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Why Write Sestinas? April 16, 2013: Oh yes, why write sestinas? I like the difficulty of the form: six stanzas with six end-words that have to repeat in a particular rotating pattern (twice in the three-line envoi at the end) like playing ping-pong with six balls and six other players. Sestinas are tricky.  The repetition of the end-words gives you a chance to mull over [...] by

Flowers From Algernon April 19, 2010: Algernon Charles Swinburne Finally, spring arriving in Maine, with such passion it calls for no less than Algernon. Yes, you too can receive his flowers, but first you must promise me three things: 1. you will read it aloud (IF circumstances require and you are sure you know how, you may read it to your inner rather than to your outer [...] by