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Poetry Postcards and Postcards from Poets! October 18, 2012: Check out what arrived at this humble Harrieter's desk this morning! Five issues of the Hoot Review, a literary magazine in the form of a postcard. According to their website, the Hoot Review is "for people to have a literary magazine that they can both afford to subscribe to and have time to read. Never again will you be able to claim that [...] by

An 8 Song Ginsberg Sampler Waits for You September 27, 2012: Hot on the heels of the release of Holy Soul Jelly Roll: Poems & Songs 1949-1993, the final volume in the Allen Ginsberg box set, Open Culture leads us to a free 8 song sampler from said final volume. A little about the project: Today marks the release of the final volume in the Allen Ginsberg box set Holy Soul Jelly Roll: Poems & Songs [...] by

Ginsberg Biographer Interviewed at The Awl September 12, 2012: Sarah Stodola interviews Ginsberg's former assistant (now biographer) Steve Finbow at The Awl. Finbow's biography, Allen Ginsberg, comes out this week. For a little taste of the interview, here's Finbow describing his first encounter with Ginsberg: Allen had said to call while I was in the city, so I did. He invited me to his apartment [...] by

Remember That Time When Allen Ginsberg Bought Patti Smith a Sandwich? August 13, 2012: In our culture of fame worship, there's nothing more exciting than when two celebrities meet—and this doesn't exclude us poetry fanboys and fangirls. A recent New York Times review of "Hello Goodbye Hello," by Craig Brown, describes several "famous meetings" involving some of our favorite poets, including this gem: It’s November [...] by

Rare Video: Ginsberg on Music, William Blake, and a Harmonium August 3, 2012: The Allen Ginsberg Project dug up another gem today. This 1978 video opens with Ginsberg singing William Blake's "The Tyger," but sadly, there's some trouble with the audio. He uses song to discuss how to read and hear Blake's poetry. Here's an excerpt from the transcript: So it’s only if you get back to the pronunciation of the [...] by

Announcing Ginsberg Recordings! July 13, 2012: A BIG announcement from the Allen Ginsberg Project blog: A major announcement today - the formation of Ginsberg Recordings (a collaborative partnership between The Allen Ginsberg Estate and the Esther Creative Group (the management company of Lou Reed, The Gaslight Anthem and Bryan Ferry, amongst others). Ginsberg Recordings is a [...] by

Transcript: Allen Ginsberg on Bob Dylan, Ezra Pound, and the American Voice June 29, 2012: It may come as no surprise that Ginsberg the scholar was just as lively as Ginsberg the poet. For the past few days, The Allen Ginsberg Project blog has been posting segments of an argument between Ginsberg and a student. The student states his frustration with Ezra Pound, reciting some Bob Dylan lyrics to support his point. Ginsberg replies, [...] by

Look at Ginsberg’s Copy of The Waste Land June 15, 2012: Here's a cool image of Allen Ginsberg's copy of T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land over at The Academy of American Poets tumblr page. by

Stan Persky Reviews Eminent Outlaws at LARB May 17, 2012: Stan Persky reviews Christopher Bram's Eminent Outlaws: The Gay Writers Who Changed America at the Los Angeles Review of Books. Persky begins the review by focusing on Bram's "bold declaration that 'the gay revolution began as a literary revolution,'": A revolution sparked by mere words? After all, as gay poet W.H. Auden put it, "Poetry [...] by

Allen’s World, via Bob Rosenthal May 3, 2012: Yep, more Ginsberg for you. Here's the second installment of "Allen Ginsberg, Revisited by His Right-Hand Man" from The Local. Here we are treated to remembrances from Ginsberg's life through his secretary of twenty years, Bob Rosenthal, who recently completed the memoir Straight Around Allen. A taste: It was a crazy household. Peter [...] by