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At Jacket2: Adrian Piper & the Public Face of Conceptual Poetry May 23, 2013: Some important questions addressing race and conceptual poetry from A.L. Nielsen at Jacket2, if you please. He recalls Adrian Piper's famous calling card: Among the readings for the graduate seminar in black philosophy and theory that my students and I completed not long ago were the collected writings of philosopher and artist Adrian [...] by

My Remains: poetry, art, and the emergence of the subject April 12, 2011: For the past couple years I have been working on a book of poems that deals with a certain model or mode of subjectivity. I am not sure what to call this book yet, though I have a few titles in mind. The specific model of subjectivity I am working with (I hope at the level of the poem's language) involves a conception of the individual as a kind [...] by