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New York Times Poetry Profiles: Alice James Books March 27, 2014: In the latest installment of New York Times Poetry Profiles, Dana Jennings interviews Carey Salerno, executive director of Alice James Books. The press was founded in 1973 by seven poets who sought to "establish a press that 'gave women writers a chance,' especially female poets who found their work to be rejected when they were not 'writing [...] by

On the Amazon, Renegade Activity, and the Futile April 5, 2013: I recently saw an Al Jazeera documentary about Ana Rafaela D’Amico, a 27-year-old Brazilian woman who directs an NGO trying to save one of the smallest but most threatened national parks in the Amazon. In the documentary, D’Amico trudges deep into the rainforest to hammer in signs and hand out letters stating the fines for illegal [...] by