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<em>Entropy</em> Lauds Philip Metres’ <em>Sand Opera</em>

Poetry News

Philip Metres’s Sand Opera arrived on bookshelves just days after details surrounding the CIA’s detention and interrogation program were made public. Its release date was very timely. In Sand Opera, Metres employs operatic forms to reveal the truly horrific structures of Abu Ghraib. Read Marwa Helal’s review of Sand Opera and learn more about the […]

The Sick Bed & Dr. Donne

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Sometimes I think there is no more tragic piece of furniture than a bed, how quickly it falls from the place you fuck to the place you waste away in. or Sometimes I think there is no more tragic piece of furniture than a bed, how quickly it falls from the place you fuck to […]

Ada Smailbegović’s ‘Some Disordered Interior Geometries’

Poetry News

A new piece that “[moves] across the grid of appearance” from Ada Smailbegović (poet, scholar, and co-editor of the Organism for Poetic Research) is up at the uh-mazing Reanimation Library, titled “Some Disordered Interior Geometries.” Its sections–0.1, 0.2, and so on until 1.7–can also be read against this taxonomic grid, also titled “Some Disordered Interior […]

New Issue of <em>Asymptote</em> Features Brossard, Bergvall, Wolf et Plus

Poetry News

Holy fumi. The new issue of Asymptote is out, and features Montreal poet and translator Bronwyn Haslam’s special anagrammatic translations of Nicole Brossard’s “Soft Link 1, 2, and 3.” “It’s fears dense and mesmeric that creep into a life at reveille, cereal time, as she questions conflict to come and as all mornings, in an […]

A Lesson in Mentorship and Generosity: Francisco X. Alarcón, 1954-2016

Poetry News

At Letras Latinas, Francisco Aragón writes about the life, work, and friendship of Francisco X. Alarcón, who we’ve been told died this morning after a battle with cancer. Aragón, as he was coming into his own as a poet, describes how Alarcón acted as a mentor to him, for his work as a poet, editor, […]

<em>LA Times</em> Announces New Books Editor: Carolyn Kellogg

Poetry News

Kellogg, who has been covering books since 2008, started LA Times books blog, Jacket Copy. We’re big fans of her work: congrats! More, via LA Times. Carolyn Kellogg, who has been covering books for The Times since 2008, has been named books editor. Editor Davan Maharaj announced that Kellogg’s role “will go beyond the printed […]

At <em>New York Times</em> Dwight Garner Reviews New Clive James Collection

Poetry News

When Clive James learned that he had terminal leukemia, in 2010, he began a “vivifying late-career tear,” as Dwight Garner writes in his New York Times review of James’s most recent collection of poems, Sentenced to Life. “It’s a harrowing collection, gravid with meaning, unflinching in its appraisal of the author’s mistakes, including infidelity, and […]

At <em>Music & Literature</em>, an Uncharted Review of Uljana Wolf’s <em>i mean i dislike that fate that i was made to where</em>

Poetry News

At the lovely journal Music & Literature, a review of Uljana Wolf’s i mean i dislike that fate that i was made to where, translated by Sophie Seita and published by Wonder this past year. As Joshua Daniel Edwin notes, Wolf is a poet working between German and English. “As translators work to express parts […]

Reginald Dwayne Betts Is Turning Lives Around With This Feature at <em>PBS NewsHour</em>

Poetry News

At PBS NewsHour, poet, law student, and prison reform activist Reginald Dwayne Betts talks about his journey–how reading, and poetry in particular, affected his time in prison (and his goals now). And he returns to the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Facility–where he spent eight and a half years–to talk with PBS’s Jeffrey Brown, and […]

<em>The New York Times</em> Takes a Hike with Eileen Myles

Poetry News

Our favorite openly female presidential candidate, Eileen Myles, is back in the news. Earlier this week, you may have noticed Myles in attendance at the Golden Globe Awards; Myles appears in this week’s New York Times Magazine section “Talk,” where she discusses the current presidential race and why men everywhere really need to get outta […]

