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Song Cave is on KCRW’s Bookworm this Thursday January 22, 2014: Tune thy podcast headsets to KCRW's Bookworm—or tune in with thy radio if in Los Angeles (89.9 FM!)—for a special appearance by Alan Felsenthal and Ben Estes (editors of Song Cave) and Amanda Nadelberg (advisor to Song Cave). Felsenthal, Estes, and Nadelberg join Michael Silverblatt (Bookworm's host) for a conversation about Alfred [...] by

Hyperallergic’s 2013 Poetry Snapshot December 30, 2013: Wow! What a collection of reviews! Via Hyperallergic, check out these treats (read: poetry recommendations) from John Yau, Barry Schwabsky, Albert Mobilio, and Michael Leong! We'll excerpt from the list with these write-ups from John Yau and Barry Schwabsky, respectively, below. Explore more at Hyperallergic. Alfred Starr Hamilton, A [...] by

My Poetry Picks for 2013 December 11, 2013: 1. Stephanie Barber, Night Moves (Publishing Genius Press) A transcription (copy & paste, more accurately) of the YouTube comment stream for Bob Seger’s famous 1976 song. Somewhere between conceptualism and old-fashioned found poetry, this book’s deft authorlessness frames a content-rich sweet spot. An excerpt: The 60,s from Nam [...] by

Welcome to Song Cave May 15, 2013: Oh yes, hi, is this thing on? Yes, hello, we're coming to you live from Song Cave: that's S-O-N-G-C-A-V-E. Song Cave, a small press publisher based in Northampton, Massachusetts, is edited by Ben Estes and Alan Felsenthal. In addition to chapbooks by poets and writers among the likes of Lisa Jarnot, Rod Smith, Dana Ward, and Jennifer Moxley, [...] by

Out of Isolation: Alfred Starr Hamilton’s A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind February 15, 2013: Perhaps you have not heard of the reclusive, generous, "slightly surreal" poet Alfred Starr Hamilton. You are not alone--his first collection to be published in over 40 years has just appeared from the insistently smart small press The Song Cave. A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind: The Poems of Alfred Star Hamilton, edited by Ben Estes and Alan [...] by