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Lisa Robertson: ‘Theory is our city’

Poetry News

Lemon Hound has graciously posted Lisa Robertson’s introduction to Theory, A Sunday (Belladonna* 2014), in anticipation of Robertson, Nicole Brossard, Rachel Levitsky, and Gail Scott reading and discussing the important book in Montreal in October. “Theory, a City,” as Robertson has it, emphasizes the cross-cultural and cross-country impact that Montreal’s 1980s feminist consciousness and theoretical [...]

Nicanor Parra Turns 100 Today

Poetry News

Feliz Cumpleaños! We were reminded that our favorite anti-poet, Nicanor Parra, turns a stunning 100 years old today. And we’re told he’s relatively spry and still writing! Chileans are rejoicing and celebrating Parra’s big 1-0-0 with a mass reading. From Telesur, from yesterday: Tomorrow, Nicanor Parra turns 100 years old. He has always been reluctant [...]

At <em>The Believer:</em> Tao Lin Chats with Ben Lerner

Poetry News

It’s true! The new online issue of The Believer features a lovely conversation between poet and novelist, Tao Lin, AND poet and novelist, and author of the new already-bestselling fiction title 10:04, Ben Lerner. From Tao Lin’s introduction to their conversation: Ben Lerner’s second novel, 10:04, is narrated by a 33-year-old author who grew up [...]

Very Into You: Chris Kraus Preps <em>Believers</em> for Kathy Acker’s Emails with MacKenzie Wark at the Dawn of the Internet Era

Poetry News

Holy Moley, there’s a new book on the horizon edited by Matias Viegener that includes the tre romantique emails of new media theorist MacKenzie Wark and Kathy Acker. Chris Kraus maps it out for us, at The Believer: Throughout her career, Acker spoke often about her discovery of appropriation through her studies with the poet [...]

Donald Revell on Barbara Guest’s ‘The Location of Things’

Poetry News

At the Omnidawn blog, Donald Revell revisits the work of Barbara Guest–and the “exceptionalism,” in particular, that he finds there. “Wherever the eye alights, the accent falls, freely. Every word might be the exceptionalist.” Revell looks at her poem “The Location of Things.” Transparency trumps structure. For example: “why…am I watching leaves?” queries a possible [...]

Green Lantern’s Sector 2337 to Open in October

Poetry News

Chicago rejoices! New City reports that Green Lantern Press will be opening a new gallery and bookstore in the heart of Logan Square this October. The deets are these: The space will host three exhibitions a year supplemented by a series of public programs. In addition, the Press’ online bookstore will be represented in the [...]

SPD Movie Night Is Tomorrow! Featuring Films by Six Bay Area Poets & Filmmakers

Poetry News

Small Press Distribution is screening films! Tomorrow night, the trusty organization will show the work of six local poets and/or filmmakers on the back wall of its warehouse, says Evan Karp at SFGate. “Sophia (Wang) had told me that she was working on this project with Bernadette Mayer,” [organizer Nicole] Trigg said by phone. “She [...]

Coming Soon to a Bookshelf Near You: Greatest Hits of Oxford’s Bodleian Library

Poetry News

Who DOESN’T want to have a book that also contains a picture of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s hair strand?! University of Chicago Press has unleashed this behemoth: Marks of Genius: Masterpieces from the Collection of the Bodleian Libraries. The book corresponds with a traveling exhibition currently at the Morgan Library (NYC) called “Marks of Genius” which [...]

Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center Receives Expansion Grant

Poetry News

Sometimes we sit around Harriet HQ and daydream about what it woulda been like to be a student at Black Mountain College in the 50s. Sitting in on Charles Olson’s marathon workshops with fellow classmates like John Wieners and Joel Oppenheimer, Michael Rumaker and Ed Dorn, wondering if Bob Creeley will be back for a [...]

Crazy in Love with Beyoncé: Poetess

Poetry News

We’re putting a “like” on this one! Jacket Copy reports that CR Fashion is publishing a poem by our favorite, not-so- “Single Lady,” Beyoncé Knowles. In fact, it’s a collaboration of sorts with Forrest Gander, who is no stranger to poetry. More from Jacket Copy: Beyoncé is a superstar. She’s an amazing singer and dancer, [...]

