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Dodie Bellamy’s Cunt Norton Reviewed at The American Reader January 21, 2014: Looks to be a good one! Adam Fitzgerald presents this wonderfully astute micro-review of Cunt Norton to readers of The American Reader. (Yes! That's you!) What happens when the Norton Anthology of Poetry gets fucked in the ass? Forgive the phrasing, but this is one of the inevitable questions that arises when reading Dodie Bellamy’s [...] by

Howard, Durand, and Colby Read *This Saturday* for ‘John Ashbery Collects: Poet Among Things’ September 25, 2013: This Saturday, 4 PM at Loretta Howard Gallery (NYC) Maureen Howard, Marcella Durand, and Todd Colby celebrate the gallery's newest exhibit "John Ashbery Collects: Poet Among Things" with most-welcome poetic and prosaic festivities. "John Ashbery Collects" opened on September 12th at Loretta Howard Gallery: co-curated by poets Emily Skillings [...] by

Now Open: ‘John Ashbery Collects: Poet Among Things’ September 13, 2013: Locus Solus tells it like it is: "There is a very interesting exhibit opening tomorrow in New York titled 'John Ashbery Collects: Poet Among Things.' The exhibit, which is curated by poets Adam Fitzgerald and Emily Skillings, will be shown at the Loretta Howard Gallery." More information from the release: Loretta Howard Gallery is [...] by

Poets Make the Greatest Critics: Adam Fitzgerald Interviews Maureen McLane October 19, 2012: Adam Fitzgerald interviews poet and critic Maureen McLane for this month's Brooklyn Rail. By way of introduction, Fitzgerald writes: ...But if the old standard line about the best criticism being appreciative criticism means anything, if poets still make the greatest critics because of their firsthand sensitivity to the craft, Maureen [...] by