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A Profile of Alice Oswald October 4, 2012: Here's a Guardian profile of poet Alice Oswald—recently "slayed" by Jason Guriel, and less recently withdrawing from the T.S. Eliot prize. A teaser: Which artists do you most admire? At the moment, I am fixed on Milton, but I always think Beckett is interesting. He's a pinhole writer: he created a darkroom of language through [...] by

PN Review Slays Alice Oswald’s Memorial September 21, 2012: Homer aficianados love to split hairs over different translations of their favorite war epic, The Iliad. Some argue the Loeb translation is the truest, some prefer the Lattimore, others retort that the Fagles translation is the most lyrical. But when somebody decides to take major risks in translating "the wrath of Achilles," they're likely to [...] by

Forward Prizes Announce Two New Judges March 29, 2012: From The Bookseller: Poet Alice Oswald and Times critic Megan Walsh are to join the judging panel for this year’s Forward Prizes for Poetry, the 21st, as the awards open for submissions. Poet and teacher Leonie Rushforth, a judge of last year’s awards, is to chair the panel, which will also include poet Ian McMillan and freelance [...] by