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City Lights Celebrates Banned Books Week

Poetry News

It’s almost the end of Banned Books Week! Before the festivities come to a close, don’t forget to check out the party at the City Lights Blog, Abandon All Despair Ye Who Enter Here, for a brief history lesson about Allen Ginsberg’s Howl on trial. In solidarity with our friends in the book community during [...]

Poetry’s Use of Appropriation a Good Example of Foucault’s ‘Governmentality’

Poetry News

Cool essay at Covertext: “Foucault, Appropriation, and Conceptual Writing,” by Patrick Greaney (who you might recall as the translator of Heimrad Bäcker’s SEASCAPE), goes over Richard Prince (whose new show of Instagram prints is in the backroom of the Gagosian bookstore [and Jerry Saltz loves it]), Vanessa Place, and appropriation through the looking-glass of Foucault’s [...]

<em>Burroughs: The Movie</em> Now Restored

Poetry News

A few years ago we directed our dear readers over to Aaron Brookner’s Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising awareness and funds for his project to digitally restore his uncle Howard’s 1983 documentary Burroughs: The Movie. We’re happy to say that Brookner’s efforts have been a success! From IndieWire: Early next month, the New York [...]

Writers Riding the Rails: Amtrak Announces the Winners of #AmtrakResidency Program

Poetry News

It only took a hop, skip, and a jump–and we’re there! At least, we imagine that’s what the applicants to Amtrak’s new residency program are saying as they embark upon happy trails across the United States this month. From Jacket Copy: In the 1930s, hobos illicitly rode the rails; nowadays, authors are being invited onto [...]

Stephen Rodefer’s <em>Four Lectures</em>, Annotated & Ongoing

Poetry News

In the 2013 issue of Glossator–a journal rich with “creative form[s] of intellectual work”–is an essay by Ian Heames that “fulsomely [annotates]” Stephen Rodefer’s Four Lectures, one of everyone’s favorite six-hundred-dollar books of poetry. Glossator, edited by Medievalist Nicola Masciandaro, with Ryan Dobran and Karl Steel (and a long arm of international advisors), relates to [...]

Happy Banned Books Week!

Poetry News

It’s true! And if you happen to be in Los Angeles this week LA Public Library branches have a few sweet parties in store for you, while Jacket Copy boasts this swell banned books round-up… Every year kids go to school or the library and bring back books that make some parents raise their eyebrows. [...]

‘Many poets are little-boy Nabokov,’ but Not Dan Chiasson

Poetry News

Expert limericist Anthony Madrid reviews the work of Dan Chiasson at the Philadelphia Review of Books , as noted by John Ebersole at the publication’s blog. “To be honest, I hadn’t read a lot of Chiasson until recently, but Madrid urged me to and once I did I saw what he saw: ‘One reads [Chiasson] [...]

What Poetry is Stored in the U.K.’s Memory?

Poetry News

A new study, spearheaded by Andrew Motion and a team of researchers at Cambridge University, sets out to survey individuals across the U.K. to find out “what poetry is stored in our nation’s memory, and what it means to the individuals who remember it.” From The Guardian: Which is why I love the sound of [...]

Tibetan Poet Tenzin Tsundue Speaks Out About His Detention

Poetry News

Last week we reported that Tibetan poet Tenzin Tsundue had been detained by Indian police while planning a demonstration in protest of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit. Yesterday we came across this interview with Tsundue on DNA India detailing his planned protest and subsequent detention. Upon learning of the Chinese President’s scheduled visit, Tsundue traveled [...]

On This Day, 1818, John Keats Sent a Sonnet of Ronsard in a Letter to an Amorous Friend

Poetry News

At The American Reader, a feature called “This Day in Letters” presents September 23, 1818, as the day John Keats wrote to to his close friend, the English poet John Hamilton Reynolds, “with words of encouragement regarding Reynolds’ new love for an unnamed young woman. ‘But I conjure you to think at Present of nothing [...]

