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Monday, April 7 1:20 AM April 8, 2014: I have built this room for us to dream it is quite small, and there is this toilet here in the corner. I am wondering what it means to be a woman poet I have questions. At times one’s gender is by choice, and for others it is relegated to the terroir of the matter-of-fact I don’t like to be told what to do how to feel, [...] by

cento for love April 3, 2014: written for a performance with Dohee Lee and Simon Pettet on March 28, 2014 Poetry is not for the passive. It is, as Mayakovsky knew, at its very heart tendentious. Even the love poem agitates the beloved to fall in love with the poet. Like the first time I ever heard “Crazy in Love” is the only time I’ll ever understand. Once [...] by

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming for a Brief Announcement Which is Titled ALETTE IN OAKLAND March 31, 2014: The Bay Area Public School is preparing for a three-day symposium to celebrate the life and poetry of Alice Notley to take place this October. All participants welcome, regardless of institutional affiliations. Proposals and questions accepted at aletteinoakland@gmail.com. The Bay Area Public School is thrilled to announce ALETTE IN [...] by

Storytelling, Epics + Disobedience: Boston Review’s Lindsay Turner in Conversation with Alice Notley November 13, 2013: Boston Review's Lindsay Turner ventured out on Paris's hottest day of the summer—ninety-four degrees!—to interview Alice Notley. The two spoke about epics, storytelling, and "poetry's capacity to sing the histories other histories deny." LT: You’ve said you consider yourself an “epic” or a “narrative” poet—I’m thinking of [...] by

I Love Poets: An Interview with Chris Kraus July 23, 2013: After an introduction, what follows is the beginning of an email exchange I am currently conducting with Chris Kraus. More will follow in the coming days. I Love Dick (Semiotext(e), 1997), Chris Kraus’s epistolary first novel, begins with this entry, dated December 3, 1994: Chris Kraus, a 39 year old experimental filmmaker and Sylvere [...] by

AT NIGHT THE STATES April 25, 2010: Instead of a FedEx shipping notice, I found a handwritten note lodged inside the cover of Alice Notley’s AT NIGHT THE STATES when it arrived. It read: Hello— I shipped this book to you once and it came back, so the second time I am shipping it PRIORITY MAIL, I hope it doesn’t come back again. Thanks, [...] by

CA Conrad’s and Frank Sherlock’s The City Real and Imagined February 5, 2010: Sunday of this past weekend saw the official New York City launch of CA Conrad’s and Frank Sherlock’s collaborative book-length poem The City Real and Imagined, published by Heretical Texts, at the Zinc Bar reading series hosted by Dorothea Lasky. Among a crowd of friends and admirers the two poets read their book in its entirety, calling [...] by

New Blank Document December 7, 2009: I remember being lazy and stupid and nonetheless curious. I remember the Optionists, the Actualists, the Pre-Born Bag of Chipists, the Expos, and the Typing Wild Speechists. I remember white roaches, making myself puke, digging through trash for empty cartons to fill with hydrant sprinkler water, letting myself be bit by a toothless dog at age [...] by