Brett Fletcher Lauer Talks to <em>Boston Review</em> About Krishna, Wordsworth, Wittgenstein, Workshops…

Poetry News

At Boston Review, William Brewer interviews Brett Fletcher Lauer, he of the new collection (and first!) A Hotel in Belgium (Four Way Books, 2014), which “is one of those fabled first books that teem with such skill, confidence, and maturity that it doesn’t really seem like a first book at all.” We pointed to a [...]

Evening Really Comes for Lara Glenum

Poetry News

The Volta has just released their newest issue of poetry mag/one-hander Evening Will Come! That’s right, the theme this go-round is NSFW! Edited by Lara Glenum, the issue features such 21st-cent. de Sades as CAConrad, Jenny Zhang, Ronaldo Wilson, Fen Sung Jen, Lonely Christopher, Wayne Koestenbaum, Felix Bernstein & Trisha Low, Dawn Lundy Martin, Johannes [...]

The Poetry of Biosphere 2

Poetry News

If you remember way back to February this year, we posted this item about the University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2 project. Now, the fruits of their experiment, of welcoming poets to the Biosphere to draw inspiration for their writing, are being reaped at Terrain.org. Eric Magrane writes: Biosphere 2 holds many narratives. It’s the dream [...]

The Brother

From Poetry Magazine

[Note: Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. francine j. harris’s “enough food and a mom” appears in the September 2014 issue. Previous posts in this series can be found on the Editors’ Blog.]   From “not an elegy for Mike Brown” by Danez Smith I am sick [...]

Sweet Seconds: Lisa Russ Spaar Examines Two Poets’ Second Poetry Collections

Poetry News

For this most recent installment in her “Second Acts: A Second Look at Second Books of Poetry” column, Lisa Russ Spaar looks at Robert Hass and Fiona Sze-Lorrain’s second collections of poetry: Praise (Ecco, 1979) and My Funeral Gondola (Mānoa Books/El León, 2013). Two glimpses of Spaar’s re-reading Hass and Sze-Lorrain: I LONG AGO loaned [...]

‘A Near-Perfect Piece of Literature:’ Maggie Nelson Reviews Ben Lerner at <em>Los Angeles Review of Books</em>

Poetry News

Los Angeles Review of Books presents two writers who work across the boundaries of poetry, prose, and scholarship: Maggie Nelson and her fabulous review of Ben Lerner’s new book: 10:04. BUT OF COURSE every generation has its own version, its own smoldering apprehension of end times, of the foreclosure of human history, the cessation of [...]

Writing About Race: <em>Los Angeles Review of Books’s</em> Tess Taylor Considers the ‘Texts with Which We Craft and Fathom Our Lives’

Poetry News

After Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination (Toni Morrison) and after “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket” (Edgar Allan Poe), Tess Taylor considers the impact of race in the writings of three contemporary poets: Jake Adam York, Rachel Richardson, and Martha Collins. Morrison then, asks us both for new criticism [...]

Meet the ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ on de Battlefront

Featured Blogger

On Labor Day, I wrote as a status update: We live in volatile times, yes. But creative and productive ones as well. Keep that in mind as the number of crises increases. The tightrope is not a metaphor; it’s where we all are, between our grand intentions and the air. And on that tightrope, there [...]

Wittgenstein’s <em>Tractatus</em> Now in Opera Form

Poetry News

Poets! Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus has been adapted into an avant-garde opera by Finnish composer and musician M.A. Numminen! This odd character, who caused a stir in the 60s by setting sex guides to music, took it upon himself to do the same for many of the Tractatus’s propositions, and the results are, well…. Listen [...]

Sylvia Plath Wasn’t Just ‘Queen of Melancholia’

Poetry News

The Airship (a cultural purveyor from the friendly skies) has a piece on Sylvia Plath’s non-depression! Gennie Rivieccio notes that Plath “did in fact live a very pleasant life before her demise.” More: What made Plath her most ecstatic in 1953 was winning a guest editorship at Mademoiselle in New York City. In Elizabeth Winder’s [...]