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‘Mike Young is the Dante of post-boredom’

Poetry News

At Vice, Blake Butler serves up a swell and psychedelic introduction to the poetry of Mike Young and samples a few poems from his forthcoming Sprezzatura (due out this fall from Publishing Genius). What’s the book about? “love and fear and money—your own devices—stupid contemporary immune systems—how we know what we know in a confusing [...]

John Keats: Death by Article?

Poetry News

We had the weekend to digest Jeffrey C. Johnson’s temperature-raising post from the Paris Review, all about John Keats and reflections on fever. And on dispelling the myth propagated by Keats’s bffs that a single bad review of Endymion led to Keats’s untimely demise. Here’s a little snippet to tease your way into the post, [...]

<em>New Yorker</em> Visits Ansel Elkins at The Standard Hotel

Poetry News

Not quite like Eloise but close! Included in the August 2014 issue (sneak preview online) of The New Yorker, Andrew Marantz from the magazine’s “Dept. of Inspiration” visits Ansel Elkins on her three-week residency at The Standard Hotel in Manhattan. Ansel Elkins, a thirty-two-year-old poet, lives in Greensboro, North Carolina. “I need silence and stillness [...]

British Surrealism Is What Will Be

Poetry News

PN Review has a straw-hatted Jeremy Over writing about On the Thirteenth Stroke of Midnight: Surrealist Poetry in Britain, edited by Michel Remy (Carcanet Press, 2013), “the first anthology to focus on surrealist poetry in English since Edward B. Germain’s 1978 Penguin anthology and the first ever to feature surrealist poetry written exclusively in Britain.” [...]

Amazing Monday Infographic: Greek Myth Comix Presents <em>The Iliad</em>

Poetry News

We’re down for a cartoon sword to the neck this morning with Greek Myth Comix! Not just for kids. Up from last week is a colorful and handy infographic revealing “Deaths in The Iliad.” Includes Top 3 Grimmest Deaths, Uses of Weapons (rocks, arrows, swords, spears), Trojan and Greek Battle Stats by Hero, Stand-Out Performances [...]

<em>Locus Solus</em> Remembers the Day Frank O’Hara Died

Poetry News

We’re always saddened to remember that day in July when Frank O’Hara died, which Andrew Epstein at Locus Solus reminds us was 48 years ago today. Epstein writes: 48 years ago today, Frank O’Hara died in a tragic accident on Fire Island, New York. Last year at this time, I wrote a post about the [...]

At <em>The Believer Logger</em> Ben Fama, Andrew Durbin, and Dorothea Lasky on Censorship, Surveillance, and (of Course) Poetry

Poetry News

The Anthology of Surveillance Poetics is out now, courtesy of Black Ocean. At The Believer Logger, the editor of the anthology, Andrew Ridker, speaks with contributors to the anthology, Ben Fama and Andrew Durbin. A poetic erasure by Dorothea Lasky follows. Check it out! I. A MODEST EXCESS OF CAPITAL ANDREW RIDKER: I wanted to [...]

Jack White’s Third Man Records Launches Third Man Books! Debut Collection Includes Richard Hell, C.D. Wright, Sampson Starkweather, Sommer Browning +++

Poetry News

Ha, SPIN knows how to throw a first sentence: “Continuing his love for all things old-timey, Jack White has announced the creation of a new publishing company.” Hank Williams even wrote a song about it? Rolling Stone also has a piece on Third Man Books–the new publishing wing of White’s Nashville-based Third Man Records–which will [...]

A Thinking Book: Lindsay Turner Reviews <em>The Antidote</em>

Poetry News

Lindsay Turner reviews Jack Frost! Whatta pair. At The Kenyon Review Online, Turner starts off her thinking on The Antidote (Compline Editions 2013) with Virginia Woolf (whatta pair) and Frost’s use of the eclipse “for the node of revolutionary desire and activity around which her first book . . . takes shape.. The strangeness of [...]

WWTD (We’re Going to Tweet That): A Post in Which Sheila Heti and Patricia Lockwood Wonder ‘What Would Twitter Do?’

Poetry News

At The Believer Logger, Sheila Heti interviews Patricia Lockwood about the relationship between creative writing, twitter, and all this technology. It’s the seventh installment of Heti’s weekly feature entitled, “What Would Twitter Do?” In this series, Heti interviews her favorite Twitter personalities about their Twitter habits and philosophies. This installment begins with an introduction and [...]

