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After Charleston, <em>LA Review of Books</em> Meets with Kwame Dawes

Poetry News

How do we move forward after the Charleston Massacre? DéLana R.A. Dameron at LARB regroups with Kwame Dawes to reflect on Charleston’s “psychic landscape.” After Dameron asks Dawes “What impact you would say the South, or Charleston, had on your writing, your art, your sense of self?,” Dawes responds: The truth is that I am […]

Blunt Research Group Is Here

Poetry News

Blunt Research Group’s point is anything but dull: the anonymous collective’s current investigative poetics deals with case files of the earliest youth prisons in California. Already published at Chicago Review, Gulf Coast, The Offing, and The Recluse within the last six weeks: a fifth folio of Blunt Research Group’s writing will appear soon at MAKE. […]

RIP James Tate

Poetry News

This morning we heard the very sad news that poet and UMass professor James Tate has died at the age of 71. Gazettenet reports: Acclaimed poet James Tate, a distinguished professor in the English department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, died Wednesday evening, according to a university spokesman. He was 71. Tate is the […]

The Complex Lyric Concerns of Simon Jarvis’s Unsung Work, <em>The Unconditional</em>

Poetry News

Arkava Das at Jacket2 claims that Simon Jarvis’s The Unconditional: A Lyric (Barque Press, 2005) might be The Waste Land of our times, “only unsung, and way longer.” Who knew? More: Any number of light-hearted parallels can be drawn between Jarvis’s venture and The Waste Land as its modernist predecessor as a cartography of urban/consumerist […]

Printed Matter’s New Executive Director Is… Max Schumann!

Poetry News

Printed Matter LLC has a new Executive Director according to the organization’s recent news blast… it’s Max Schumann! Schumann began at Printed Matter as a book packer in 1989 and rose to become Bookstore Manager, followed by Associate Director, and has even served as Acting Director on numerous occasions. More: […]Max Schumann takes on the […]

Talking With Rae Armantrout About <em>Itself</em>

Poetry News

Rae Armantrout is interviewed at Literary Hub! The poet talks with Adam Fitzgerald about her newest book, Itself (Wesleyan), and its relationship to philosophy, science, and the words, um, themselves: “At some point, I guess, I found the word itself (the word ‘itself’) rather comic. The highly valued self and the abject ‘it’ inextricably conjoined.” […]

At the <em>New Yorker,</em> Stephen Burt Asks ‘Why Start a Literary Magazine?’

Poetry News

Hm… well, first of all it’s fun to do…. but besides that, I guess the issue could certainly use a little further examination. Thank goodness Stephen Burt is on the case, right here at The New Yorker: Why on Earth would you start a literary magazine? You won’t get rich, or even very famous. You’ll […]

Judge How He Fleeceth the Country

From Poetry Magazine

[Note: Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. Paul Batchelor’s “The Discoverer’s Man” appears in the July/August 2015 issue. Previous posts in this series can be found on the Editors’ Blog.] There’s something disreputable about dramatic monologues. It’s easy to write a passable one but almost impossible to […]

New Context for ‘The Red Wheelbarrow’ in the Form of Neighbor Thaddeus Marshall

Poetry News

Jennifer Schuessler writes for the New York Times about a little-known poet we like to call William Carlos Williams. Actually, she’d like to write about someone else–Mr. Thaddeus Marshall. “[T]he owner of the humble garden tool that inspired William Carlos Williams’s classic poem ‘The Red Wheelbarrow‘ will finally get his due,” says Schuessler. On July […]

<em>The Prison Dictionary</em> Illuminates a Private, Institutional Language

Poetry News

“[W]hen a group of inmates put their private language under a microscope, they realized the way they use language reflects years of institutional history and serves as a unique window onto their experiences of prison life,” writes Leon Neyfakh for Slate about The Prison Dictionary, a project started by inmates at Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and […]

