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Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri Responds to Unflattering Haiku on Her Forehead January 28, 2013: The Washington Post editorial inquiring as to poetry's would-be dwelling in the world of the non-living has certainly received its detractors, one of which was us. Turns out Alexandra Petri found all of the attention to be way harsh. In "Poetry is not dead, says poetry," she eats a heaping helping of her words: ...[I]f you would prefer not [...] by

Coldfront’s Open Letter to Washington Post Poetry Lover Alexandra Petri January 23, 2013: We just pointed you to Alexandra Petri's Washington Post editorial that poetry is dead. "News" travels fast, and upon waking this afternoon, we see that Coldfront's John Deming has written an open letter to Petri in response. He's got his own specific viewpoint, of course: "A requirement of political change is too much to ask of any artist." But [...] by

A Washington Post Journalist’s Derisive, Wan Opinion That Poetry Is Dead January 23, 2013: Along with various mainstream media accounts of the "boring" inaugural poetry reading comes more depressing mainstream media reportage that poetry may be dead...bless 'em; here we were totally clueless. Here's the Washington Post's Alexandra Petri, in a piece entitled "Is Poetry Dead?": [Richard Blanco] has overcome numerous obstacles, [...] by