I Like People, and I Like People to Like Me

Featured Blogger

Two things I heard last weekend have been stuck in my head like earworms. Make that three. Okay, four. The context in which I heard them is worth noting: the symposium “Expanded Writing” at the Broad Art Museum at Michigan State, where Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art is currently on display. The exhibition, curated by [...]

Patrick Durgin’s Introduction to New French Edition of <em>Clairvoyant Journal</em>

Poetry News

Wow: We are admittedly still making our way through this incredible, essential paper by Patrick Durgin, but please set your reading-marks on it, too. Currently at Jacket2 and written for the new French edition of Clairvoyant Journal, to be published by Bat Editions, these introductory remarks on Hannah Weiner’s most well-known work illuminate the typescripts [...]

Karinne Keithley Syers Reviews Julie Carr’s Electric Fifth Book

Poetry News

Polymath Karinne Keithley Syers reviewed Julie Carr’s fifth book of poetry, Rag (Omnidawn 2014) for Boston Review! Tyrone Williams has writ of the prophetic Rag that “the twin towers of the American empire, fathers and husbands, fall onto the bodies of children and women.” More from Syers on this “organism,” as she calls it: As [...]

‘Poetry into the Cosmos’: Looking for (Mrs) Laura (Riding) Jackson

Poetry News

Who was (Mrs) Laura (Riding) Jackson? In this web-exclusive article published at Brooklyn Rail, Benjamin Hollander remembers searching for Jackson, from the Jamaica (Queens) of his youth. Andrea Rexilius’s excellent piece on Laura (Riding) Jackson, “Against the Commodity of the Poem,” published in Coldfront, makes me wonder how far or how little we have come [...]

Total Art: Tyrone Williams Reviews Mendi and Keith Obadike’s <em>Four Electric Ghosts</em>

Poetry News

Tyrone Williams continues his blog-streak of awesomeness at Jacket 2 where—this time—he brings to readers’s attention to epic work of Mendi and Keith Obadike, two interdisciplinary poets, who are published by 1913 Press. Mendi and Keith Obadike, Four Electric Ghosts (1913 Press, 2009, 2011), 189 pp.; Big House/ Disclosure (1913 Press, 2014), 102 pp.—Despite the [...]

Best Showplace for Chicago Artists? Right Here!

From Poetry Magazine

We were honored to learn that Chicago magazine awarded us “The Best Showplace for Chicago Artists” in their 2014 Best of Chicago issue.  We want to take this opportunity to highlight and thank the wonderful artists we’ve featured over the past several months. We’re glad that Chicago magazine noted how often hometown artists appear on [...]

For <em>Apogee</em>, Anelise Chen’s Take on the Alternate Canon

Poetry News

“The Western literary canon represents a paper thin slice of all the excellent writing that exists in the world, yet it dominates the narrative of what literature is,” write the editors of Apogee Journal. “Following the MFA vs POC debate … Apogee Journal will be compiling an Alternate Canon as a resource for readers, writers [...]

At <em>3:AM Magazine</em>: Linda Hogan & The University of Denver’s Founding Amnesia

Poetry News

A straightforward piece by DU professor and author Alan Gilbert is up at 3:AM Magazine on the founding amnesia of the University of Denver regarding its history in connection with Native landowners and the “rapaciousness of the American government toward indigenous people and the legally disenfranchised.” Gilbert talks at length about Professor Andy Reid, who [...]

MCA Chicago’s Word Weekend and <em>Harriet</em> Present a Performance by Cassandra Troyan and Johannes Göransson

Poetry News

Hey Chicago, what are you doing this weekend? Of course you’re stopping by the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Word Weekend. In case you haven’t heard what it’s about, it’s this: MCA Chicago presents Word Weekend, an event that showcases Chicago’s active and diverse communities of authors, hip-hop artists, spoken-word poets, songwriters, and visual artists who [...]

Announcing <em>Aufgabe</em> #13!

Poetry News

Hurray for the arrival of Aufgabe #13 which features poetry in translation from India, from 7 Indian languages guest edited by the excellent Biswamit Dwibedy—AND—a special selection of poetry originally published in the Moroccan journal, Souffles. Visit Litmus Press right here. Behold an excerpt from Dwibedy’s editorial statement: The fact that India is a land [...]