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I Have a Pettiness to Expiate June 24, 2014: The other night, I read some of Ann Stanford’s poems at an event at the Poetry Foundation, “The Voice of Women in American Poetry.” I knew Ann Stanford (she was my teacher at California State [...] by

‘The Words Are Purposes. / The Words Are Maps’: on the Social Turn in Poetry (Part 1) April 28, 2014: Contemporary social, political, and broadly historical themes have become more inescapable for me as a poet, and while they were present in my earlier work, this content now assumes a new [...] by

cento for love April 3, 2014: written for a performance with Dohee Lee and Simon Pettet on March 28, 2014 Poetry is not for the passive. It is, as Mayakovsky knew, at its very heart tendentious. Even the love poem agitates the [...] by

in spite of itself (ALL PURPOSE, CRUSHED) April 1, 2014: It’s poetry month. It is also, in the United States, the month of Autism Awareness, Jazz Appreciation, Confederate History, Arab American Heritage, Child Abuse Prevention, Sexual Assault Awareness, [...] by

Happy Birthday, Adrienne Rich!! May 16, 2013: We’re always happy to find the occasion to celebrate the poetry of Adrienne Rich. Our excuse today is that it’s her b-day! The good folks over at brain pickings have posted Rich’s [...] by

Lisa L. Moore on the Sister Arts of Adrienne Rich & Audre Lorde February 11, 2013: Assessments and reassessments of Adrienne Rich seem to be a la mode of recent. On that note, poet and scholar Lisa L. Moore has written a brilliant, exciting essay for the LA Review of Books about [...] by

Ange Mlinko Looks at Adrienne Rich’s Later Poems: Selected and New February 4, 2013: Last week the Nation posted Ange Mlinko’s review and assessment of Adrienne Rich’s Later Poems: Selected and New and Rich’s impact on the latest generation of feminists poets. But [...] by

A Hometown Memorial for Adrienne Rich November 29, 2012: Check out this article from the Santa Cruz Sentinel. In it we learn more about Adrienne Rich and her life in the Santa Cruz community, in addition to an upcoming reading in her honor. It begins: She [...] by

Audre Lorde & Adrienne Rich Marathon Reading November 16, 2012: Tomorrow from noon to midnight, this is not to be missed, for sure. A marathon reading of work by and about two legendary poets, Audre Lorde and Adrienne Rich. From the Lesbian Herstory Archives [...] by

Eavan Boland Reviews Adrienne Rich November 12, 2012: Check out Eavan Boaland’s review of Adrienne Rich’s Later Poems Selected and New: 1971-2012 over at The New Republic. A sample: It has been a remarkable journey. Adrienne Rich began [...] by