<em>Washington Post</em> Reviews Martín Espada, Camille Rankine and more

Poetry News

The Washington Post’s Elizabeth Lund writes that the best poetry books of January 2016 tackle “race, current events, love and loss.” What should you be reading to start this year off right? Take a look at a few of Lund’s mentions in this WP review. We’ll start you off with a look at Rankine’s latest. […]

To Cure the Sharp Accidents of Disease

Featured Blogger

I thought I was telling a joke when I woke up from surgery and said, to the sirens of the ambulance, “Beyonce,” but it came out weirder, like a poem. And if I hadn’t been a poet, none of these precise events—the art project or political experiment of caring for a really sick person who […]

An Interview With Danez Smith at <em>Public Books</em>

Poetry News

At Public Books, an interview with Danez Smith, whose first full-length collection, [insert] boy, “is proof of Smith’s commitment to examining and unravelling the stories we tell about ourselves and each other, and imagining how we can tell those stories differently,” says Isaac Ginsberg Miller. Also: “Smith’s accomplishments are remarkable for a poet still at […]

Mia You Reads Rickey Laurentiis’s ‘I Saw I Dreamt Two Men’ at <em>Jacket2</em>

Poetry News

At Jacket2, Mia You explores Ricky Laurentiis’s poem “I Saw I Dreamt Two Men,” in a reading informed by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Audre Lorde. You focuses on questions of empathy, eros, and disembodiment as they pertain to the murder of Tamir Rice. More: Laurentiis is the writer of “I Saw I Dreamt Two Men.” And, […]

C. D. Wright, 1949-2016

Poetry News

We are shocked and saddened to learn of the death of C. D. Wright, as announced in a press release today from her publisher Copper Canyon Press. From their press release: C.D. Wright, beloved prize-winning poet and writing professor at Brown University, unexpectedly passed away in her home on January 12, 2016. Her most recent […]

<em>The Critical Flame:</em> Chloe Garcia Roberts and Guangchen Chen Close Read Li Shangyin

Poetry News

At The Critical Flame, Chloe Garcia Roberts and Guangchen Chen engage in a conversation about reading and translating the writing of Li Shangyin. CGR: We have described Li Shangyin’s poetry as painful before, and it is interesting to think of this pain in conjunction with a non-objective poetic frame. I find pain to be both […]

Reading List: January 2016

From Poetry Magazine

The Reading List is a feature of Poetry magazine’s Editors’ Blog. This month contributors to the January 2016 issue share some books that held their interest. David Baker So many books, new and old, to commend. I haven’t been as excited about a first book of poetry for a long time as I am about Solmaz […]

Reincarnated as a Poet: The Mystery of Ellen Bass

Poetry News

At The Rumpus, a piece on the “vanishing” of poet Ellen Bass, who had the pleasure of hearing her own poem chosen by Philip Levine for a 2013 New Yorker podcast. “Bass was so enthused she did not even bother to quibble over Levine referring to her as having been missing from the literary scene. […]

Brenda Hillman Named Newest Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets

Poetry News

The Associated Press reports that Brenda Hillman has been named chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. The academy told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Hillman will serve for six years as chancellor, an honorary position for which duties range from consulting on programming to judging for prizes. W.H. Auden, John Ashbery and Adrienne […]

Channeling ‘Lingual Energy from a Trans-Personal Level’ with Will Alexander

Poetry News

Entropy’s Sofi Thanhauser communes with poet and overall brilliant thinker Will Alexander about his collection of essays Singing in Magnetic Hoofbeat: Essays, Prose Texts, Interviews and a Lecture, 1991-2007 (and more) in her interview “Hearing a Second Bell in a Mirror.” ST: Singing in Magnetic Hoofbeat: Essays, Prose Texts, Interviews and a Lecture, 1991-2007 presents […]