Cid Corman’s <em>of</em>, Volumes 4 & 5, Discussed at <em>Jacket2</em>

Poetry News

We’d be remiss not to make mention of this interview at Jacket2 (concerning Cid Corman’s of, volumes 4 & 5) between Bob Arnold (Corman’s literary executor and editor of of) and Gregory Dunne. As you likely know already, Corman’s little magazine Origin was one of the first publications to see key figures of the New […]


Featured Blogger

Prologue “Tradecraft” is the first in a series of essays that address disintermediation and convergence as it relates to design, aesthetic philosophy, authorship, poetry, and the packaging of poetry. Here, the boundaries of my subjects will not be limited by common definition. It is often the case that such disciplines, notwithstanding the now old-fashioned idea […]

At <em>New York Times,</em> a ‘Friendly Song’ About Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Poetry News

Dwight Garner reviews the latest attempt at compiling aspects of Carlos Drummond de Andrade’s astonishing, kaleidoscopic career. Multitudinous Heart brings together a selection of his poems as translated by Richard Zenith. The most celebrated Brazilian poet of the 20th century, de Andrade’s poem “Friendly Song” was once even printed on a 50 cruzados bill. From […]

<em>The Guardian</em> Visits Lawrence Ferlinghetti in San Francisco

Poetry News

At 96, Lawrence Ferlinghetti still has a lot to say about his life in the Beat Generation. On the eve of the publication of two new books, I Greet You at the Beginning of a Great Career: The Selected Correspondence of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg, 1955-1997 (City Lights, due later this month) and Writing […]

Poets Personally Reflect on the Appointment of Juan Felipe Herrera as U.S. Poet Laureate

Poetry News

At the Los Angeles Review of Books, poets Rigoberto González, Sandra Cisneros, Eduardo C. Corral, Francisco Aragón, Carmen Gimenez Smith, Tim Z. Hernandez, and Brenda Cárdenas reflect on the appointment of Juan Felipe Herrera as U.S. Poet Laureate! David Tomas Martinez writes by way of introduction: “I am an adamant objector to the Horatio Alger […]

VIDA Announces Leadership Changes

Poetry News

The very influential VIDA has announced some leadership changes! Erin Belieu, who has acted as VIDA’s official spokesperson since the organization’s founding, said: “Editors and publishers throughout the country tell me that VIDA has fundamentally impacted how we as a creative community think about issues of publishing, feminism, and intersectional diversity. We’re proud that the […]

Transmission Gallery (Oakland, California) Hosts ‘San Francisco’s Wild History Groove’

Poetry News

Transmission Gallery is hosting a screening of “San Francisco’s Wild History Groove” (a documentary by Mary Kerr) on Saturday July 18th at 7 pm. The event will include a special poetry reading by David Meltzer and Julie Rogers. More information courtesy of Transmission Gallery: Please join us Saturday, July 18th at 7pm for a screening […]

Celebrate The United States of Awesome: Krupskaya’s Open Reading Period is Now ’til August 1

Poetry News

Krupskaya Books, edited by Stephanie Young, Brandon Brown (pictured above with Stephanie Young), Kevin Killian, and Jocelyn Saidenberg, is hosting an open reading period all summer-long. That’s right! From now until August 1 you can send that manuscript that’s been hiding in your desk to four of the greatest editors on THE PLANET. Send your […]

Announcing <em>La Vague</em> 5: Animal Lessons (a primer)

Poetry News

We’re turning into enthusiasts, what on earth. But please do have a gander or, why not, a whole badelynge, at the newest issue of La Vague, feat. an enviable roster of animal lessons from Holly Amos, Laura Carter, Carolyn Guinzio, Carrie Hunter, Megan Kaminski, Kate Litterer, Allison Titus, and Candice Wuehle. Miriam Hitchcock is the […]

From Mr. Hegel to Mr. Snuggles: Throw Some Love to Insert Blanc Press Pronto

Poetry News

Insert Blanc Press is–in the words of Poetic Research Bureau’s Joseph Mosconi–a good press and a loving death cult. We heartily agree! Insert Blanc, based in Los Angeles and edited/published by the wise Mathew Timmons, is making some of the most innovative art and literature this side of everywhere. And it’s plenty obvious from their […]