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Amber Tamblyn’s Latest: Dark Sparkler March 5, 2014: Did you know that star of “Two and a Half Men,” Amber Tamblyn, is a poet? A’course ya did, you read Harriet! Her new collection, Dark Sparkler, is coming soon from Harper Perennial. [...] by

Amber Tamblyn on Earning Her “extracurricular street cred” March 2, 2012: Actress Amber Tamblyn has been writing poetry since childhood. And she’s working on a collaboration with Marilyn Manson. Seriously. This Charleston Gazette article says so: “My parents [...] by

Take a picture; it’ll last longer. April 21, 2011: I’m a little late to the party on this one, but Gillian Conoley, I admire your Second Questions for Poetry post, in which you ask: “What is your palette? What colors are most often present in [...] by

All the ladies in the place with style and grace April 19, 2011: Amber Tamblyn, thank you for the thoughtful (and fun to read — Tina Fey! fart jokes! pizza!) response to my questions about mission-driven presses. To answer super-briefly your points [...] by