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Resisting Closure: <em>The Nation’s</em> Ange Mlinko Reflects on Jorie Graham

Poetry News

The Nation’s Poetry Editor Ange Mlinko reflects on Jorie Graham’s international career, considering its tragedy within the overall landscape of Modernism. More: In her 2003 Paris Review interview, Jorie Graham evokes a radiant image from her childhood in Rome: a “huge marble statue of the reclining Apollo on the landing above the ballet class that […]

PEN America Hosts Diversity Roundtable for Publishing Professionals: ‘What if we published only queer POCs for a year? I’m serious: would the world explode?’

Poetry News

PEN America’s Antonio Aiello reached out to publishing professionals for a roundtable called “Equity in Publishing: What Should Editors Be Doing?” in which we see “how they define their editorial responsibility, what they look for in the work they select, and what they think about white privilege and creating a larger, more inclusive space for […]


Featured Blogger

Paris, France Part 2: On Transparency In Paris When It’s Naked, Etel Adnan writes: “And then, look at Paris, do it in your imagination if your eyes can’t find it, and see what a solid mass of a city it is, what a fugue in its composition, what an epic story in its stones, what […]

Yale Senior Emi Mahmoud Crowned Individual World Poetry Slam Champion

Poetry News

YaleNews moves our attention to the slam poetry world, interviewing Yale senior Emtithal “Emi” Mahmoud, who stunned even herself when she won the Individual World Poetry Slam Championship (iWPS) on October 10. “Entering the final round of the competition, she had drawn the last slot for the last bout. Despite the high-pressure situation, she performed […]

Only Human: Max Ritvo

Poetry News

Earlier this week, the WNYC program Only Human featured Max Ritvo, a poet, comic, and “inspiring cancer survivor.” At 24, Max Ritvo has a lot going for him. He’s a gifted poet with a teaching job at Columbia University and a manuscript that he’s shopping to publishers. He’s a new husband. He’s a comic in […]

‘A Different Kind of Derek Jeter': Gregory Pardlo Talks With Allan Wolpe at WBGO

Poetry News

What does it mean to win the Pulitzer Prize? Gregory Pardlo says, in conversation with Allan Wolpe, that he is still “negotiating what that means” but he feels responsible to young writers to respond to everyone. More: One of the things that I chafe against is the flattening of the narrative, the story that comes […]

‘Talking—it’s real dangerous': Language & David Lynch

Poetry News

Dennis Lim, director of programming at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and author of the forthcoming David Lynch: The Man from Another Place, writes for The New Yorker about Lynch’s use of language: “In Lynch’s own speech and in the speech patterns of his films, the impression is of language used less for meaning […]

<em>English Kills Review</em> Recounts an Evening With <em>Soul Sister Review</em>

Poetry News

Hold on to your hats! The Soul Sister Review, a Monday Reading Series in NYC, is back, curated by Cynthia Manick. Learn more about the series in this review by Safia Jama over at English Kills Review. More: There’s been some good buzz around the reading series Soul Sister Revue, curated by the poet Cynthia […]

Craig Saper Bequests History of Concrete Poetry to <em>Coldfront</em>

Poetry News

There’s never been a better time to brush up on your concrete poetry know-how than right now, as Coldfront is featuring quite prominently a history of concrete poetry in America by Craig Saper. Check it out! More: In the 1960s, the American variant of Concrete poetry was influenced by manifestos and poems from Europeans and […]

Out From <em>Under Milk Wood</em> a Dylan Thomas Poem Resurfaces

Poetry News

New York Times’s ArtsBeat bears news that “A Dream of Winter,” a lost poem written by Dylan Thomas, recently resurfaced on a page ripped from a 1942 magazine. More: LONDON — A long-forgotten work by Dylan Thomas will be read at an undisclosed location in London on Friday, after it was found by chance on […]

New to the Archive

Poetry News

The Poetry Foundation’s online archive of poetry is ever expanding. Here’s a look at some recent additions you may have missed over the last few months: Orlando White, who will be joining us as November’s featured blogger at Harriet, published his second book, Letterrs (Nightboat Books), earlier this year and we have three poems from […]

Gregory Pardlo, Saeed Jones, More Discuss Recent Diversity Report

Poetry News

At The Guardian, a piece on poet Gregory Pardlo, with an eye on diversity, recognition, and how they really translate in terms of visibility in the poetry and publishing worlds. “I won the Pulitzer: why am I invisible?” Pardlo asks. More: Pardlo, a doctoral candidate at the City University of New York, was honored Monday […]

<em>The New Yorker</em> Puts Two & Two Together: John Wieners, Meet John Updike

Poetry News

The New Yorker’s Dan Chiasson looks at “The Boston Boys,” by which he means poet John Wieners, whose posthumous collections Supplication: Selected Poems of John Wieners, has just been published by Wave Books, and Stars Seen In Person, Selected Journals out from City Lights… I was one of the non-bohemians who lived on the Hill […]

Fred Moten in the Art-World Fold

Poetry News

At Art Agenda, Rachael Rakes reviews artist Wu Tsang’s latest solo exhibition at New York’s Clifton Benevento, “the result of an exchange with Fred Moten, the poet and theorist whose explorations of representation and identity in black avant-garde culture have over the last few years brought him into the art-world fold.” More: The central work […]

<em>LA Times</em> Reports on Poetry From Syria

Poetry News

The Los Angeles Times’s Jeffrey Fleischmann brings to light several young poets who are raising their voices amidst the Syrian conflict. More: The poetry radiating from the Syrian civil war echoes with nostalgia, bombs and betrayals; it slips into the lives of torn-apart families and boys of defiance who have grown into men with bandoleers […]

Paul Stephens on Celebrity & American Poetry

Poetry News

Paul Stephens explores the dazzling topic of celebrity in relation to American poetry and social media in an essay, “The Poetics of Celebsploitation,” now up at Admodern. Stephens looks–in particular but not exclusively–at Wonder Press co-editors and poets Ben Fama and Andrew Durbin: Andrew Durbin has wittily appropriated the first sentence of Hannah Arendt’s introduction […]

<em>Open Space</em> Checks in With Cedar Sigo

Poetry News

Last week we delivered the news that the SFMoMA’s Open Space launched a new website. While rolling out the new site, they took a break and got caught up with their old friend Cedar Sigo, who contributed to Open Space from 2008 to 2012, and who also contributed to Harriet in and around those same […]

<em>The Atlantic</em> Weighs in on Literary Journals’ Submission Policies

Poetry News

Is that “reading fee” really worth it? At The Atlantic, Joy Lanzendorfer argues that while it is hard work for editors to weed through submissions, even with a reading fee as low as $2, a prospective contributor could end up spending as much as sixty dollars (if not more) in cumulative reading fees, before a […]

Good News: Eileen Myles Is in the Spotlight at NPR

Poetry News

NPR’s Craig Morgan Teicher reviews two Eileen Myles publications that hit bookshelves recently: a re-issue of Myles’s 1994 classic, Chelsea Girls, and a new and selected of Myles’s poetry called I Must Be Living Twice. From NPR: Eileen Myles has two new books out this week, a career-spanning new and selected poems called I Must […]

<em>Landscapes on a Train</em> Reviewed at <em>Publishers Weekly</em>

Poetry News

Cole Swensen’s newest, Landscapes on a Train (Nightboat Books, 2015), is reviewed at Publishers Weekly! “The title is quite literal: each of the book’s 57 poems depict, in just a handful of long lines, a landscape glimpsed on a passing train,” writes PW. More: But Swensen’s swerving syntax and quicksilver imagery imbue each scene with […]