Hugh MacDiarmid Poems Discovered

Poetry News

From the lost and found file, we bring you some recently discovered, unknown poems by legendary Scots writer Hugh MacDiarmid. The poems were found in Dumfriesshire, his birth place, and they were written under his real name, Christopher Murray Grieve, when the poet was only 22. All together Ron Addison has uncovered 15 poems from [...]

At <em>Kenyon Review:</em> Khaled Mattawa’s Thoughts on Translating and Writing Poetry

Poetry News

In this Kenyon Review article about identity, empowerment, translating and writing poetry, Khaled Mattawa, one of this year’s MacArthur Fellows, explains why translating Arab poets into English empowered him to write about his own experiences coming-of-age as a multicultural young man in America. I. In December 1988, in my last year in college, I travelled [...]

<em>Coldfront</em> Considers <em>A Progressive Education</em>

Poetry News

At Coldfront, Eric Dean Wilson reviews Richard Howard’s newest collection of poems: A Progressive Education. Fans of the “School Days” sequence in Richard Howard’s 2008 National Book Award-nominated Without Saying will be glad to see that his newest collection, A Progressive Education, comprises a more in depth visit to the students of Park School, a [...]

One Day Only: Kate Zambreno on Kathy Acker

Poetry News

Frances Farmer Is My Sister is back! For today. Kate Zambreno has posted an excerpt of a forthcoming essay on Kathy Acker, to be in book form soon in Feminist Press’s ICON anthology, edited by Amy Scholder, with contributions from Justin Vivian Bond, Johanna Fateman, Jill Nelson, Rick Moody, Mary Gaitskill, and others. An excerpt [...]

La Vida Poetica: aka Can You Community?

Featured Blogger

Last week I went to a celebration for the life of Maya Angelou. On Friday, September 19, I went to a birthday celebration for Sonia Sanchez. My mother, may she be happy in heaven, always said give people flowers while they are alive, they’re useless when they’re dead. She was right. And Sonia received many [...]

David Meltzer Needs Your Help!

Poetry News

This just in: David Meltzer needs your help! The beat-generation poet and former poetics professor at San Francisco’s New College is struggling with liver cancer and subsequent medical bills as he heals. Please help! David Meltzer, in his seventh decade, continues to be one of the major figures of the Beat generation and of American [...]

<em>Hyperallergic</em> Reviews Afton Wilky’s <em>Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea</em>

Poetry News

If you’re wondering what to start reading this fall, Hyperallergic has some great pointers, including a shout out to Afton Wilky’s debut collection published by flim forum press called Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea. Just by the sound of the book’s title, we’re tempted to agree. To immediately grasp the innovative nature of Afton [...]

Rare Footage of Etheridge Knight Reading at Scranton Public Library, 1980

Poetry News

Our friend Jordan Stempleman dug up this amazing footage of Etheridge Knight reading at the Scranton Public Library on March 11, 1980, as part of their Friends of the Scranton Public Library Poery Series, which ran from 1979-1991, as far as we can tell. As Stempleman notes, the videos contain “prison stories, poem resulting from [...]

The Writing Project That Was Heriberto Yépez

Poetry News

Guillermo Parra has translated what appears to be a resignation letter from Mexican writer and poet Heriberto Yépez (“called one of the best writers and chroniclers of contemporary Mexico”) (at Chain). “2014 marks 20 years since the beginning of the writing project I’ve created under the signature ‘Heriberto Yépez,’” “Yépez” writes. More: I have decided [...]

And the First Write-a-House in Detroit Goes to…Casey Rocheteau!

Poetry News

Casey Rocheteau, alum of Callaloo Writer’s Workshop and Cave Canem Fellow, and author of the poetry collection Knocked Up On Yes, is the recipient of a new home in Detroit thanks to the Write a House Project. We can’t think of a better winner. More from the Los Angeles Times: Nevermind the headlines about water [...]