News

This was one of our favorite finds this weekend. Poet and sound artist Holly Pester looked at the compendium Revolution: A Reader, compiled and annotated by Lisa Robertson and Matthew Stadler for Publication Studio in 2012. At Three Letter Words, Pester writes that “here the term ‘revolution: a reader’ isn’t just a description of the […]

June 2016 Cover Artist: Anna Maria Maiolino

From Poetry Magazine

This month’s cover art came to us after visiting Hauser & Wirth’s remarkable show, Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculpture by Women, 1947–2016, during the 2016 AWP Writers Conference in Los Angeles. I encountered Anna Maria Maiolino’s São 8 [They Are 8], 1993 and Rolinhos na Horizontal [Horizontal Small Rolls], 1993/2015, which I think look like poems. I reached out to the […]

Lorin Stein in Conversation With Frederick Seidel About <em>Widening Income Inequality</em>

Poetry News

At The Guardian, Harvard-educated student of Ezra Pound and Robert Lowell, Frederick Seidel, speaks with Paris Review editor Lorin Stein about his new collection of poetry Widening Income Inequality. More: Frederick Seidel is no one’s idea of a protest poet. Born in a well-to-do suburb of St Louis, Missouri, educated at Harvard, encouraged early on […]

Do Poems Fail to Meet Their Sublime Promise?

Poetry News

In his new book, The Hatred of Poetry, Ben Lerner assesses whether poetry will always fail to live up to our expectations. At NPR, Annalisa Quinn reviews Lerner’s Hatred — or is it? The familiar cycle of denouncements and defenses of poetry never seems to have much to do with anyone’s actual experience of, say, […]

An Interview With Harmony Holiday: Poems Should Sound Like Poems, Behave Like Poems…

Poetry News

At Prac Crit, a UK-based journal of poetry and criticism, we have Harmony Holiday talking with writer and dancer Natalya Anderson. “She is flying through the door after a hellish day of administration at the end of term, but she’s not the least bit out of breath. What follows is a fascinating look into Harmony’s […]

Angel Gardner Reps Seattle as Youth Poet Laureate

Poetry News

Congratulations to 19-year-old Angel Gardner, selected by a panel of judges to represent the city of Seattle as this year’s Youth Poet Laureate. Claudia Rowe considers how poetry has helped Gardner articulate her struggle as one of many of the city’s homeless youth. More from The Seattle Times: Gardner’s lack of housing and education is […]

Ed Luker and Jasmine Gibson Talk Radical Poetry Scenes, Sex, Self-Critique, Contradictions in Militant Psychopathology…

Poetry News

At Public Pool, “one space for all poets,” Jasmine Gibson and Ed Luker engage in conversation. Gibson, a Brooklyn-based writer and soon-to-be psychotherapist, is the author of a chapbook, Drapetomania (Commune Editions, 2015); and Luker is a UK-based poet and scholar–check out his pamphlet Peak Return (Shit Valley Verlag, 2014), for a start. Writes Luker […]

Ross Gay Gardens With PBS NewsHour

Poetry News

At PBS NewsHour, Ross Gay says, “Gardening slows me down. I want to stop and observe everything.” Few moments feel as inspirational to him–apart from poetry–but there aren’t many other experiences ripe with so many moments to look around in wonder. More: Ross Gay is passionate about poetry, gardening and basketball. He pauses when asked […]

Stephanie Young on Aunt Lute Books

Poetry News

Small Press Distribution is celebrating its new partnership with Aunt Lute Books, publisher of Judy Grahn’s A Simple Revolution. Stephanie Young writes about how Grahn’s book “brought the unimaginable into being.” Check it out: Writing for The Advocate in 1977, Sasha Gregory-Lewis concludes her profile of The Women’s Press Collective with a rhetorical question: “Can […]

Muhammad Ali’s Linguistic Theatrics

Poetry News

At NPR, Juan Vidal reminds us of Muhammad Ali’s way with words: “Ali had a love of language, and a skill for linguistic theatrics that, while plainspoken, packed heft. He was Whitman donning white trunks and a robe. Not bad for a man who may have suffered from dyslexia, who barely graduated from high school.” […]

Exactly the Sort of Thing You’re Not Supposed to Care About

From Poetry Magazine

Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. Luke Kennard’s sequence of poems from “Anagrams” appears in the June 2016 issue. Previous posts in this series can be found on the Editors’ Blog. What do you do after five trade books of poetry? Chances are you’ve had your high-water mark already. You’ve […]