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‘Corean Music’ Part 3: The Autobiographical Account of The Diabolical Music of Translation and Kitsch August 12, 2013: 1. Every immigrant knows that it’s impossible to translate. Every immigrant knows that it’s impossible not to. I started translating long before I became an immigrant. I grew up in the English/American cultural empire (which of course coincides with the military-economic empire of US, as recent studies of CIA involvement with the [...] by

Announcing the BTBA Poetry Finalists! April 10, 2013: John Felstiner said translation is like a window. It lets some fresh air in and allows some stale air to drift out. Here are six books of poetry from around the world that offer some of the freshest air possible into American poetry. The Best Translated Book Awards was started by Chad Post, editor of Open Letter and founder of the blog [...] by

Motherhood Provokes Neologism: Aase Berg’s Transfer Fat Reviewed at BOMBLOG July 25, 2012: Aase Berg's Transfer Fat (Ugly Duckling 2012) is reviewed at BOMBLOG. Julia Guez recalls Rachel Zucker on motherhood, and then writes: In an essay on “Language and Madness” translated by Johannes Göransson, Berg observes, Motherhood is one of the most overlooked subjects of 20th-century literature: the cute, paradisical [...] by

Joyelle McSweeney on Aase Berg’s Transfer Fat February 23, 2012: We've been fans of Swedish poet and critic Aase Berg since her poems first began appearing in English--much of this can be credited to the translating work of Johannes Goransson, who brought us her first book, With Deer (Black Ocean), as well as a selection of her poems, Remainland (Action Books). And they've done it again! Transfer Fat, [...] by